1. Jumpy Arosa

    Hey guys, wondering if you can help me. For the last 2 weeks my Arosa has been struggling to accelerate, when i put my foot down it jumps and holds back, i have had this before but it was sorted with a spark plug change but i dont know whats wrong this time. Any suggestions? thanks :)
  2. Auto Arosa's - how long do the box and clutch last for?

    My little 1.4 Auto Arosa will have done 70k miles some time early next week! Got me wondering how many miles the clutch and gear box are good for. Any one have any ideas? Recently had the cambelt done (for the first time I think! I guess I've been lucky!), and I suspect the engine will go...
  3. my arosa

    hello this is my arosa got it standerd and now its lowered 30mm, tsw alloys, debadged grill, removed wiper and just really looked after it really anyways here is a few pics:D

    Arosa / Lupo Spoiler?

    [COLOR="Blue"]Does any one know where i can get a decent roof spoiler without the bloody gap in the middle. brought one of concept website it never arrived lol any help would be greath thanks hayley[/COLOR]
  5. Arosa radio wiring

    Can anyone please tell me where I can get a wiring diagram or pin-out for the Arosa (2001) radio power plug? I need to adapt it to a radio with standard ISO power socket config. Thanks in advance. johnmac
  6. Arosa Steel Wheel

    Hi all My daughter drove through a pothole the other day and damaged the standard steel wheel on her T reg 1.0 Arosa. The local tyre place tried bashing it out but it still has a slow leak from around the bead. Has anyone in the Guildford / Bracknell area got one they wish to sell perhaps...
  7. Arosa TDi revs high on cold start

    Hi folks. Any clues to a mystery fault please. Arosa TDi AMF engine 86k miles. On start up if engine cranked & fired, revs seem to bounce at about 2000 rpm for 3 or 4 seconds before settling down to idle (almost sounds like engine is hitting an imaginary rev limiter at 2000 rpm). Over last few...
  8. Knock on my arosa

    Hi im just wondering if someone could give me an idea of whats up with my car and if its bad. Its an arosa its only done 19000 miles. when its on tickover theres a knocking noise but when i push my clutch in it stops. What is it? Is it bad? Price to fix etc If anyone could help i would be...
  9. fitting new gear knob on arosa

    I have bought a new gear knob for my arosa, but can't work out how to ake the original off. The one i have bought is a screw on. But mine doesn't appear to screw off and i don't want to force it incase the new one doesn't fit. Any help would be very welcomed! thanks
  10. olethalb

    value of an arosa? worth £500?

    basically, my mate has offered me his black 1l 52 plate arosa today only as he's got a buyer tomorrow. the bodywork is a bit tatty, the screen is cracked and he clipped a curb last night and cracked an alloy and bent the lower arm slightly. it has T&T but generally poor condition. i...
  11. TDI Arosa aftermarket ECU supplier???

    As the title says - does anyone know of any companies that supply the units but not at ridiculous SEAT prices???? Ian
  12. Emz

    MK2 Arosa Sport - Update!

    Hi! Well I only picked it up yesterday and already love it! It's a '03 Seat Arosa 1.4 16v Sport in black. Completely standard with the exception of the Scorpian back exhaust. These are the only pics I have of it at the mo, with the bf's Lupo GTi :)
  13. Which Arosa to get...

    I have decided that, if i save up enough money, i will probably get an Arosa, i have been looking at lots of different threads and they seem to have more character than the Ibiza MK2's Ideally i'd like to get a MK2 Arosa, but i am not sure if i would be able to afford one. During the next...
  14. Arosa 1.7d, any good ?

    I have found out i can insure a 1.7 arosa and it matches my budget ! i am about 6"1 so i am not sure if i am too tall to be comfortable in it, some advise on that would be nice i havent actually been in one before so any opinions and facts would be much appreciated :)
  15. Arosa oil Warning Light

    Hi everyone, I was after a bit of help.:) I recently got a 1.4 Auto Arosa on a 51 plate and have a question regarding the oil pressure light. On all other cars I have owned, the oil pressure light only goes out when you start the engine, and the switch sees oil preasure. On the Arosa we...
  16. Emz

    What to look for when buying an Arosa Sport?

    Hi all, I've been to look at a Seat Arosa 1.4 16v Sport which i'm very interested in. It's a 2003 plate with 63k miles on the clock. It's up for sale for 3,250.. What do I need to look out for? I've noticed that the engine is slightly loud but I've been told this is common in the...
  17. Seat Arosa Alloys, Plastic Wheel Nut Covers

    Hello to all Seat owners! Can anyone help. I currently own a 2004 Seat Arosa 1.0s what I was wondering if anyone could help me source or tell me where I could get some Plastic Alloy Covers (which hide the wheel nuts) as the ones I have got the metallic effect paint is starting to peel off...
  18. 10th birthday for my Arosa

    It's called 'Squash' because my wife decided it was a squashed limo as it is amazing how much you can get in it. Anyway Squash is now 10 years old and still going strong after two dipsticks plowing into the back, several key stripes and thousands of miles of lugging huge amounts of gear all over...
  19. Dave_R

    Look at an Arosa.... Advice???

    Hey everyone! :D Got my missus wanting a Arosa she's found a 2002 Arosa 1.0 MPi in pistachio green for sale so I'm going to veiw it tomorrow, I'm taking my VAG Com to run a fault scan on it but are there any common faults or known rust spots I need to look for? It had the EGR Valve changed...
  20. deathhead

    My 2000 mk1 Arosa

    Heres my wee 2000 sdi arosa as she sits at the minute. Future plans are to get bumpers smoothed and new interior. Its not a quick car but its just a wee daily so need the good fuel consumption and i cant really drive over about 50 with it sitting like this anyhow :). mods, Rear dewipered and...
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