1. bobthecod

    dodgy stearing..

    right well i've had me mk2 for about 2 months.. so far have had to do wheel bearings and hubs on both front sides so far.. as all bolts snapped in them :S.. cleaned to throttle boddy to get it to idle.. but theres one main problem that does worry me.. is the front end seems very light and not...
  2. dodgy start, battery?

    hello! In the past few weeks, my ibiza has had real dodgy start up. I originially put it down to the cold weather, as my old 106 used to do the same. But its not been too chilly recently... When i go to start it up, it sound as if the battery is struggling to turn the motor over? The...
  3. prawn

    1.6 16v dodgy starting-immob issue?

    Guys, I'm trying to do a bit of fault finding for a friend at work, the car in question is a 51 plate 1.6 16v leon. The issue is that it's having massive trouble starting regularly, when you turn the key, it'll start instantly, but run for about half a second before cutting out again. sometimes...
  4. lukecupra2001

    Dodgy thermostat = Crap economy???

    as above, ive just changed me temp sender and me gauge still doing its nut and driving me mad! its not going above 90 just up and down from 60-90 so doing thermostat at the weekend see what happens, but how much will it abuse me fuel gauge?its going down rapidly lately just thort it was the...
  5. Dodgy handling

    while out the other week I noticed a few times that the rear end of my car skipped out, at first I put it down to the snow/ice on the roads, however with this now clearing up i've noticed that it seems to happen when the passanger side at the front of the car hits a bump in the road. Car...
  6. GMInsite

    Dodgy wiper controls

    I seem to not have a seperate control for the rear wiper to turn it on or off i only have the switch to use the rear wiper with the washer jet . Does this mean someones put aftermarket stalks in it ?
  7. CupraUK

    Dodgy de-mist

    Here's a weird one, I don't know if anyone can help. My front screen blower/demist has gone mental. It appears to be blowing up to a point down in the passengers footwell behind the glove compartment but then stopping/venting there. Occaisionally it is OK but generally not and its bloody...
  8. dodgy window

    can anyone give me some idea what is wrong with my window. couple months ago my drivers side window stopped working. done a search on here and read that the motor for the window is usually to blame. got a new one from the dealers. once fitted its was fine worked perfect. now after the...
  9. dodgy cold starting

    ok since I been getting in car when its been stood about 12 hours or so first thing in a morning when its been -2.5c its taking about 4 seconds to fire maybe more I do wait for the glow plug light to go out and it goes pretty much instantly to be honest. I just tested the glow plugs pulled...
  10. seat_rich

    Dodgy Fans

    This week, I've had two occassions where the fans stopped working. When I put it on manual and ramp it up to full, nothing happens. I fiddled about with the auto switch / windscreen demister / direction of fans etc, and then suddenly it started working again. Any idea?
  11. dodgy key!!! Please help

    This morning I tried to open my car and nothing is happening!!! it locks with using the button but will not unlock, I only have one key so im gettin a little worried also when i opened the door manually it stayed locked but the alarm went off and all the windows came down!!! dont really know...
  12. Forge TIP vs. dodgy china one

    Hi all I managed to get my new Forge TIP on yesterday and relocation kit, and what a fight, there is absolutely NO space because of the brakecylinder on a LHD! So had to take bottom jubilee clip from the left side. [:@] General observersions, forge TIP is harder and the overall feels is...
  13. Dodgy Bosch

    Hi every1. Pretty sure my standard bosch recirc valve has kicked the bucket. Does any1 know if driving the car will cause any damage while i get my self a new 1(obviously not a bosch 1)?? The symptons are wastegate chatter and hesitation when changing gear. Ive only had the car a few...
  14. SirSuraj

    Was slightly sluggish after remap, dodgy coilpacks or wrong fuel??

    Hi After leaving AmD having done stage 1 remap, car felt beautiful. Couple weeks later, coilpack 3 failed. Replaced it. But it didnt feel the same as after the remap. I thought I had lost it. Then coilpack 2 went, so I decided to replace this and the remaining two, so all 4 are new...
  15. dodgy interior light

    so when im going round corners of over speed bumps my interior light comes on, really annoying it is [:@], so ive switched it off for now, anyone know how to sort it? any help would be appreciated thanks
  16. R@B

    Dodgy dealer fits wrong door card

    Hi everyone, I got my 54 plate leon cupra in august 08, had loads of problems with the stealers (pheonix motown,paisley,bunch of cowboys). The first time i went to veiw it they had just got it in and there were a few things that had to be done. One was that they were going to replace the...
  17. gregorcupra

    Dodgy bonnet catch

    My bonnet is a complete james blunt to open. When you pull the lever to open it it doesnt pop the bonnet up. You have to try at least 10 times and even then you have to get your fingers under the grill and pull up ! Anyone else had this problem ? How did you resolve it ?
  18. Did i buy a dodgy Cupra?

    Hello everyone. Just bought my 57 plate cupra with 5k miles from a SEAT dealer as some of you may already know. However looking over the service history there only appears to be one history done...the day before i bought the car. The dealer said it already had a 1 year service and lead me to...
  19. dodgy temp gauge!

    Hi there, wondering if anyone can help me out, Ive got a standard 1.4 Ibiza and the Temp gauge somtime's works and other times dosnt move from the lowest point at all. any one got any clues??
  20. LoDa

    Dodgy Door Handle

    Went to the stealers today to see if they could fix my passenger door. It opens from the inside but not from the outside (I am unlocking it) Anyway I took it to them and they said they could fix it and then charged me £25 Went to go and try it and suprise, it still dosen't open...
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