1. Syphon

    Badges De-badging and fitting replacement badges

    Things you will need: Dental floss Paint safe tar/glue remover, I used Gtechniq W7 Tar and Glue Remover but you can check out our sponsor APAutostyling who can supply you with Autobrite’s "Just the Tonic Tar and Glue Remover" at a discount. Hairdryer Gloves Detailing car tape Car Shampoo /...
  2. Syphon

    New 2020 OEM Quality Chrome Car Badges (Group buy)

    UPDATE 29-06-20 - final payment details for pre-orders in this post Ok so we've got a new logo and the new website is coming soon, but I'm too excited to share this with you to have to wait until then. Therefore, forum members are getting a sneak peek of the new logo as well as the chance to...
  3. swoosh225

    Tailgate Badges LCR

    Hi all just wondering if the tailgate badges on a LCR are just held on with adhesive or actually clip into the panel.Do they leave any holes etc? Was thinking of removing mine?:D Thanks in advence
  4. Check your cupra badges

    Opened my engine bay last night to find mine has gone missing (as seen in pic below)? Its not floating round the engine bay ether. Really don’t know what’s happened as I can see the sticky residue of where it was stuck on and it was there the other week. It has only ever been into seat and it...
  5. what to use to stick badges on

    i took my car to the car wash and it wripped of the "L" from the boot, so now my car reads EON, its practically a bit of a joke as i work for EON. i have the "L" but dont know what to use to stick it back on, without damaging the paint. any suggestions would be appreciated. cheers bash
  6. alexfr10

    FR Centre caps / Gel badges

    I have decided to get my wheels done black, and have discovered that SEAT do centre caps in black at about £24 for 4 which is good, but i would like to get some FR caps or gel badges made up so that they are different. there are a few companies that i have contacted and the prices range from...
  7. epts2008

    Cupra R badges can I??

    Can I have the 'R' badges on my 1.4 Leon even though I don't have the 'R' kit I just want them as they look the nuts but don't want o get slated by other Leon owners
  8. DanLewis1991

    respraying the badges and mirrors..

    i want to spray my front and rear S badges anthracite so i was wondering if theres a way of taking them off? also want to spray the S grill surround.. can i take this off? would really like to spray the mirrors too, whats the best way of doing this?? photoshop without mirrors..
  9. bigman75

    TDi Badges

    Hi Anyone else noticed how poorly fitted the TDi badges are on the wings? I recently washed off the red I, not at all surprised by this. :( I want to get spares so I decided to get a quote from a Seat supplier I've used before, Bartletts. I asked for 2 x sets for just in case...
  10. Alhambra with Ghia badges

    Hi I have recently purchased an X reg Seat Alhambra. Each door has a Ghia badge on it which I find odd. Also the passenger door has a ford badge on too. It has full service history and all stamps and come through fine on the insurance checks. I was wondering if these are the original doors or...
  11. Best product for removing the sticky stuff on the back of badges.....

    Picking up the Exeo on Friday, and one of the first things I want to do is de-badge it. I'm ok with removing the badges using dental-floss, but what's the best product to use to remove the foam backing that's left attached to the car ?!? Cheers, Andy
  12. critch4

    GTi 16v badges and front fog lights

    Hi everyone, I've just bought a 98' ibiza gti 16v and the previous owner had taken off the 'GTi16v' badge on the front grill and the 'GTi 2.0 16v' badge off the tailgate. Just wondering if anyone had some knocking around i could buy off them, or if anyone has any idea of where to get some (if...
  13. Badges.

    Some little pikey has nicked my TDI badge off the drivers side of my car.... I know vagparts used to sell them but that website is down/gone/lost?? anywhere i can get the tdi (red di) badge from thats not seat - can be arsed faffin to drive to the stealership.
  14. fr badges

    hi, iv just taken the fr badges off my car (had 2 under the indicators) as i want to move them. only prob is the adhesive has partly come off and isnt very sticky anymore, any tips on what to use to put them back on with? cheers :)
  15. Craigus

    Best way to remove cupra "R" badges...

    My old badges are looking tattered, i have 3 new ones to put on, just wondered whats the best way to take the old ones off?
  16. ben-lcr

    wing badges and interior q's

    hi, does anyone have spare 'R' badges for my car wings? also im looking for a full cupra r interior recaro set, as i currently have full skoda vrs leathers . any of these would be great. Thanks ;)
  17. Black "Seat Leon Cupra" badges

    Hi all, does anyone know where I can get some Seat and Cupra badges in black writing? On ebay they only do the Leon in black and the other 2 in red.
  18. seantdi

    differences between fr badges

    hey guys i recently got a leon fr+ tdi =. the fr bages on the side are red but i have seen some on ebay that are black and red so im just wondering is there a difference between them or do they mean anything different eg petrol/diesel??? sorry if this is a stupid question :whistle:
  19. rear boot badges

    Hi, The 'T' from the 20VT badge on the boot of my car has fallen off, it's pretty pathetic, but does anyone know where I can get hold of the missing 'T' ? Feel a bit of a dork going into a SEAT garage for one, was hoping somewhere online might sell them.
  20. GTI Badges

    Is there anywhere to buy the Ibiza GTI badges from? looked on ebay with no success. After one for the grille at the front, not the 16v as it's an 8, and the rear gti badge. Or if anyone has some I could buy off them, let me know :) thanks.
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