1. Leon Cupra 280 - Common Faults/ Routine Maintenance

    I am looking at getting a DSG Leon Cupra 280 (likely under 60k miles) and am wondering what are the ‘common issues/faults’ with these cars? Is there any specific maintenance that is recommended at certain milestones to keep everything running smoothly (on top of your regular service, engine...
  2. mot due end of month any common faults

    well the dreaded mot is at the end of the month with me owning the ibiza less than a year i have never gone thru a mot with her so im very nervous like when you see blue flashing lights in the rear view :) so is there anything i should check over before i send her away to be tested
  3. nc30rider

    Guide: How to fix the common leaking rear washer pipe in the Boot/Passenger footwell

    I had to fix it myself so I decided to write a small guide on how to fix the common washer jet leak in the boot/passenger rear footwell. Appologies for the quality of the pictures, I used my phone to take them. 1. Remove the rear Parcel shelf 2. Undo the 2 screws shown in the picture and...
  4. Rear wash problems the common fault

    Morning, My rear wash has stopped working. I have checked the hose above the drivers side wheel which seems fine and is connected. Is the next plce to check the actual hose under the boot trim or is there another one of these somewhere else in the car to check. You cn hear the motor going so...
  5. Common rail

    How you doin, a quick question, when was the common rail fitted to the tdi fr, salesman told me it was fitted to all fr's after 06, is this true?
  6. godber225r

    is this a common fault??

    Discovered the other day that one of my tyres doesnt seal on the rim anymore and discovered its been bodge repaired inside. So i need 2 new wheels as the spare is the same. Are the cupra r 18" wheels prone to cracking or distorting easily? anyone else suffered with flat spots on there wheels?
  7. Leon 2.0 TDI Coolant Leak - Common Causes?

    Was just setting of on an evening out tonight when the coolant level sensor went off - Pulled into the local Asda and I've observed coolant in the engine bay, hitting the radiator - spots of, not a stream of (hard to see it happening even with the engine running). Given the trajectory, I'm...
  8. FR 150 Common Faults?

    Just got myself a tidy looking Leon FR, just wondering what (if any) the common faults are on these? What areas should I give some extra attention to when checking it over? What are the best initial mods for it aswell? Got to start somewhere :happy:
  9. I'm thinking of buying Common Rail TDI FR

    I'm thinking of buying a new face lift Leon with the spec as below: Common Rail TDI FR 18" Orion Alloys Winter pack Bluetooth. Passenger Air bag disocnnect (so as not to leave a blank on the intertior. Crono Yellow Is there anything alse I should be considering?
  10. Power Steering common fault?

    Any known faults with the power steering? '06 55 plate Cordoba (essentially an Ibiza, but nobody really visits the Cordoba secton) Got the car at the weekend, drove it home, left it on the drive until today. 1.9 TDi 130 SE Got up this morning to go up to the Borders for a few days and as I was...
  11. Are there any Common gearbox issues with leon mk1 cupra?

    Hi all, done a search and couldnt find anything that i needed to know. So my question is this, I want to put an uprated black diamond clutch in mine but a mate told me the vw/seat/audi early gearboxs are prone to faults. He has a VW bora 1.6 sr and he put a black diamond in his and it then...
  12. Dents Common?

    Has anyone else had any dents in their cars? I have had my Leon FR since Jan this year and have already had 3 dents in my rear passenger side door and I have to keep calling out dent man!! its very annoying, it appears that when people open their doors onto mine it almost always causes a dent, I...
  13. Freetrack to get common rail?/ freetrack ownership

    Hi Currently thinking about a freetrack, as a nice upgrade from my MK4 Ibiza FR diesel, can anybody confirm if the updated common rail diesel will come to the freetrack, the Seat press release was a bit vague. Also have any freetrack owners got any tails of joy (or despair):D? Cheers in advance.
  14. Dan1.6

    common fuel leaks

    well iv bought my 1.6 sport about 3 weeks ago and i ran out of fuel not long back due to a dodgey sensor which i will sort soon now my cars leaves a strong smell of petrol so i wounded were the common fuel leaks are for me to have a look around and just to be sure im gettin the car...
  15. LCR motorway noise, is it common?

    Just bought a 55 Black LCR and driving back on the motorway, I noticed a droning noise that was related to road speed, is this common or is there something wrong with car?
  16. Common 1.4 chill faults or is it me

    I was just wondering if some of the little niggles that annoy me or common on other ibizas? Ok the range of the key fob is good when far away absolutley useless when close to the car The air con sometimes lightly blows when its actualy set to off Clutch pedal has a bit of play Volume on...
  17. nc30rider

    What is/are the most common Mk2 faults?

    Been using this Forum for a few months now and I keep seeing the same issues raised. Got me thinking what are the most common faults?? DPF? Road noise? Off centre Steering Wheel/Alignment? etc. Maybe after a few candidates for top spot we could have a poll and find a winner Maybe then Seat...
  18. common knocks help

    i guys and gals i have had a knocking coming from front now for ages now and its doin my head in lol what are most comon to change on front bushes cv joints suspention . i got a bit of money now so aint a problem ive change all three engine mounts wot i thought it was . can any one just tell me...
  19. Common faults mk 3

    I'm looking into buying a mk3 ibiza cupra and was just wondering if someone could point me in the right direction as to what to look for i.e common faults/problems. I also wanted to know wether it was possible to change the standard headunit to an aftermarket and if anyone has pictures that...
  20. Common problem? Fuel pressure sensor snapped off

    Ok some of you may remember when i had my silver l=leon mk2 cupra i had a big problem with it where by the engine went in to limp mode and no one knew what was going on... Well the same has happened to my k1 and this time we obviosuly know the problem.. seeing as this has happened to me twice...
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