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Stalling when slowing after long drive, engine hot


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Jan 10, 2018
So I have this 2000 Cordoba on about 69k miles and generally good condition, serviced every year from new. The problem: Car starts fine, idles fine, revs fine and gets me to work. I drive 50 mins on the motorway. Then at the very end of the journey after junction stops etc. Just as I park up, the engine will die. It will restart again but then will stall very easily as i start to park. Reversing is espcially tricky.

What is going on here? Why does the car seem fine and drive well and only have this problem right at the end of the journey? The journey does include stops, junctions and traffic lights etc. so this does not happen every time I stop.

EDIT: Problem has got worse and stalls pretty much every time I have to slow/change down. Taking it to the garage tomorrow.

EDIT: It was the coolant temperature sensor misreading the temp and sending too much fuel to the warm engine. Replaced and all good.
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