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Used 2003-2005 Alhambra


Active Member
Mar 11, 2015
Hi all
I want to buy an MPV and thought Id decided on the Alhambra.
Looking on autotrader, ebay etc there seems to be lots of 1.9 diesel 2003-2005 plates going for £1800-£3000.
They all have 120k to 150k on the clock, is there a reason so many are for sale in this bracket ie Do Alhambras typically start to get to be unreliable/costing lots of money around that age/mileage?


Active Member
Jul 1, 2008
Rhondda,S Wales
Hi. My previous Alhambra was a 1.8VT and I had it for 8 years. When I sold it had 160k on the clock. It was a 1999 year model. Over the time I had the car it gave very little cause for concern and served me well as a car, minibus, van and camper. My current Alhambra is a 2008 TDi which I have now had for 3 years and again is doing exactly as it should, I service the vehicle myself - which I do at 6000 mile intervals. There are some horror stories about reliability but if you look at any of the vehicle manufacturing forums you will see that all the vehicles have their problems. My thoughts on the vehicles being sold at around the mileage you quote could be because they are probably due for their second cam belt change and the owners don't wish to pay the cost of this.


Active Member
Feb 14, 2015
I have just had the nightmare of purchasing a 2001 Alhambra-unbeknown to me it had a whole host of problems. I was going to scrap it and start again but I've fallen in love with it. Its so far, better than the VW Sharan I had but it really needs some maintenance. In the first week I replaced the belt tensioners, the MAF sensor, the vac pump ( luckily bought from a breaker) and I could've cried...in fact I only didn't cry because my mechanic threatened to slap me if I did! The MRK1s are dodgy but the MRK2 are reliable and still fetch some re sale cash.
At the moment the biggest head ache is as the car is warmed up turning the steering wheel makes the most awful sound. Not a squeek a real sound and so back it goes to the garage this weekend. Any suggestions as to what I could do would be so welcome

Stu B

DarthWombleIII & WombleII
Good solid cars...Still got my 2001 Mark 2 Tdi - Revo'd etc... it now has 71K on it - Oh My!
Only real mechanical issue so far was my blowing of the turbo & needing the A/C compressor replaced
Cam belt changed every 4yrs as it wasnt doing the miles - Now it will start doing 600 a week ..... 45mpg average so not knocking it...
Have a minor hickup at the mo with the central door locking but not worried as i climb around inside working out the 'lock' method for that time... it seems to move from door to door lol
Look for service history


Active Member
Apr 7, 2015
Ringsend N.Ireland
I had an 03 Alhambra up to 190'000 miles and only thing that went on it was the turbo but it was my fault as I didn't change the oil for 60'000 miles. So I bought an 02 Galaxy , what a piece of shite. The thing isn't half the car the Alhambra was so I've had to go out and but another 03 Alhambra sx 1.9 tdi 130bhp, grey with 19" rs8 black alloys. Can't wait to drive it. It's in the shop needing a clutch, ordered the solid flywheel upgrade and LUK clutch.

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