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I recently brought a Seat Arosa 1.0 Sport, the previous owner cut the front springs in half and removed the rear springs to lower the car cheaply (Idiot!).

Because of him totally removing the rear springs i need to find out what bump stops and bushes i need and where they are fitted on the springs.. also the same information for the front would be very useful. At the moment there are no bushes or bump stops where the rear springs are meant to be fitted.

I have tryed speaking to all the Seat dealers around my area and none of them can give me the information i need.


Are you sure its a 1.0 sport ? and what year model is it ?

Yea its definatly the sport and its 2001 (Y Reg)..

The springs are seperate from the shocks on the back and from what i can work out they just need bushes under the springs but i dont see whats supporting the top of the springs then?

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Jul 29, 2006
If it is a sport then it must be a 1.4 as that was the only sport one - the 1.0 came in an 'S' version though, but this is just a trim level.

Anyway, I have looked online for you and got some pictures which should hopefully make things a bit clearer - I based in on my '98 model but the suspension is the same on all years:

Front Suspension:

List of Part Numbers:

Rear Suspension:

List of Part Numbers:


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Jul 11, 2009
you just need the bottom cup caps and possible a set of spring top covers ( these are optional i have a set on my rear springs all they do is stop the squeeking. i bought the set and a new set of bump stops for about £15 inc vat mate!! :) you get to cups that push into the top of the spring that go into the doughnuts at the top!.... and the bump stops are easy to get hold of and do u just undo the rear strut slide em on and bolloc it back up :)... the caps on the bottom just seperate the spring from the rear beam (to help stop corrosion. ;) i have a full set of front and rear shocks and springs for a 16v sport if you need bits!
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Thank you very much to both of you guys for taking the time to help me.. i drove down to my nearest SEAT dealer and they showed me the same diagrams and ive now got the parts.. just need to wait for the springs to come to do the job.. Thanks again!! :)
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