1. S10EAT

    Wanted - Rear Anti Roll bar Leon Mk1 / 1M

    Hi, I’m after a rear anti roll bar for a Leon Mk1 /1M chassis - not fussed on make, white line, EIBACH, H&R as long as it’s 23mm+ in size. Thanks!!!
  2. Arb mounts moving

    I´ve noticed that the mount brackets witch goes onto the rear beam on my rear ARB has moved. I´ve tried to move it back a few times but after a test drive with medium hard cornering it goes back towards the center. It isnt a huge prob and I guess It can be easily sorted, but was wonderingif...
  3. D.K

    Front ARB price

    What's your best price for a front ARB for Mk1 Leon Cupra R ? I'v got a Nuespeed adjustable 28mm rear ARB so I was thinking 25mm on the front ?
  4. Mr OCD

    Which size Rear ARB?

    ... on a Leon Cupra with 25mm front (Standard) ??
  5. s2celly

    New FK ARB Fitted

    Can now have more then two people in my car without the anti roll bar hitting the drive shafts :D was going to buy new adjustable drop links but didn't like the idea of cutting them down. So it had to be a new ARB Front bottom sub frame had to be lowerd New ARB with bigger hoops
  6. CupraElliott

    Am I missing something here? Rear ARB

    I went to fit my Neuspeed rear ARB today and is it me being thick and not installing it right or is it way too wide? I can't for the life of me get this to line up. I have the other side set like this... And the bush is sitting nice and flat on the axle so I am pretty sure it's...
  7. D.K

    R32 Front ARB

    What drop links are you guy's that run the R32 front Anti roll bar useing ?
  8. james walker

    leon cupra uprated arb droplink

    ive seen the vf engineering links and seeing jonjay is pleased with them... over on ukmkv1s ive read about metal mk4 platform droplinks being available... can anyone see this as an upgrade over the plastic oem droplinks fitted on lc,fr etc?? reason i ask is they are reletavly inexpensive...
  9. owen lcr

    ARB question

    Hi folks, i have got a set of autotech ARB's waiting to go on my car, is it ok to fit them when the car has got OEM suspension on? i know they stop body roll but can they only withstand so much without twisting/breaking, reason i ask is i was going to fit the ARB's when the subframe is off to do...
  10. s2celly

    How long will it take to fit a new ARB?

    Need a rough time on fitting a new anti roll bar?
  11. garry01

    what arb to buy on low leon? tdi model

    have the usual problems as you all know when dropping your leon with the arb rubbing on the drive shaft so have decided an uprated arb is now in need, already have shortened drop links before you ask, just want that extra bit of clearance. my question is what anti roll bars do you have on...
  12. leon fr arb's

    done a search and not really turned up much useful, thinking of buying the eibach 25mm front and rear arb kit from DPM and was wondering if anyone had already used it on an fr with standard suspension otherwise. its just since gettin decent front tyres i really notice the bodyroll more...
  13. F2 Ed

    mk3 cupra R 23mm fron ARB

    so i think im right in saying the mk2 GTI 8v has a 20mm ARB & the mk3 cupra R has a fatter 23mm bar. What is needed to fit the 23mm bar? Just bigger D bushes, and/or drop link?
  14. owen lcr

    autotech ARB,s bought

    Right i am opting for a new set of autotech anti roll bars as i have got them for a very good price( £370 ) if anyone is interested then give me a PM and i can pass on the Info for you to purchase you will need to let me know today if you want this deal, i think you will struggle to get them...
  15. standard arb pic request.

    for a 180 cupra? a random request i know, but im unsure if my arb is standard or not. was told it was an eibach one when i got the car, but it rubs awful and looks standard. as dirty as the rest of the underneath, plain black with no markings. i was expecting an eibach item to be silver or...
  16. SkimpyWan

    Help!!! I need to order new ARB tomorrow, but which?

    Hi, I have been reading threads over the past few weeks and I seem to have the common fault of a squeaking noise when depressing the clutch and going over bumps - I have a '54 plate, 1.9 tdi FR. Which led me to thinking my anti-roll bar bushes (ARB’s) had gone? After taking the car to...
  17. dippy4000

    LC ARB bush size?

    I posted on the end of last thread:) I went to order the bushes and was asked if i wanted 21mm or 23mm, i had no answer. I have ploughed through the threads and it appears LCR has 19mm arb and the LC has a 21mm arb. so what do u i order and where does the 23mm come into it:confused:
  18. dippy4000

    powerflex arb bushes

    Would someone be able to tell me the difference between the two sets of bushes, Ive got the wishbone bushes now i just require the ones for the ARB but im not sure what is what. I think number 1 is the two bushes that go on the long straight section of the ARB but i dont know what number 2 is...
  19. Whiteline 22mm Rear ARB ?

    I've got an LC, with a few small mods which will be going for a remap probably in about 6 months time, so I'm looking to get the handling sorted first to make the most of the power. I've done quite a bit of reading on here regarding new bushes, THS DBM etc and will be getting the S3 upper and...
  20. cordoba lad

    Whiteline 24mm ARB

    Hi Guys Just wanted to say thank you for the quick turn around. The bar was received yesterday and is currently all assembled in the lounge waiting for it to get a bit warmer in the garage to fit it. Thanks again Matt
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