1. RNS 510 v iPod

    I have been thinking about upgrading my SEAT OE MP3 head unit to an RNS 510. Currently there is a dock for my iPod classic under the drivers seat. Will the RNS 510 be able to work with it?
  2. Connects2 ipod kit

    It states in the item description that these simply plug into the cd changer port on the rear of the head unit, Is there a cd changer port on the back of the standard H.U? im new to ibiza's :) Also would the sound quality be spot on and not like those tape things that you plug into the...
  3. dav

    ipod connection under seat

    hello. after getting my cupra delivered on friday having the satnav unit fitted from the factory the ipod connection is under the seat. i have figured out the just of it but can the inserts be bought seperate to hold different ipods? i have an old nano that could be kept in the car all the time...
  4. Ipod connection

    I'm picking up my new ibiza 1.4 sport on Sat. Does anyone know what cable you need to connect your i-pod into the aux ? If anyone has prices etc that would be good ! Cheers
  5. seatcupra2001

    ipod with standard stereo

    Hi all i want to put my ipod touch straight to my stereo i brought this thing from ebay which allows you to run your ipod through the radio is there a way to use wires? coz the sound quality is really crap lol thanks
  6. InvisibleName

    iPod adaptor / iPhone 3GS compatibility in Cupra

    I'm about to replace my Leon FR DSG with a Ibiza Cupra & am thinking of getting the ipod adaptor. Does anyone know if this will accept the iPhone 3GS and, if so, what music playing functionality do you get?
  7. 8bit

    iPod compatible head unit suggestions - LCR225

    Hi all, Got the single-CD version of the Aura head unit in my LCR225. Want to replace it with something that I can plug my iPod into (1st generation Nano at the moment, may upgrade to newer Nano, Touch or Classic soon). In my old Punto I had a cheap-as-chips Ripspeed unit, the iPod...
  8. Ipod Conector

    Hi Everyone I ordered myself a White Ibiza Cupra at the end of Jan. I have added the bluetooth and ipod option. Was just wondering when you have your Ipod connected. Can you pick the music you want on from the car controls or do you need to bend down and change the song on the Ipod its self...
  9. Ipod Control Headunits

    Hi, Looking to buy a new headunit to work my Ipod touch 3g in my mk1 Cupra. Any suggestions on what works best and looks best in Leon dash? Not looking to spend a fortune but don't want cheap crap either. Any suggestions please
  10. Leon FR iPod cable?

    Just about to purchase a brand new Leon FR but want to connect my iPod touch to play & control through the stereo, - does anyone know what cable I will need? I was told it needs to be the USB and Aux cable but I dont really wanna spend over £60 for the cable supplied by Seat! Does anyone...
  11. m0sch

    which ipod connector ?

    just been to car audio security near me and they tried the 2 they had on thier system but niether reconised the ipod , when you pressed CD it just said "Changer" and went back to radio ! does anyone know what connector i need as this one was to take out the cd changer and use ipod but didnt work...
  12. fr 05 plate ipod connector?

    http://caraudiosecurity.com/shop/product_list/c_path/669_324_453/spd/seat-ipod-stereo-interfaces.html found these, think i need one of the top 2 as i have an aura sterio with cd changer and climate control underneath. which one of he top 2 do i need, is mone pre-wired or not? or...
  13. Cupranation

    You can have iPod and Aux in if you try!

    For reasons only known to me I wanted an iPod connection with a difference. Firstly I wanted the iPod in the armrest rather than the (easier) glovebox location, secondly I wanted to keep an aux in input as I sometimes also carry music on my phone as well as on an iPod. Generally whatever...
  14. tommy_a

    ipod connection help !!

    ive had a quick search but not really found much !! im wanting to connect my Iphone to my radio so i can listen to the music on it. ive tried using the standard usb cable but it doesnt work !! ive read in the manual that i might need a special connector from Seat. is this true ?? also, ive...
  15. jrsmooth

    Solution for using an iPhone in the factory iPod Dock

    Hello, I thought i would post my solution for using an iPhone with the standard factory dock. Those who have tried this will note that the door will not shut when an iPhone, or iPod Touch for that matter, is inserted into the dock. An easy solution for this is to remove the door (it has a...
  16. Exeo - IPOD

    Hi, Despite the snow I test drove the Exeo ST SE at the weekend, very impressed and now sits top of the list. I currently have a 2003 Leon Cupra, and the Exeo does seem a natural progression for someone now with kids. I'm sure I can cope with the 40ish less horses. Has anyone used the...
  17. new head unit or ipod interface thing

    Hi, Firstly may I say my username is true, I do know nothing! I bought a 05 Seat Leon 1.6 SX about a month ago. It has the Aura head unit with 6 cd changer in the glove box. I want to play my ipod (its an ipod touch if that matters) through the stereo. I emailed a few places to see what they...
  18. Ipod connection problem

    Hi, I've had my ipod connected to my mk2 leon cupra through the optional factory adaptor under the driver's seat for 2 years now. For some strange reason the sound system stopped recognizing the ipod since last week and when i press the cd changer button to select the ipod as a source the...
  19. 45_CB

    iPod - Connects2 kit - Plugs in at the boot?

    I have the connect2 leads which allows me to connect the ipod to the cd change lead, but I obviously want to use the ipod in the front of the car, and not the bloody boot lol. Has anyone back tracked the cd changer cable, where does it go? Under the carpet, down the passenger side of the car...
  20. hoggy90

    cd players with ipod connection with a red backlight

    OK folks, spent most of the day looking for cd players with ipod connection with a red backlight....has to have a red backlight to match dials and lights in car obviously;) lol but i couldnt find a nice one!! can anyone help me or give me some ideas? much appreciated:(
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