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Water leak into footwell - dodgy seal info and DIY repair guide


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Jan 30, 2009
Ok I did the front seals and when I put the door baseplate back on I sealed there too to make sure it was tight. Have I done the right thing? As I got
Most of the water out the rear footwell yesterday, checked today and I think water is still getting in as it feels damp again!

Also, if I opened the front 2 doors there was water gushing out once opened, does that mean the rear ones need doing too?


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Jul 12, 2012
Good stuff. Found a leaking seall in the drivers door near the speaker. Sealed it without replacing the old seal. Only used loads of silicone. Works so far.

But how to get the whole humidity out of the car ???


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Jul 30, 2009
Sorry to hijack this thread, I drive a 07 Altea and was wondering if the internal door panel has the same issue on my Altea same as on the Leon

I have water on top of the internal sill on the cabin side of the black rubber is it likely to be this internal door seal issue???

So do I need some of that 6mm bead to reseal the inner door???

Or should I look else where for a leak??

I do notice when I open the door the water runs from the drain hole at the open end of the door

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