1. lunalupi

    Dalmation Arosa

    Bloody seagulls :ban: All clean and shiny again now though! :D
  2. 1litre wonder

    just smashed the arosa :(

    well looks like my likiness of being at E38 has deminished smashed into a deer at 60mph , new radiator , new slam pannel , new bumper , front grill , lower bumper , bumper reinforcer needed i could cry right now , im not joking
  3. Rik N.I.

    Seat Arosa Drivers mirror the same as Euro style Stumpy drivers mirror?

    Can anyone confirm this
  4. Seat Arosa Engine transplant

    Hi guys im new to this currently driving a 1.0 red arosa onn a 53 plate just bought a set of wolfrace euro sport 16 inch alloys black and chrome sets the car off nicely! Im after advise on what bigger engine i can put in my arosa with littlest work possible, i was thinking of a cupra engione...
  5. cardaft

    Post a pic of your AROSA.

    Hiya, I had an idea that we should ALL post a few pics of our little 'Rosas up as there isnt many pics of them on here. So ill go first with my two: 2002 TDI S: 2003 1.0S: So please add to the tread with your Arosa pics [B)] Chris
  6. Arosa Steve

    Arosa Meet ??

    Any 1 from the northeast or near bye and fancey a meet and mabey a drive sum were ?
  7. Seat Arosa Fuel Pump?

    My girlfriend drove her car to work as normal the other day but when she came out that evening the car would not start. Essentially as soon as you turn the key the engine actually fires but then dies instantly. The AA man who came suggested it may be the fuel pump but couldnt be certain. i went...
  8. Arosa Steve

    My 97 Arosa MPI

    Just Tuck A Few Pics Of Me Car. Its A Bit Durty Just Been Out Playin In It Sins a got it a have put a Green Air Filter On. 15" Lenso RS5 Wheels On. Carbon Fiber frunt Grill. Lowered 40mm With G-Max Springs. All Comments Welcome :)
  9. Arosa 1.4 TDi

    Hello everyone... excuse the newbie questions... i have done a quick search which has given me a lot of info, but hopefully you might be able to help me out with a couple of other queries - excuse the long post as well! I'm basically looking at a commuting car for my GF as she is now doing an...
  10. arosa pas side wing mirror

    about 2 months ago some A hole kicked my mirror off. i called seat and they said it would be about £80:-o tryed to get a second hand one from everywhere with no luck. all the breakers said that they are £20 but they dont get any in. so if anyone has a 2001 onwards pass side wing...
  11. Snoopcousins

    Help...with Buying Arosa 1.4

    Hi, This is my first time in the Arosa hello all! :D Im looking at buying an Arosa for the missus as our 2nd car. The one I have seen (see link below) is a 1998 1.4 MPi and looks in good order, but..... Is there no PAS on the 98 model and if not is it still easy to drive...
  12. 1litre wonder

    Euro'd Arosa

    arch clearance ? whats that ?? Diamond cut Zenders ( 15x7 ET35 ) running Kumho KW17 175/50/15 tyres more pics to come once i have blanked there plates :lol:
  13. Arosa Mark 1 Spoiler

    Hi Everyone Not Been On Here In A While, Anyone Know Where I Can Aquire A Rear Spoiler For My Mark 1 Arosa? Any Information Or Websites Would Be Fantastic, Thank You, Mitch
  14. jaketalbot

    girlfriend wants an Arosa....

    hi arosa people, im from the ibiza section, but i've got a question for you all.... my girlfriend likes the look of the Arosa, she say's its 'cute' etc etc, and now she wants one, so i've been told to ask you lot if there reliable or not? as she wants to know! so yeah just let me know what...
  15. Boo

    Arosa sub & amp

    Im looking at getting a sub and amp for my Arosa, which has a teenie weenie boot. I was thinking about a combined sub/amp or a separate 10" sub with 2 channel amp as I simply cant fit any speakers into the parcel shelf. Can anyone recommend any appropriate subs that would fit my boot ? Are the...
  16. 1litre wonder

    arosa on coilovers :D

    heres the before the coilovers shot when it was 45mm down and with the coilovers on :D and some randoms
  17. CatB1

    Arosa Tdi rough running

    As above,2002,65,000 miles.Initial idling & running seems OK,car accelerates normally & smooth tickover.Once engine warms up the engine starts juddering/shuddering and acceleration is non-existant at motorway speeds.When stationary at traffic lights at 900rpm the juddering/shuddering starts...
  18. 1litre wonder

    arosa now slammed :D

    before it settled down a bit more after it settled
  19. Arosa TDI cambelt interval

    I have the Arosa 1.4 TDI S model (2001) with 45,000 miles on the clock. The Inspection & Maintenance Plan has the following two statements: - Every 40,000 miles: Toothed belt for camshaft drive: replace (only SDI engines in the Arosa model and TDI engines with injection pump). - Every...
  20. Arosa 1.4 TDi making a lot of noise

    Car was going fine,started it the following morning & although it runs it sounds like a tractor with no power. Revs build up & it sounds like its only running on 2 cylinders any 1 any thought about this. If the engines goosed it'l b broken up so if any1 needs anything let me know.
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