1. tris

    I want a arosa 1.4 16v sport ( BUT )

    I want a arosa 1.4 16v sport but i have a 7month old little girl so i need to get the push chair in the boot tryed it in the boot of one the other day and it dose not fit it was only about 1" or 2" at the most to long i was told that SEAT made one to fit dose anyone have one or no...
  2. Arosa gearbox options??

    hiya folks , recently became the proud owner of a 98 Arosa 1.7sdi with 125,000 on the ticker but drives fine , i can even fit my 8foot surfboard inside!! the only issue i have is the gearbox which appears on its last legs, once warmed up fifth becomes increasing difficult to find. So do any of...
  3. Fidge

    Thinking of getting a TDi Arosa

    Hi all, I work in London and live in Southampton and this gives me a 190 mile round trip to work and back! I currently use the train only driving a limited number of days a year which as you can imagine can be pretty costly in my Leon Cupra. Current travel costs per year are about £4000 for me...
  4. check these rims out! 17's on an arosa? sweeeeet!

    hey peeps my new new new rims arrived today hehehe long story but got my way in the end and slapped em straight on! Before...... After....... next shes going low!and colour coded
  5. Arosa Front Bumper

    how come this is the only sport i have seen with a colour coded front bumper?? is this custom? or are they just really rare?
  6. Arosa airbag replacement

    OK chaps, heres a tester, I have bought back my Arosa that had very minimal panel damage but did have both bags come out (god knows why) and hence I need to find a solution. I am assumimg that you have to replace the whole dash to replace the passenger one or is there another way? I am told that...
  7. what have you got in your arosa's boot

    hey guys just wondering who has the phattest install outta you guys? then ill show ya mine wen i finish it at the end of the month :):p
  8. Does anyone know where i can get a phat body kit for my arosa?

    Iv got an Arosa 1.0 that im just about to put 17" TSW wheel on and im lowering it to 40mm! but i cannot find a decent body kit for it! iv got a mate that will mould a kit on but just need to find a decent one thats from a similar shape car to an arosa! Heeeeeeeeellllllllllllp!:shrug:
  9. could anyone help me with a price for my arosa sport?

    2002 02 Reg Seat Arosa 1390 cc 16v Sport, 3 Doors, Manual, HATCHBACK, Petrol, 20,500 miles, FSH, Yoyo Yellow, 2 Owners, ABS, 14” Alloy Wheels, Central Locking, Alarm, Driver's Airbag, Multiple Airbags, Multiple cup holders, Power Steering, Immobiliser, Electric Windows, Front Fog Lights...
  10. warren_cox

    Arosa Racer in the UK?

    Was this car ever available in the UK? If so was it 1.4 or 1.6 like the Lupo GTi?
  11. arosa tail lights

    anyone know any way of modding the rear lights of the new arosa? not looking to do any big jobs involving cutting and welding of the body etc to fit clusters made for another car. was hoping that thered be some direct replacement rear clusters or light masks or something for the arosa that...
  12. MARRA

    Arosa reeks of petrol

    My mates fiancee has a 1.0 Arosa and he's been complaining of a smell of petrol for a few weeks now. The other day I went up to his house and although the car had been in the garage all night and although there were no obvious signs of petrol leaking anywhere, the smell of petrol was...
  13. Arosa Sport 0-60 times

    I have just recently become the proud owner of a Y reg Seat Arosa Sport. Since the engine all ready has 7k miles on it I dont need to worry about running it in and so I have been putting the pedal to the metal to see what kind of acceleration I can get out of it. The book states the 0-62 time...
  14. Arosa TDi wanted

    I would like to buy an Arosa TDi. Can you help? Do you have or know of one for sale. Can you point me in the direction of a good dealer? Cash buy, no px
  15. Arosa Brakes

    Have any of you fellow Arosa drivers upgraded your brakes systems? with either pads,discs or both?? Does the new type have the same set-up as the previous one? I am talking about the 1.0S The reason i ask is that I nearly took the side out of an escort as the old man driving it pulled...
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