1. Arosa foglights

    I've seen a pair of Skoda Fabia VRS foglights for sale which are described as being "also suitable for VW Lupo". They look very similar to Arosa-specific foglights I've seen elsewhere, but I wondered if anyone knows part numbers or something, to confirm that they'll definitely fit. Regards, G
  2. removing arosa gearbox

    Hi, Anyone any idea what the black pipe that sits atop the gearbox/flywheel housing does, and does it interfere with taking the box off? About to do a clutch change and this tube/pipe seems to come out of the box and go back in right next to the block. Also, what's the procedure for taking...
  3. Is a Arosa Tdi a False Economy?

    Had one of these car's before, and they are great. Now looking possibly for another, but have noticed that prices are a bit wayward. Anything from 5k for low mileage ones at dealers, to the low 2's for 65-80k mileage one's. The equivalent Arosa or lupo 1.4 auto's with low mileage are around...
  4. Arosa 1.4 16v sport

    hi all just registered and thought i would share my latest toy with you all its a 1.4 sport mk2 only had it a week and im well chuffed with her :) thanks for looking
  5. _AJ_

    Arosa front tweeters

    Hi, Just brought a nice 1000w sub for the boot, and thinking of slowly replacing standard audio. I have a rough idea of how to get to the door card speakers.....but how would I get to the tweeters at the front near the windscreen?? and what wattage are the door card speakers and front...
  6. Yellow Mk1 Arosa 1.4 16v Sport

    Here is my build up thread of My Mk1 Arosa Sport: Here is the day we first picked it up: Then the first mod was the wheels, 15" Team dynamics but on standard ride height:
  7. Euro Style Arosa

    Right peeps i know this has been done by many and many Arosa/Lupo owners. But i really wanna go Euro on my Arosa to as i can do all the paint and filler work myself as i'm a body repairer. Good thing it's only gonna cost me for the paint. Can someone gather up some ideas/pictures for me...
  8. My Arosa 1.4 MPi

    Alright guys, just brought my Arosa today, it will be my first car Its already been de badged, has some nice rims and some schrome mesh in the front. I do want a bit more doing to it though, what would you reccommend for looks, that is cheap? I will post pics when i collect it on...
  9. My Arosa I.C.E

    Finally got around finishing off my install. This is a basic install to me compare to my Citroen. My C2
  10. Pics of my wee Arosa

    Heres my wee Arosa i bought to see me through the next few months until i have enough money for my new Clio which i sadly crashed :(. I deliver pizzas for Dominos in it haha :). And heres some pictures of my old baby if you're interested :) Thanks for...
  11. Newbie - Arosa 1.4 TDI

    New to this site but not a new Seat owner. Thought my first post should be with my car which i've had the pleasure of owning for the last 18months. Right I have a Seat Arosa 2002 1.4 PD TDI...... Enough boring stuff here's the car and its specs: :whistle: Engine: 1.4 3cyl PD TDI...
  12. Just Got My Arosa!!!!

    Hi guys, im new to the whole forum thing sorry!, recently just bought my arosa as follows, 1998 - 1.4 mpi. Blue, Cobra Bucket Seats, Sparco Harness's Twin Race Exhaust, Fully Tinted, Clifford Alarm With Remote Start, 16" Alloys, Lowered, Will Post Pic Soon...
  13. Arosa Auto MPG?

    What MPG do people with Auto Arosa's get? I seem to be getting 29/30mpg.
  14. Cupra_joeboy

    Arosa Tdi S

    Hi Everyone, hope you all had a top xmas. Just a quick ones really, the Arosa is mint, both are very pleased with it. we are averaging around 320-350 miles per tank, is this about right? I suppose it will take some getting used to and try not to use the turbo as much and then get better...
  15. driveforward

    Arosa 1.4 16v Sport - My Trackday Project - '09 End of Season Report from Page 29

    Yup, I've bought another Arosa! Having previously owned an Arosa 16v Sport back in 2002 (my 'old' 02-reg car is still in the family and is actually parked next to my 'new' 52-reg one as I type!), I've been longing to get another 1.4 16v as a track project for quite some time now. Yes: to all...
  16. Cupra_joeboy

    Arosa TDI

    Hi, Just a quick one really, on the look out for a good condition TDI prefer a black one but silver would be ok to. For the girlfriend. Selling a Lupo sport at the min should be getting around £3600 for it so want to buy a Arosa TDI and a cool set of rims so looking for something as close to...
  17. Front brake discs - Arosa 1.0

    Hi all, I am planning to replace my front brake discs on my 2002 Arosa 1.0, engine code AUC. On I am not sure which brake discs I would need to order. In the front of my service book on the sticker, I have no codes which match the codes listed on the site (1LA, 1LB...
  18. Arosa owners manual

    Hi I just looked at Haynes for an owners manual - no joy. Wondered about a Lupo manual - still no joy. Has anyone found a good third party owner/workshop manual for the Arosa? Mine's a 2002 1.0. Many thanks
  19. Hello! :) / Arosa Chat

    Hello! :) / Looking To Buy An Arosa Hello, Been Looking On Here For A While, And Thought I Might Aswell Join :) I've Decided On An Arosa For My First Car :lol: And Im Looking To Buy One Just After The New Year Probably, Im Looking For A Sport But I Wouldn't Turn Down A Good 1.0 s Offer :) If...
  20. elBurro

    Remote key part id for an 03 Arosa TDi

    I need the remote key part num-num-number for an 03 Arosa TDi? Main dealer is too much money and I'm bored of opening the door 'by hand'... I'd appreciate anyone posting a picture of their key (doesn't have to be too detailed since I see some bloke on ebay says he can cut a copy from a...
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