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Zenith-duo ibiza photo shots (mk4)

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Got some better quality photos now taken with Robs (justlivyalife) zenith ibiza and mine. was good to physically see another zenith one.... finally!!
After getting rid of the bird crap from Robs window, both cars were good to go to take some photos. Here are my top 7, Rob should add a few soon.

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Jun 25, 2006
nice photos! take it you are close to the chase?

i live in cannock,well heath hayes so i will have to look out for you!

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good work Rob! :)

Good pictures! :)

I've ordered a zenith Ibiza Cupra but requested it for a 57 plate so it's good to admire the pic's until then :)
And JPS - good choice i have to say - obviously! counting down the days then.... or months!
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