1. General maintenance DIY Radar - Front Assist Alignment

    “Front Assist not available” came up after I changed from 18” to 17” wheels and added a full sized spare but around the same time I hit a pheasant at about 15 mph with no damage seen. Adding a full sized spare which on an estate is way behind the rear axle will misalign the radar sensor; the car...
  2. DrEv1l

    EDIFF Service for FWD 280/290/300 anyone done it?

    I just watched this video on the EDIFF service for the GTI performance pack. I think thats the same as the one in our cars. Has anyone done this service or asked a garage to do it? I asked my local and they said it was not needed... DrEv1l
  3. Loony R

    LCR DIY Quickshift???

    Hi guys I've heard some of you have done your own DIY quickshifts. Can anyone shine a light on these or tell me how to? Cheers guys
  4. AlexGSi2000

    DIY Jobs & Skill Level

    A few jobs need doing on the Cupra, I'm looking to do them myself to save a few bob on labour. I need to replace the front wheel bearings, change a CV boot and replace the front engine mount. Thats about it really, the cars going to be out of action for a week whilst I have the Brembos...
  5. Is it easy DIY to change rear wiper motor and boot lock??

    Hello. As in title. Does anybody have a pictures or something??? Thanks
  6. Leon tdi fr 150. Rear wheel bearing diy guide

    Hello all. Firstly sorry if It has already been posted on here but does anyone have a DIY guide for replacing a rear wheel bearing on my Mk1 leon tdi 05 plate. I am told the part is a full unit ie: not just the bearing that are changed but the part bolts onto the hub! I think! thanks. ;)
  7. TDi_B5

    Cambelt - DIY or garage?

    Right then, with my new Arosa on the drive way its time to think about a cambelt service. I can't find any reference to the cambelt being changed. I'm planning to call the garages that the car has been to and find out what was done. If not, I think it'll be cambelt kit and waterpump time...
  8. ets2k9

    DIY stone chip repairs - Success rate?

    Hi, I have an array of stone chips on my bonnet, one in particular looks a right mess. Now for some reason I seem to think I can repair this myself.....:whistle: I was planning on using the above it to give myself a...
  9. 1.9PD timing belt replacement (DIY style)

    Have had my alhambra (02) for over 3 years now and its covered 71k miles. Looking to tackle timing belt replacement - lack of a shalhabra Haynes manual doesn't help. K
  10. twig

    DIY boost controller

    I can't believe I haven't seen anyone talking about this on here so correct me if I've missed it. This DIY boost controller seems like a nice easy way to get a bit of extra power from a standard TDi. Where's the catch?
  11. DEAN0

    DIY Servicing - 130 TDi Sport

    Well Seat can take a running jump with their servicing prices. Going to carry on doing it all myself. Just bought - Carbon pollen filter, oil filter, fuel filter, aux drive belt, K&N panel air filter, 5ltr Longlife fully synthetic oil, 2 ltr long life red antifreeze. All for the...
  12. Willie

    DIY and inexpensive brake bleeding kit

    I've been doing quite a bit or research into this and have come across a few set ups. This one looks good and could be done in Britian, with different products. Cheap and easy, just how we like it:)
  13. Servicing DIY or Garage?

    Hello All, My Mk 1 Leon FR Tdi is due for its 140,000 mile service. I was wondering if I did it myself and therefore didn't get a stamp in the log book would this significantly affect resale value in the future? I know it's high mileage but the car is in good nick and has had all the parts...
  14. benuk

    DIY fitting of parking sensors *Now with Guide*

    After some research I decided to get a DIY parking sensor kit (£18 from ebay). Obviously its the most basic version, but should hopefully be good enough for me :blink: I have searched the forum and...
  15. ross27

    DIY Mk2 Vinyl Parts *Updated*

    Got a hold of a 5m x 1.2m roll of Gloss Black Vinyl. Plan is to do my roof and the front bumper. Went out tonight to do part of my bumper. Heres some photos of what i have done: Ended up doing my badge with the left over vinyl i had in the garage, i plan on...
  16. dirk1978

    DIY Timing (cam) Belt Change Cupra TDI

    Hello everyone. My Cupra TDI has done 58k so it's time for the timing belt to be changed. I've got hold of a new timing belt + roller/tensioner etc. so I'm looking to do the job fairly soon. Has anyone done their own belt change on the PD? I've done a few timing belt changes myself...
  17. nc30rider

    DIY DPF Removal
  18. RichN

    DIY Air Con repair

    Hi guys, Can anybody offer any pointers to help me refurbish and repair my air conditioning? It has a leak and hasn't worked for 2 years, so could be full of all kinds of crap. It takes around 12 hours to leak out all the coolant (not sure where) after a full fill. 1) I plan to replace...
  19. Ovni_cupraR

    My DIY open cone heatshield

    Well after fitting a green open cone to my LCR i felt that if anything the standard airbox performed better. I loved the noise it made and didn't want to get rid of it so instead I decided to make my own heatshield using the bottom half of the standard airbox as the base with an aluminium shield...
  20. JamJay

    DIY Fix Cup Holder LCR

    Ok, I refuse to believe that these damn things can't be fixed. Mine popped out for the last time today, and with it came what looks to be a spring. It's a cylindrical thing with a role of copper around the outside which is springy. Nothing is snapped or broken, so how the hell to I put it...
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