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  1. adam_may

    MK4 Ibiza Wind Deflectors

    Can someone post some pics of wind deflectors on their MK4 3dr Ibiza please? And also a link to where they are from. Thanks Adam
  2. wigz45

    Wind Deflectors

    Hey just wondered if anyone had fitted them to their MK5 yet? ive done quite alot of searching but cant seem to find many sites that list them, guessing with it still being a new-ish car. Found some on the Clima-Air website and looking around these seem to be the best but to me £45 for two...
  3. ADVICE Seat Leon FR Wind Deflectors

    Has anyone purchased a set of team heko wind deflectors stated for a 06- leons from this seller before link provided below really want a pair for my FR...
  4. anybody got wind deflectors on there altea

    hi people has anybody got wind deflectors on there altea if so have you got any pics .... i was thinking of getting some but i'm not sure wether they will look good or not....:)
  5. ROBD--M15RPD

    Wind deflectors

    Good morning all. I am not happy I bought a pair of 2 door deflectors off ebay. I finally got around to fitting them and they have sent 4 door. Has this happened to anyone else and how long did it take too sort it out. First time I use ebay and it lets me down lol. Thank you in advance. Rob
  6. M20FES

    MK1 Leon FR TDI, Stealth Edition [PREPPING FOR SALE]

    Just thought i'd start a thread as i finally got the Leon i wanted. Its a completely standard 2004 Seat Leon FR TDI 150 Comes with front\back electric windows, remote central locking, electric heated folding mirrors, traction control, climate control, PAS, ABS, Trip computer, Height...
  7. Naz

    Wind Deflectors for ibiza, suitable for cordy sx?

    Im looking at these HEKO Wind deflectors on Ebay but they dont list a Cordoba SX(98) Ive got a feeling that the Ibiza Doors and COrdoba Doors are identical so as long as they are sutiable for Ibiza they should fit on the Cordy? Anyone confirm about the doors being the same? ebay item...
  8. rocky2008

    Wind deflectors

    anyone got these on their car? what do people think of them? cheers in advance peopple!
  9. weekesj

    Wind Deflectors

    Im after a set of these for my Cupra. Can anyone recommend a company that does QUALITY ones? What about this site? http://www.extremeautoaccessories.co.uk/products.php?section=2882 Cheers Josh
  10. Wind deflectors... issues

    I've recntly bought some wind deflectors for my Leon and they look ace imo. However, I'm having a bit of a problem with the passenger side window. When I try to close the window, the window decides to go all the way back down because its thinking something is trapped in the window. Its opening...
  11. Wind Deflectors....

    ...Anybody know where i can get some Heko wind deflectors? Was raining stupidly bad last night went to open window slightly to talk to my mate and half the Thames came down with it ,highly annoying when your car seat is then soaked? cheers
  12. v-g

    Side window air deflectors?

    Don't laugh, but I find them practical. Can anyone recommend a brand and/or site/link for deflectors for a mkI Leon?

    Wind Deflectors Wanted

    anyone got some Mk 4 wind deflectors they don't want ?? or have a pic of some on their car thanks
  14. had my wind deflectors arrive today

    so when i got back home from work, i thought i would fit them, im happy with them as that look smart, what are your thoughts?
  15. Mk4 wind deflectors

    Hi does any one know were i can get some mk4 wind deflectors from and are they easy to fit cheers
  16. CupraR_Lad

    Seat Leon Wind Deflectors

    Hey guys im thinking about getting a pair of these what do you guys think,will they fit my leon cupra r, 05? :)...
  17. wind deflectors

    Anyone got any pics of a mk2 with wind deflectors on? My mates mk3 cupra has got them on and the look quite neat and do actually work lol Cheers, Dan!
  18. tom_ibiza

    wind deflectors

    ive just ordered some as im a smoker and i get fed up with the water dripping on my leg. has anyone fitted them as i hear they are a pain in the behind to fit is there a nack to fitting them?
  19. Wind delfectors..

    they are on ebay...for 5dr mk4 ibiza...postage is nearly same price as item...will cost me 43 euro in total...is this value?!?!:blink: seems expensive..but its best i can find?!?
  20. CHR15B

    Those with Wind Deflectors...

    Fitted mines today - they look not too bad. Thing is, fitting them was weird - I tried one way and the window wouldn't go up, it jammed on the seal then went back down. The other way, which I've stuck by means they sit in fine but when the window gets nearer the stop they slow down a lot...
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