1. Arosa 1.4 engine cutting out at low rev

    Hi Everyone, I've been a reader for a while, but as my v reg Arosa has been really good, I've not really needed to post. Anyway, I have a problem which I'm told is 'common' (not that I believe this). My Arosa cuts out (not stalls) at low revs, e.g. when you're waiting to turn a corner and...
  2. Arosa Garaged for over a week...Help!

    Where do i start... My little orange Seat Arosa 1.4 SE (2000 W) reg has been in my local garage for over a week now. It wont start from cold and i have to seriously rev it for it to start but it shoots up to 3-4000rpm then gets back down to 1000 and cuts out. After i've done this a few times...
  3. Boo

    Boo's MintGrün MK1 Arosa - small update

    Being possibly the last weekend off Im going to get in a long time due to a new job. I decided to give my car a good clean and take some Arty farty pictures of her.
  4. ArosaRacer

    started fixing the arosa

    After being killed by the misses ive decided the cars to good to scrap so its going to be used for trackdays, i know its no LCR but i wont need to brake at the corners :-o can you tell i used to live in maidstone:whistle:
  5. my arosa

    this is my little 1.0 mpi arosa! really really standard bless it! mods: alpine cd player and multi disc changer rear lexus(i think)lights 6x9 jvc speakrs in parcel shelf gay mods: my mascot the hippo! lizard air freshernes( because of a food fight and it got quiet smelly!) flowery...
  6. Seat Arosa door mirrors

    Just picked up my blue TDi yesterday and already love it. One question...are the Arosa door mirrors on 2001 models different sizes from drivers to passengers. My offside mirror is slightly longer and I can only suspect that this is due to the wide angle mirror glass fitted. My good lady's 1999...
  7. Newbie after an Arosa few questions

    Hi my name is Elliott and obviously I am new to the forum. I am going to look at a 02 arosa on saturday 1.4 sport and was wondering if there is anything or any problems I should be looking out for with the car? Also whats a good price for one its got 36k on the clock and looks like it is good...
  8. lunalupi

    Arosa Repair Thread

    Thought I would pop a quick thread up to keep everyone updated with the progress on repairing my Arosa :) He is currently in a bodyshop, having the front end stripped down ready to start putting bits back on, straightening him up and generally getting on with everything. The donor car will...
  9. dougy69

    Arosa racer

    when shearching images on google looking for pictures of arosa's trying to decide whether to buy an arosa for my girlfriend, i came across this picture claimimg to be an arosa racer. i couldnt find out any proper information on it though!! was it just a concept or did seat make it??
  10. Want a Arosa!!!

    Hi, i am looking hard for a arosa, especially i would like a 1.4mpi, black, but it is seems an impossible task 2 fin 1 with good millage but also i wanted to know, probz shudnt b in the section, if that model can b revoed as there isnt anything on the revo sub-topic there. Any help welcome cheers.
  11. Seat Arosa Expansion Tank

    I am having a problem with the cooling system on my arosa, after approximately 100 miles the colling system warning light comes on and starts flashing, the temprature gauge remains at normal, when I remove the expansion tank cap there is some pressure evident, even after a few hours of non use...
  12. SAT NAV in a 1.4 16V Arosa Sport

    Hi Guys! Just joined. Put a deposit down on a 2001 1.4 16V Arosa Sport today. Part ex'ing my Mk2 Golf GTi 16V (a very emotional time for me :cry: !!). OK to the point of this thread..... I've been looking on eBay an I found someone selling the sat nav unit from a Mk4 Golf. Aparently this...
  13. elBurro

    rcl on an arosa tdi-s

    hola! I've just bought myself an 03 arosa (and am very pleased), it only came with one manual key that works the locks tho', should I have gotten an electronic radio one too or is it fully functional as it is? cheers :) oh yeah, what does the "s" bit mean? is that short for "s...old...
  14. lunalupi

    Arosa Members List

    As this section always seems to be pretty quiet, I though it might be interesting to start a list of current forum members with an Arosa :) Your name Age (of the car ;)) Engine and Trim/spec Colour Mods Any Extra Info Me: Name: Nicola Age: 98(R), 8 years old! Engine: 1.0MPI...
  15. Mk3 2.0 8v Golf Vs Arosa 16v Sport

    I have a golf 8V how much diffrence in performence to a AROSA SPORT 16V would not like to have a beter car than me:whistle:
  16. Fidge

    Help! Diesel Arosa not starting!

    Typical, just got this car, been running error free for 3 weeks but today did not wanna start! :wtf: The coil light lights then goes out as normal but when ticking over, the coil light flashes on and off continuously! Any one know whats happening? I haven't got a clue about diesels! Thanks
  17. Arosa 1.0mpi timing belt or chain?

    Hi everyone. I've just bought a 1997 seat arosa 1.0mpi for my girlfriend's sister. it is on 70k and i'm guessing its uses a timing belt rather than a chain. can anyone confirm that? if it has one, whats the recommended service interval for the belt? is the belt easy to change? as the engine is a...
  18. Arosa Mag's

    Does anyone know of any Arosa mags Or EURO mod mags ?
  19. My Arosa hates starting

    Hiya. I currently own a 1998 Arosa 1.0 which is a great car and has never offered any problems until now. Only over the past few days I have been having problems when starting it from cold. It tries to catch then cuts out. I have to try the ignition about 4 - 5 times :( When it does...
  20. Russ_20vt

    Arosa rear lights?

    Ok my younger 17yr old brother is after a seat arosa as his first car, now from what i can see there is 2 phases to them so far? What are the main differences between the two? is it just the front end thats been changed or has the rear aswell. As for some reason my brother has an obsession...
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