1. darth_vader_helmet

    Picked up arosa and need help

    Hi guys picked up a mk1 arosa earlier today in excellent nick and low miles, with only 68k on her. Driving it for the first proper time (gave her a test run before buying and all seemed fine) and the following faults, problems are... 1. when I put my foot to the floor in 3/4/5 gear there...
  2. Arosa Ignition Problem.

    Hi I have a 99" Arosa and evry time i start the car it tends to struggle getting going. I have to hold the key for a good 3-4 seconds and push down on the accelarator to make sure it starts... Sometimes if it fails to start on the first time it takes a good 6-7 seconds from turning the key to...
  3. exhaust for arosa sport

    my arosa has the centre exhaust and i was wanting to buy a new back box for it for a bit more sound but had a look for a while and carnt seem to find any. can any one recomend on or point me in the right direction? thanks

    Arosa Meet?

    anyone fancy doing an arosa meet. would be cool :D
  5. Petronille

    Arosa recalls

    Hi there, Yesterday our local SEAT garage called to say that they would need to have my little car back in for check ups. :blink: It is a 1998 1.4 MPi SE auto version with 34200 miles on the clock. I bought it in July this year, and it was booked there and then for a full service/MOT, etc...
  6. Lowering arosa

    Looking into lowering Emilys arosa and getting it a bit more solid as it tends to roll a lot at the sight of a corner. not looking at coilovers, shocks and springs will be fine. can anyone post pics with how much and what make you have lowered. many thanks guys and girls steve
  7. 2010 SEAT Arosa

    Seein as there's talk of a new Arosa I thought i'd start a thread and see wat people would like. We'll probably see a concept or proto type in Geneva next year. Here's some pics..
  8. Arosa MkI courtesy light sensor?

    Hi Gang, My missus's 1999 (pre face lift) 1.0 Arosa has recently decided to no longer switch on the courtesy light when the driver's door i open - works fine for the passenger door. It is the very basic trim version with no central locking or electric windows - ie manual locking on both...
  9. Arosa comon problems

    Hi guys, Some of you will know me anyway, but my Cupra is going to be a full track car, so need something else. So hopefully going to look at an Arosa TDI tomorrow, is there anything common i should look out for on these? Are there any major issues with the Arosa overall as well? after...
  10. Arosa cambelt tensioner.

    I'm mystified. I am changing my cambelt and decided to change the tensioner and roller. The tensioner is "off centre" so rotating it varies the extent to which it presses on the belt. Is it simply the central nut that stops the tensioner slackening off when its mounted ie the tension of...
  11. bigfella_V5

    Arosa 1.0 clutch

    Hi all, My partner has an Arosa with around 40k on the clock. The clutch bite point has got quite high in recent months. Is it self adjusting or likely to be up for replacement? I have notice there is a rattle from the release bearing recently too so that can also be changed. Thanks.
  12. Arosa TDi non starter

    Hi i hope someone can help, I have a: SEAT AROSA 2002, 1.4TDI, AMF ENGINE CODE, AUTOMATIC, 35000 miles the car will not start from cold on its own accord, with a little spray of brake cleaner the engine fires up and idles ok. I have scanned the vehicle with a snap-on solus pro scanner...
  13. Petronille

    Arosa colours

    Hi all, I'm new here so I may have overlooked a thread about colours. Anyway, can someone help me to try and find out what the colour code is for my Arosa please. The colour is a metallic dark turquoise (on the paperwork the car is described as being 'blue'). I can't post a pic as for some...
  14. arosa tdi wont start no glo plug light

    sorry if this has allready been asked but cant find it my self hear goes.i have a seat arosa tdi 2001 y but it will not start drove to work fine but then coulunt get home turn the key all lights come on except glo plug keeps turning over but wont fire .tried it this morning started straight away...
  15. Seat Arosa 16v

    Hi All, just got hold of a 16v Arosa slightly worn but fun all the same. I have a few problems to sort out though. 1. what is error code P013A? The Management light came on so I called the RAC and they found this error with no text explanation. The light went out again when I chagned the...
  16. weemanno1

    arosa headlights.

    i have a problem... i need to take my headlights out so i can change the bulbs and re seal the headlights.... is there an easy way to do this and how do i go about doing it??.... am i right in saying even to change the side light bulbs i need to take the headlamps out? :cartman:
  17. Mk1 Arosa Sport

    Thought it was about time to get some pics up of my Mk1 Arosa Sport Here it is the day we picked it up: First modification was some Team Dynamics Monza (I think) 15" alloy wheels in black: Next was some Apex 40mm lowering springs:
  18. Some arosa issues/problems

    Hey guys im new here and just bought a 1998 arosa!! I love the car but it has some issues, the clutch is squeaky and the guy i bought it off said he had a new one fitted. The gearbox is pretty weird and he said he had a new one fitted aswell. The passenger side wingmirrors broke and i need a new...
  19. My Arosa problem may shortly be solved by a sledgehammer!

    No seriously, there is a sledgehammer next to it right now, and I'm sorely tempted to take my frustrations out then scrap it! Anyways I got a W reg 1.0 Arosa, since I bought it back in April its had no end of problems, and no one seems to know how to fix it, so................. Started off...
  20. Arosa parts????

    Hi all, can any of you more knowledgeable people tell me if most Arosa parts are interchangeable with the Lupo, except of course obvious bits that are specific to either? Thanks RC
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