1. Newbie Arosa Owner

    Hi Just thought I'd post up a hello. Bought a 1.4 16V Sport Arosa about 5 weeks ago. Loving the car, apart from the gearbox just breaking (just done another thread on that!!) It's a great little toy to drive. It only gets used at the weekends really as I currently get the train to...
  2. Lights on the gear indicator - 1.4 Auto Arosa

    Hi All, Yesterday my wife and I picked up our Seat Arosa 1.4 Auto - a 1998 car. My wife wanted something easy to drive and small - and having lost the will to live looking around at Micras, we stumbled across the Arosa. So far I am delighted with the car, but have one question that I hope...
  3. Not quite an arosa..

    Well hello people in the arosa part of the forum :) I did have a mk2 ibiza, hence why I'm registered on here, but just recentely purchased a new loop: Wheels are going for a refurb soon, considering putting them black with yellow lip, and also will be adding a...
  4. ArosaRacer

    Wee mans Arosa Track day project working again Thanks Grandad !!!

    At 6pm the arosa had its first drive all gears working Clutch adjusted lights working !!!!!! All i need to finish it are 1) Windscreen 2) Roll cage 3) Two front tyres :funk: Thanks m0rk, Stu, And My Grandad !:clap::clap:
  5. Looking to buy an Arosa...

    Hi guys, I'm looking to buy an Arosa as a second commuting car - either a 1litre or 1.4. :) I've seen a few at around the 100k mileage - what are they like around this mileage? Also, I'd like an automatic if poss - is there anything to look out for with these gearboxes?
  6. Random Stalling Problem on Seat Arosa 1.4 Automatic

    Hi, I have a problem with a Seat Arosa 1.4 8V Automatic. The car is a 2000 W Plate with the engine code AKK. It has done 12000 miles. The car has been in the garage numerous time, but nothing is coming up on diagnostics and when the car does stall in the garage it starts straigh back up...
  7. lunalupi

    Loops' Arosa

    I realised I've never actually put up a progress thread on the Arosa - so here it is, 3 years of ownership, condensed into two posts! Day one - Small, standard, but MINE! :D Some black steelies, GTI suspension, and dodgy rear lights. Oh yes, and please note the NURBURGRING sticker on the...
  8. Daz_Wilko89

    My Arosa Sport As It Stand Today :)

    Right just took a load of new pics of my arosa so have uploaded them to photobucket and am going to share them all with you Enjoy! I know the sideskirts need binning but its too much of a chew taking them off lol!
  9. Arosa with 1.8t.. Costs

    Hello I am looking to buy an arosa for track use and I am looking to fit a 1.8t engine. Do you have any idea of how much it can cost? And the best guys to do it, who they are? Tnk u
  10. Arosa cupra 1.8 20v help please

    hi folks ive just joined up 2day for a bit of help on a pacific matter ive decided to get a lil project and concidered the usual golf mk 2 gti turbo conversion etc but all have been done. having a seat ibiza mk3 sport at the min, like the seat engine build know my way around it and decided/...
  11. Sootycuprabod

    Arosa,lupo,Ka or polo???

    HI peeps,i will be buying my daughter her first car soon and am having trouble deciding between a lupo,arosa,ka or a polo(these being the cars she likes).I have read that the 1.0 arosa/lupo is underpowered and only really a city car,but i dont read the same comments about the 1.0 polo is it the...
  12. pick up Arosa next Thursday

    Hello, I pick up my Arosa tdi (2001) next Thursday, the car has fsh and 49k and is yoyo yellow, i got the car for £3k, is this a good price? Also what mods would you recomend i do. i dont want any boy racer stuff as i am 40 this year:cry: Thanks
  13. ScotlandToIbiza

    Love Arosa's

    Hello arosa owners :p I own a Mk2 ibiza atm and its my first car but from day 1 I've loved arosa's. When I have my 1NCB i'd like something a little quicker and the 1.4 16v seems like a cheap to insure sporty option for my age (18)! whats the good and bad points of these wee cars? cheers...
  14. Cambelt change interval for 1.0 Arosa

    Can anyone advise what the correct interval is for changing the cambelt on a 1999 (old shape) 1.0 AER engined Arosa ? Several dealers give several different answers ! Any idea of how many hours labour is recommended ? And I presume the standard practice is to change the tensioner and water...
  15. zippyy

    Arosa 1.0

    I am looking at one of these tommorrow. Could you tell me what faults to look for? Also does the 1 litre engine have enough power or does it struggle to get up hills on the motorway? Its a 2002 with 16,000 miles on it. Its up for £3,000
  16. Daz_Wilko89

    My Arosa sport is rolling on 16's...

    but not for much longer though there too big and rub like mad when i turn corners or hit pot holes, they looked soo good as well being 7.5inch wide so they stuck out like a treat! here they are anyways :
  17. j.a.kelly

    Arosa engine options

    I know I know...ur all thinking..."not again" but i've been round here a while now (currently own 3 SEATs! TDi Mk4 and CupraSport mk2 Ibiza) and I've just got hold of a mint R-reg Arosa 1.0. My original plan for the CupraSport was to race and track it, but its too good for that (if anyone is...
  18. Thinkin of dropping the Arosa

    Alright guys and girls. I'm a new member of the forum, from Glasgow and drive a 1.0 Red Arosa. Sitting on 15's atm with 195/50/15 tyres. The plan is to take off these tyres, powder coat the wheels white, replace the tyres with 195/40/15 and then fit lowering springs which will drop it...
  19. cardaft

    Arosa mudflaps

    Hiya, This is a strange one, i saw an arosa on autotrader with mudflaps, although the back ones looked longer than the usual MK2 mudflaps. Could it have MK1 Arosa mudflaps on? And are they longer? This is it: Do you think they look longer than normal? Mine: Id ideally...
  20. Heart Transplant For My Arosa

    Hi Everyone, I Haven't Been On Here In A While I Hope Your All O.K I Was Just Wondering If Anyone Of You Knew How Much And How Difficult It Would Be To Put A Ibiza GTi Engine Into My Little 1.0 Arosa Any Information I Would Be Most Grateful Thanks Everyone :D
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