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  1. general turbo conversion question

    im wondering if making a 2.0 8v turbo will work in regards to the ecu. will i be able to run it after installing the turbo without remapping the ECU?(will it adjust to make it drivable?) ive got it all planned out; big injectors, T3 turbo and downpipe, oil feed from or to oil cooler to oil...
  2. F2 Ed

    stud conversion

    Has anyone done one? I hate wheel bolts myself, find studs loads better. If you have done the conversion, what studs did you use? 20mm bigger ones needed for the rear too with spacers im guessing ;)
  3. lpg conversion?

    My mate as had is evo converted to lpg would you do it to your cupra or cupra r or as anyone had it done ?:think:
  4. front end conversion

    hi everyone, stuck in traffic today and had a wild thought not sure if it will work but thats why i'm here so here goes would it be possible to get the mk1 leon cupra r front end fit my mk4 ibiza to make a "bolf" kind of conversion, i am aware if it will fit i'll have to purchase the wings...
  5. 16 valve conversion

    hi, can anyone tell me wat is involved in the 16 valve conversion, at the moment i have a 2.0 litre 8 valve, i have done alot of engine swaps in the past but mainly just the same type of engine going back in, or can anyone suggest another conversion?????
  6. rsmith

    Bolt to lug nut conversion

    Hello Peeps, I have a set of BBS CH and i am looking to bling up my wheels, because the only thing i can put on is frickin wheel nut caps that are nasty IMO i am thinking about doing a lug nut conversion.I searched around and there is nothing on the site about it. Does anyone have any...
  7. prezf

    Prezf -MK2 Leon - Carbon Engine Cover Fitted **PICS**

    Hi guys (and girls), I've seen a lot of nice cars up here and thought I'll put my boy up as well. I'm not gonna bother you with the story of the car (it's quite interesting though). Let's get down to business :clap: MODS: Engine: - 2.0T Engine Conversion - came out of...
  8. HID conversion kits

    Hi, i decided i wanted a HID conversion kit for my car. I was at my local stealer and they were advertising a kit for £300 fully fitted. It was a autotronics xtreme kit. I asked how much the kit was without fitting and was told £200. I thought it would be a decent set if coming from an...
  9. karizma_fas

    Fabia rear wiper conversion kit for Ibiza?

    Do you get a Fabia rear wiper and conversion kit for a 2005 Mk4 Ibiza Cupra TDI? If so best place to get one? Thanks Mark
  10. tfsi 200bhp engine conversion to s3 265bhp

    hay guys, i got a 2.0t s3 265bhp engin off a mate, i have a tfsi fr 2.0t 200bhp leon. the plan is to make my 200bhp leon up to 265bhp by swaping over all the bits. the question is what bits do i swop? e.g turbo manifold Spark plug Valves Airflow meter Inlet manifold Clutch injectors...
  11. envycordoba

    mk2 with a r32 conversion

    has any1 else seen this for sale on the bay. 3.2 conversion with nos what a car :p
  12. skwaggles

    ibiza mk2 8v agg supercharger conversion

    right...............although i've got a million and one things i could and should concentrate on getting sorted first. i keep looking at the idea of supercharging my mk2 8v. have been doing some research on the veedub forums and keep finding mixed answers. was wondering if anyone has actually...
  13. Rear wiper conversion

    My rear wipers just above useless and the cover is missing so taking the opportunity to upgrade to either a Fabia or VW aero one. I've seen the fabia sets on fleabay for £20 which I like the look of, but I'm thinking the Aero ones look smarter. The Polo aero one is as follows. Is this...
  14. truCido

    256mm to 280mm Caliper Conversion Question on hoses

    I'm changing my 256mm calipers + carriers to 280mm calipers and carriers and was wondering if my braided hoses will still fit? I'm no where near the car to check them out so was wondering if anyone knew if the connections were the same?
  15. Dan_T

    single wiper conversion

    has any done a single wiper conversion ive seen a kit on demon tweeks think it could look good. cheers ppl Dan
  16. HID conversion on H1 bulb (full beam)

    Hi all just wondered if anybody had fitted the h1 full beam hid conversion kit on there lcr. i notcied on mine its got a black box on the back of the bulb. how would this work? what does it do?
  17. 1.4 to 1.6 engine conversion.

    Will a 1.6 lump fit ?? what will i need ecu will the wiring loom be same or will that need changing too? My engine code is AUD 51 reg what sort of engine will fit nicley without problems?? I know some will say just buy a 1.6 sport but it is cheaper to just buy the lump and i do like...
  18. welsh frtdi

    wiper conversion brake conversion

    got mrs de bagdeing fr s boot but does anyone know of the part numbers to fit fabia rear wiper to leon ,also has anyone got pd150 with full cross drilled conversion on brakes your views on the upgrades on the brakes would be cool .got my hands on a full set of drilled discs (looks the dogs...
  19. envycordoba

    2.0l 16v engine conversion to 18t can you help

    hi does any1 have any info/build threads to put a 1.8t 20v into my 16v what will i need etc?
  20. K04 conversion downpipe

    Morning all. I placing PROBEE's K04 turbo into my mk3 cupra, for this i need a custom downpipe. I ve found qpeng.com and they have a K04 to ibiza MK2 conversion downpipe. Will this fit my MK3 ? The hyperlink is...
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