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  1. warren_cox

    Calling all ITG CAI Maxogen owners on 2.0T engines...

    I had the chance last week to do some extensive high load testing of the car, and came up with some of the following findings. Lack of linearity in the power delivery I was getting a slightly flat/surge power delivery at times depending on what under bonnet temps the car was running at. After...
  2. ToledoNorthEat

    Calling all VAG-COMers in the North-East!

    Looking for anyone in the north east of England with a VAG-COM system who would be willing to take a look at my car :D! Its due its MOT in April, and the Brakepad-wear light keeps coming on... I want a bit more information on it just in case the garage try and pull a fast one! New brake pads...
  3. odd-head

    calling all v5 owners with sat nav units!!

    hello fellow v5 owners i need someone with the double din sat nav system in there car to take there sat nav cd out and tell me what the cd has written on it? much appreciated myles
  4. rsmith

    Another Alloy color Thread, calling all Platinum Grey LCR

    Hey all, I current have a set of BBS CH19" on my Platinum grey LCR, they are powder coated Black and a B$tch to keep clean, so i have decided to get them refurbed and change the colour at the same time. I am thinking of either the standard BBS silver finish or some sort of...
  5. BoomhaueR

    Calling all Turbosmart dualport owners!

    I have recently changed my green cotton panel filter for an open cone and it's now blowing off at the slightest throttle above 2k revs. I am slowly winding it in stiffer so it doesn't flutter so often. No faults or anything come up on the dash yet (touch wood). I think I might need a stiffer...
  6. Calling LCR owners with coilovers!

    Hi there, I'm interested in getting some coilovers for my LCR and I'm keen to know how many owners have fitted coilovers and which 'brand' did you go for? Did you need to fit shorter arb links too? Any info would be great! Ben
  7. Zeap101

    Calling all experts - spungy brakes on leon tdi!

    Hi peoples Can you help? I have an 04 TDI Leon Cupra and since buying the car i've never been impressed with the brakes. I've just upgraded to 2500's and 312mm discs. Trouble is im still not that impressed. When I pump the pedal (engine running) it's goes stiff briefly but when my...
  8. Calling all ABF Owners

    I found out this morning that i have a split hose :cry: Its the hose that comes out the radiator and into the water pump. Now can anyone that owns a abf tell me dose there hose that comes out the water pump go across the back of the rad into the passenger side of the rad with a 90degree bend at...
  9. flegz16

    calling all AP coilover owners

    after many hours sat reading through threads about coilovers, i think iv decided im going to invest in some AP ones. before i do though, can people that already have them tell me how they are getting on with them? eg ride comfort, ride height, improved handling etc thanks for the help :)
  10. Sportrider

    calling all cars with the Turbo Whistle/Pigeon sound.

    Hi all i am curious on why and or how this sound is created. if you could state what performance mods you have we might be able to sus how its formed. this is the sound i want to hear Turbo Whistle/Pigeon sound:rolleyes:
  11. Hunnie79

    Calling Barmy Army - YRC question.

    Hi guys thanks to all of you who have signed up! Just a quick question - liaise amongst yourselves but do you all want to be togther on the Ginetta? Also - make sure to upload your name/messgae and logo by Wendesday latest! H
  12. Mk4 Cupra/FR/Sport owners - what suspension?

    Afternoon all would really appreciate your thoughts,comments,experiences. If you are a Mk4 Ibiza owner I would really appreciate your input.I have tried a search but could not really find anything applicable. Im thinking my Cupra would be almost perfect with the right suspension setup...
  13. Rob GTI

    Calling all mapped Cupra owners

    As per my other thread I went to part ex my FR against a Cupra that has Revo stage 1 today. When I test drove it there was an alarming lack of traction. I put it down to the near the limit budget tyres that were on the front. Road condition were dry (maybe a tocuh greasy), but it spun up...
  14. robreidmotors

    Calling 16v'ers!

    Hi guys I currently own a 2.0 8v which im very happy with. Im pondering replacing it with a 16v and was wondering what owners think about the 16v, ie are there any particular faults with the 16v to be aware of, or anything in particular to look out for. Also, what kind of mpg do you...
  15. jonisginger

    Will 18" RS6 wheels fit on my Leon ok?

    Haha joke Will 18" RS6 wheels fit on my Leon ok without rubbing or anything?? Thanks
  16. MomoMK2

    (calling all gti/cupra owners-) lets talk about insurance...

    Hi guys, Get my 1st year no claims on the Ibiza in jan, knew it was wishful thinking but rang direct line just to get them to have a look at prices for a 8v + 16v, 1.8 + 2.0. Turns out they wont let me on any variant until im 21. gutted :cry: confused.com usually just spews out...
  17. m.r.davies

    Calling all after market head unit owners

    Hi I just popped down my local car audio centre and asked for a aerial adapter for my new head unit He said all VAG cars need a special adapter to enable the amplifier in the areial otherwise, the amp in the aerial wont switch on and i'll get poo signal, and only pick up radio 1 etc...
  18. Willie

    Calling all Koni FSD owners

    How is you set up? Handling? Better than anything you have had before? How much drop did it give you? Do you have springs changed and any other ARB/ Strutt brace or bushing changes? Thanks for your input
  19. DanGB

    Calling TFSI Sport owners with bluetooth option.

    Hi Guys, Im after a chassis number from a TFSI sport WITH The Blueooth option (larger MFD on dash). Im trying to get hold of the correct part number for a new dashpod, but mine doesnt have the blueooth option (larger MFD display) Much appreciated. Dan
  20. risted

    Calling all mk2's

    Is there any one interested in going to either the Kent meet at the end of this month on the 25th and/or the modded uk show also in kent at the end of September. Will be my first meets with fellow seatcupra.net members if i can make both and would be nice to have some other mk2's to meet...
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