1. Coil Spring Snapped

    Driving in the dark and bang hit a b*****d pothole :( When i got home found that my front drivers side coil spring has snapped. Anyone know how i would find out the part number of it for a 54 plate Ibiza FR and a rough price? Thanks Richie
  2. spring snapped - chances of it being covered by warranty??

    spring snapped today people. only done 1300 miles since i had it in february. anyone had these done under warranty or have you been fobbed of by excuses about bad roads and potholes?? forgot its a 56 plate with 40k on it. i meant ive only driven it for 1300 miles. :P
  3. Esp light on the dash, but no snapped wire.

    my esp light has been on most of this week and wont go out, had the ecu reset but automatically lights up on start up. searched the forum and read about common problem of the wire snapping, went and checked mine, not snapped. i also see alot of ppl say there light only came on after 10...
  4. Wishbone Front Bolt Snapped

    Today saw the removal of the Mk3's wishbones prior to painting a poly-bushing... all was going well and typically, something had to go wrong... Cracked off the rear bolt, when to crack off the front bolt... steady, steady, SNAP! MotherF*cker [:@][:@][:@]:censored: Snapped just over half...
  5. Help needed clutch cable snapped.

    Hi im new to this, I just bought an Seat Ibiza cupra mk 3 I think, lol, wiki says 99-2002, its a yreg, 1.4si or isit is? lol. I have had it a week fairly standard, the clutch cable snapped and now I went and bought one but wasnt sure if I should have a go myself, are they hard to fit? Do I...
  6. envycordoba

    help gearlinkage cable snapped

    hi my gearlinkage cable has snapped at the gear box end so need a new 1. its on my abf how do i change it as never done 1 before its the bottom cable of the 2. can any1 help
  7. Snapped timing belt

    Hi Guys, Snapped the timing belt on my 01 20v turbo leon. Bent all 12 inlet valves. was thinking it maybe cheaper to get a replacement head, could anyone recomend somewhere to get a one from Thanks John
  8. Snapped spring

    Hi people, Was just driving back from work tonight and all of a sudden a really loud bang came from the front right wheel. Stopped the car and got out then realised that the spring is snapped in half:( My question is, can I just buy a complete new set of lowering shocks and springs, as I was...
  9. 20 valve ted

    advice, cambelt snapped cupra

    My cambelt snapped on Sunday :-( its in the garage but they haven't stripped anything yet any ideas on costs worst case, is it worth fixing car has 80k an I got belt done at 70k. Other choice Is stripping for parts, got revo stage 2 with all mods, Wats it worth in bits? Any help or...
  10. TJenkos

    Snapped anti rollbar?

    Believe I have a snapped anti roll bar? and wanted to confirm which part needs replacing? Is it the whole anti roll bar that I need? I.e goes from one side to the other.. Is it worth getting an uprated part? How much should I expect to pay for standard/uprated? Thanks
  11. lukecupra2001

    Spring snapped

    On my way home heard a massive bang like a tyre blowing but when i stopped and checked everything looked normal, except one side of the car was lower than the other. Anyway long story short drivers front spring has snapped big time, what do i do next? Do I just rplace to front springs for...
  12. lockly

    Engine mount snapped!!

    Hello peeps i had the right engine mount snap (gearbox side) on friday :cry: has anyone had this trouble if so did you replace them with uprated ones??
  13. Poundie

    Clutch mech snapped?

    Hi all, hopefully you can help me! Last night driving home, pushed the clutch down and bang, straight to the floor, thought **** ive snapped the clutch pedal, but then pulled the clutch back up by my hands and it just popped back up again... Put my hand up at the top of the clutch pedel...
  14. Snapped rear brake pipe! :(

    Everything for the rear disc and pad change was going so well until I snapped the screw in brake pipe whilst trying to get the caliper back into the carrier. Anyone know if this is full length or if it just screws into the caliper and connects to something else? Thanks Need to get this...
  15. Spring snapped!

    Hi all, The front offside spring on my bro's mk2 Arosa snapped the other day. We went to Seat and they wanted £70 for one spring! :wtf: So I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to lower it! :D I have been looking around at the different brands. Preferably we would have liked AVO...
  16. Coil/spring snapped: upgrade excuse or hefty job to fix?

    Well, i was just setting off at a delicate 10mph(to warm the car up properly) and i hear an almighty twang. stopped instantly to check it out as i thought i had rolled over a metal rod or something had whacked the car on the underside. no clues lying around so i carried on gingerly and heard...
  17. Belt snapped

    I had PAS & alternator belts changed by mechanic 4 weeks ago when I purchased the car as belt was squealing. Today, the alternator belt ripped apart taking the PAS belt off at the same time. The breakdown recovery company told me that it is either a fault belt (here's hoping) or the bottom...
  18. Punch IT!

    Glove box handle SNAPPED off!!!

    Hi guys for some strange reason went to open my glove box this evening and the thing would not open??? My Clever friend tried and put in too much force and pulled the whole handle off and i think it has snapped off and now it definately wont open..:cry: Does anyone know if i have to change...
  19. Andrewcupra TDI

    my coil spring has snapped .....

    Ok , now I know everyones gonna say get coilovers but, I have a little one , and the cars a daily driver 70 + miles per day and I don't want the setup my last car had <spax adjustables> I was thinkin the oem setup < cupra TDI > is perfect stiff and good handling just now as low as perfect...
  20. truCido

    Drivers Side Headlight Cover Snapped grr

    As the previous owner thought they'd fit LED lights that look too blue for my liking I thought I'd change them after a year of owning the went to pull the headlight cover off and the clip snapped ffs!! Anyone got a spare? or off a car there breaking?
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