1. ITzadamZz

    Looking for Ibiza 1.2 De-Cat Downpipe

    Anybody selling second hand CJZC Ibiza 1.2 facelift 2016 New Engine. De-Dat Downpipe needed.
  2. Seat leon cupra r exhaust downpipe fitting lcr1 2003

    Hi, There are a couple of threads on here about this but no real answers... My LCR1 started blowing from the flexi joint on the exhaust downpipe so I bought an upgrade. After a significant amount of time with an angle grinder on the rushed remains of some bolts and a lot of messing around, I...
  3. aterro

    downpipe & decat

    hello i have searched and found different answers by different posters. im on standard map mods are catback 2.5inch exhaust dynatwist 007p and i want a downpipe/decat for a better noise. i have a company that will make me one. im just wondering the best size for my spec 3...
  4. owen lcr

    3" de-cat downpipe???

    does anyone know where i can get a 3" decat downpipe for my leon cupra so that i dont need to chop my milly
  5. lynchy

    decat and downpipe

    I have booked my car in for a custom exhaust but due to 'legal reasons' they wont fit decats and downpipes. so i am looking to buy a 2.5" decat and downpipe and fit it myself before i take the car over. which are recomended? ive looked at miltek and blueflame. just wondering if anyone else...
  6. rydoo

    lcr highflow downpipe

    hey guys i already have a decat pipe so would only want the highflow downpipe,best place to get this and rough price? also herd this causes pops and bangs? true? Thanks
  7. HallycupraR

    All you guys thinking of getting a downpipe an sports cat

    This mite make it a little easier for you :) so dont think just buy
  8. rsmith

    Downpipe and race cat, Confused, which one?

    Hello all, I have read pages of posts on this topic, but I am actually more confused than when i started. All my mods are listed in my sig below, next I am planning on going to stage 2 and i am going to start by getting a 3" downpipe and race cat, i currently have a Blueflame cat back, but the...
  9. HallycupraR

    Downpipe an cat

    Just had my 3"downpipe an sports cat put on an Forge TIP and jesus the noise is perfect, sounds about normal(as it did with just my cat back) but as soon as u open her up just wow, an the pops an burble's ohhhhhh am in love again. would so reccomend this to anyone debating it an would like to...
  10. HallycupraR

    Exhaust downpipe and cat

    Hi guys Am after a downpipe an sports cat now i could get the blueflame one from awsome or been looking an hearing good stuff about pipewerx, so just wondering what u lot whould go for cheers all karl
  11. truss

    20v downpipe and sports cat

    if i was to have this fitted to a standard cat back system, would i see any sort of gains in either power or sound? I would have the rest replaced at a later date, its just a chap i know has one he wants to get rid of!
  12. knight85

    downpipe and decat

    Im going to finish off my exhaust system by getting a downpipe and decat... i already have a milltek non-res cat back...and am looking at getting the milltek downpipe, however have heard problems with it causing the engine light to come on, i presume due to the cat being removed...any one had...
  13. K04 conversion downpipe

    Morning all. I placing PROBEE's K04 turbo into my mk3 cupra, for this i need a custom downpipe. I ve found and they have a K04 to ibiza MK2 conversion downpipe. Will this fit my MK3 ? The hyperlink is...
  14. Downpipe+Standard CAT on Ibiza Cupra TDi

    Im looking at doing a Downpipe on my cabbie. Currently have a Custom CAT back exhaust, nice tone---now i want more power. Removing my CAT is not an option as this is saving my Turbo from going POP! I have Software on my car as well as a K&N filter(with some mods to allow MUCH MORE air...
  15. Craigus

    Downpipe sensor gone?

    Just had pipewerx 3" dp fit and revo stage 2, i used to get the (18205) efficiency all the time with the decat, but now i have this... VAG-COM Version: Release 303.1 Control Module Part Number: 1ML 906 032 A Component and/or Version: 1.8l R4/5VT 0001 Software...
  16. Craigus

    Think one of the downpipe lambda sensors has had it

    I recently got the pipewerx 3" dp and decat, and also had the Revo stage 2 put on, now know theres 2 sensors S1 - closest to turbo S2 - Cat side i have scanned it on vagcom and come out with this VAG-COM Version: Release 303.1 Control Module Part Number: 1ML 906 032 A...
  17. LCR Downpipe / Decat question

    Hiya, Ive just bought a decat and DP for my LCR - Im having the car remapped soon with an APR remap, My car came back on the trial with NO faults at all, Will the car suffer from turbo issues with the higher boost and the free flow of the DP and decat? My old Fiat coupe 20vt had a...
  18. BCM

    Bust Downpipe

    Ok, need some help, need my flexi on the downpipe fixed, its a blueflame number and its blown at the downpipe on the flexi. 1. Can I get it fixed? 2. How much? 3. Will blueflame offer any warranty? I didn't buy direct, someone bought it and never fitted it so i bought it from them...
  19. micky 32

    Milltek 2.75" vs 3.0" downpipe

    My KO4 Octavia has a 2.75" downpipe fitted, would there be much benefit upgrading to a 3"? Or is it a waste of time. Bear in mind mine gave same RR result as a ED30 with Stage 2+ on the same RR
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