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  1. Need help with “fault code: P189A clutch 1, clearance too small” on a DSG7 Leon FR 1.8 TSI

    Hi, I scanned my car with an OBDeleven and I got myself a fault code: P189A... clutch 1, clearance is too small”. The car drives like it’s always have and I don’t notice anything especially. So what I did was I erased the fault code with the OBDeleven, but the fault code comes back pretty...
  2. Auto-upshift delete

    I have a 2017 cupra 290 dsg and was wondering if there’s a way to remove the auto-upshift when at the redline? Just sometimes you want to hold the gear going round a corner to keep the car stable and it upshifts.
  3. Cupra 300 DSG vs Manual?

    Hiya, This may have been posted many times but would like answers on the 300 Cupra Leon, put an order in for the DSG but the wait time is over 24 weeks. Found stock cars but they are all manual. How much worse is the Manual gearbox to DSG? Could anybody shine some light on if its a downgrade...
  4. Gooders

    Auto air con LCR

    I've noticed that my air con sometimes comes on automatically without me doing anything :shrug: ...anyone else have this problem? thanks
  5. CupraR_Lad

    Auto Meter Gauge Bulbs

    Hey guys, I have noticed that the original bulbs and red covers arent that bright in the dials! I ordered these the other day which came today! http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=250605425601&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT Testing the car in the dark they turn out to be...
  6. Auto Light's don't work - Am I being stupid?

    My new 2009 cupra has auto lights, i've turned the light selector dial to 'Auto' but they never come on at all. I'm currently using the manual options. It's going back to to dealer on tuesday for something else and they are going to have a look for me. Anyone know where the sensor is?
  7. Auto closing windows done with serial VAG-COM!

    I am well chuffed with myself, I've managed to decipher all the posts about closing the windows with the remote, and get it set up on my car! So now if I hold the lock button down on the remote, the doors lock and the windows go up, and the other way round if I hold the unlock button down!! No...
  8. Auto Windows roll-up

    Hello, I've been searching for a vag-com mod for auto windows roll-up on a 2007 Cordoba 1,9 T DI with no luck :( . Sorry if this thread has been discussed already. Can you please tell if this mod is possible? Any instructions. Thank you. Regards, Alex
  9. Auto econ confused

    Ive done a search of the forum to try and clarify a climate control query, but havent found the answer so............. I can understand that when I select AUTO the air is conditioned by the warm air from the engine and the cool/cold air from the conditioner. The ECON function basically cuts...
  10. MrNorma

    Auto Windows

    Anyone got auto windows on there MK4. Im looking to ad this to my car but need a few pointers
  11. MrNorma

    Anyone in glasgow area enable auto windows

    As title, anyone in glasgow area got the kit to enable auto windows on a Mk4 55 FR? Been trying for a couple of days with no joy as i only have a usb and not serial cable. Any help or pointers appreciated.
  12. spikeydoo

    Are Auto lights an option??

    Well I've found them on the seat accessories site, http://www.seat.co.uk/generator/su/uk/SEAT/site/Service/original-accessories/main.html Part Number: 6J0054755 Description: Automatic Headlights Model Application: New Ibiza 5 dr and SC 2008 > Detail: Auto lights automatically turns on...
  13. How to enable auto lock?

    Hi, How is the auto lock enabled please?
  14. jcp

    Retro-fit auto dipping mirror

    Has any one retro-fitted the automatic dipping rear view mirror? What with the increased running in traffic and darkness this time of the year I am beginning to miss the ones I had in previous cars?
  15. LCR Stereo - Any way to turn off auto volumn adjust?

    Is there any way of turning off the auto volume adjustment on the LCR stereo? Its when the volume goes louder as you get into higher speeds. Its damn annoying as it always goes too loud on its own.
  16. Change auto adjust clutch cable to manual?

    I have just bought a 97 Ibiza cupra 2.016v as a winter car while i do an ABF engine swap on my mk2 golf.The golf origionally came with an auto adjusting clutch cable that i was able to change to a manual adjusting one off a 1.3 golf,is there an Ibiza with a manual adjusting clutch cable that i...
  17. auto window close unit

    just been having a look on Damoegon's stig and he has auto window units.. What are these?? Are they when you lock the car they go up?? Sorry if this is a stupid question but i dont know.. Any help would be good thanks..
  18. Robbie C

    Auto HVAC error

    As also posted in the MK3 section... Just removed some incorrect flow codes with VAG COM (SAI and EVAP removed) and also noticed I had the following: Address 08: Auto HVAC Controller: 6K0 959 291 Component: AUTOCLIMA-220 X06.00 1 Fault Found: 65535 - Internal Control Module Memory...
  19. Robbie C

    Auto HVAC error...?

    Just removed some incorrect flow codes with VAG COM (SAI and EVAP removed) and also noticed I had the following: Address 08: Auto HVAC Controller: 6K0 959 291 Component: AUTOCLIMA-220 X06.00 1 Fault Found: 65535 - Internal Control Module Memory Error 04-00 -...
  20. heatfan8

    Fitting an auto gauge oil temp gauge

    I have baught an auto gauge oil temperature gauge and want to fit it to my 110 tdi. What sender unit will I need and where can it go on the engine?? Also, what pod have you used? Cheers Andy
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