1. Leon 1.6 TDI - Fuel Filter Help

    Hi Guys, I am currently ordering bits to service my Leon 5f 1.6tdi, but I stumbled on something here with the Fuel Filters... It seems they come in 2 different sizes? The outer diameters seem to be quite different, one being 77mm and the other 93mm and my question is, can I check which filter I...
  2. Fuel Filter

    Just want to know if anyone changed fuel filter on ibiza fr 15 plate. Whats the procedure & what mileage did u change it at. Mines bit sluggish and been told to replace it at 20k. which fuse needs to be pulled out? thanks
  3. SierraTango

    New Cigarette Smoke Smell from Air Con?

    Hi, As the title suggests, I can now smell a new cigarette smoke/something foosty from the air con. I don't smoke, I don't allow any passengers to smoke in the car, plus the smell weirdly only appeared once I got in the car after finishing work (the car journey there smelled fine :shrug:)...
  4. Fault Code P1142 - Pannel Filter - MAF Sensor?

    Hey guys, Recently bought a Pipercross Panel filter on eBay, used, had done about 1000 miles when i bought it, put it in and then the problems started. I kept getting Engine Management Lights & EPC lights, now i have just taken it to my local garage, and plugged it into VAG-COM came back...
  5. Genoc

    Fuel Filter Change How to on a TDi Cupra?

    I'm just about to service my Cupra Tdi, and wonder is there anything specific to take note of when chaning the fuel filter on a Tdi? e.g I'm assuming you can get air in the system? cars done 48k and not had one replaced as far as I can tell. thanks Gemma
  6. Pollen Filter and Locking.

    Hi Managed to wangle a day off 2 so thought i would do a bit of tinkering, 1. Pollen Filter, i take it is in the passenger foot-well, removed the 2 gold coloured screws to find a turbo looking fan but no pollen filter, i take it, it should be there? 2. When i brought the car i was not...
  7. what to use to undo the oil filter?

    Any ideas as im about to do an oil and sump change, but its plastic is there a special tool for this as i dont want to damage it Thanks Sam
  8. daz2282

    panel filter or cone

    hi folks planning on changing my air filter what would you's recommend a panel filter or cone i have a remapped cupra tdi. any suggestions would be grateful and wheres the best place to purchase them
  9. Tom03

    Help with choosing an Air Filter

    Hey guys, Was wanting to buy an air filter for my car. Don't know if this is the correct one (or the best one) My car is the Ibiza 1.4 Sportrider 58 plate model.. Thanks for your help /Tom --EDIT--...
  10. Mark_vRS

    Jetex air filter

    Just fitted the Jetex/elbow combo, what a difference btw! but what do you do with the corregated hose that came of the airbox as its just sat there now attached to nothing? cheers
  11. Scotty2hotty

    Carbon Filter noise when accelerating

    Having read through the forums about the noise of the carbon filter tank when idle, I found little discussed about this noise when accelerating. When I push the accelerator in my Mk2 Leon 2.0L TDI, i hear a faint clickety noise eminating from the dash at the front drivers side position, almost...
  12. SalSheikh

    breather filter

    any idea's what size breather filter is needed if i am going to use an induction kit? looked on ebay and the sizes range from 9mm to 15mm :shrug: thanks
  13. stupid oil filter

    has anybody else had severe problems getting their old oil filter off? my car is stuck until i do n its been 36 hours n iv used chain wrench n laser cap to no avail even tryed screwdriver through it but no luck?! any ideas please
  14. jetex filter

    hi all been reading some threads about induction kits and it sounds like jetex open cone filter is about the best has anyone got a part number, and where is the best place to get one, its for cupra 180
  15. DAZFR72

    pollen filter mk2 leon

    Hi Just seeking some help as to location for pollen filter on mk2 leon fr tdi, Need to change mine, Thanks
  16. K&N direct replacement air filter

    Took my car to a Diesel specialists today whinging about MPG, like normal and they advised me to get a direct replacement K&N filter which would allow my car to breath better and thus increase the MPG. They advised that in winter the paper filters work less efficiently due to moisture in the...
  17. andyc58

    help with panel filter

    Hi people will a green cotton panel filter for a 53 plate lcr fit a 51 plate lc. lcr is 225 and lc is 180.Any help will be good.thanks
  18. TDi_B5

    The dreaded fuel filter

    I tried to replace my fuel filter today (under the driver's side rear arch) but gave up! The damn thing just wouldn't budge and my fingers became so sore I just left it. From what I've read, this shouldn't be a big job! I'm also thinking that the current filter is the original. Its made from...
  19. where's my pollen filter?

    Hi everyone, just after a bit of advice. Can anyone help me locate my pollen filter? I've got a 1.2 12v 53 plate ibiza Cheers
  20. Got supplied the wrong oil filter

    Just thought id start a thread to have a rant about euro car parts and their ignorant employees. I planned on doing an oil and filter change after breaking in the engine fully, so id done about 2000miles. Didnt want to take it to the dealership because of the cost and its not a difficult job...
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