1. Stiglet

    A Poor mans FR

    well ive been going on about an FR for ages but doing my sums i dont think i can afford one, well not a good low milage one at least. i was looking at the next best thing ? was thinking along the lines of a 1.4 or 1.9 diesal sportrider ? just wonderd what people thought and did anyone have one...
  2. Moley RUFC

    Mk2 Red FR Black & Red Theme

    Stalking the Moors ... My FR today. Finally got my Cup Spoiler fitted. Also painted the middle bumper piece black to suit the splitter better
  3. Mylo

    Le Mans 2009

    Anybody else going to be in La Sarthe this year, hopefully to watch history being made. Aston Martin prodrive Lolas in the historic GULF livery will be challenging the european derv burners for the overall race win :funk: Can a gt1 engined LMP1 really win ? I for one hope so. My...
  4. ZBOYD

    Aston Martin to challenge for outright victory at Le Mans

    The very best of luck to them.. :clap: Darren Turner is part of the squad too. [B)] ;) More info on Autosport
  5. ArosaRacer

    Wee mans Arosa Track day project working again Thanks Grandad !!!

    At 6pm the arosa had its first drive all gears working Clutch adjusted lights working !!!!!! All i need to finish it are 1) Windscreen 2) Roll cage 3) Two front tyres :funk: Thanks m0rk, Stu, And My Grandad !:clap::clap:
  6. Audi Le Mans diesel article

    I have just read a fascinating article in the August edition of Race Engine Technology. Some key points are: 5.5 litre V12 Bore approx 83 mm Weight 250 kg Injection by common rail at 2,000 bar Power in excess of 650 bhp – limited by two 39.9 mm air restrictors and max boost of 2.94 bar...
  7. tris

    MPG On The Way To Le Mans

    I could not belive that I got 365 miles out of 1 tank of Tesco 99 And we where not going that slow either Has anyone else got this sort of miles before?
  8. Empi5

    Le Mans 2007 - Your experiences Good and Bad

    Well after attending our 1st Le Mans, i thought it would be good to post up our good and bad experiences and would be interested to see everyone elses. GOOD: 1. Convoy down - Such a good feeling, seeing all makes of cars, people admiring our cars, waving and thumbs up etc 2. The...
  9. markoos

    Le Mans 24 hr

    Cars on their warm up lap-ready to go-hope everyone from here whos there is enjoying themselves...gonna be interesting 54 cars....
  10. Empi5

    Wedding Car & Ready for Le Mans

    Taking the Groom to church, only told him yesterday of a few changes:
  11. Empi5

    LE MANS 2007 ROAD TRIP- Camping

    I know quite a few people are already going down, but this is a feeler to see if anyone else is interested in going and camping. Race dates are June 16-17 2007, but its best to travel down on Weds/Thurs so that the camp can be set up ready for the antics of Mad Friday… Like others we really do...
  12. tris

    Le mans 2007 all booked !!

    The villa and now the tunnel is all booked and cant wait :D
  13. tris

    Le mans 2007

    there are a few of us from the south going to le mans next year and we wanted to know if anyone else was wanting to go could make it a club weekend/week away anyone interested?
  14. andyb

    anyone off to Le Mans? Check this out

    a fantastic guide, puts Autosport well and truly to shade and will probably provide enough reading for the whole Southampton Le Harve crossing.
  15. Muzorewa

    Le Mans 2006

    We were pondering going to Le Mans for the 24hr race 17/18 June next year, has anyone on here been in recent years and knows the drill? Things like: Ferry/tunnel costs Admission (it's partly public roads but I'm sure they won't miss the opportunity to fleece the public) Spectating...
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