1. Parts Compatibility

    Hello Guys, I paying around in my mind on a Possible project. I do not have much experience with SEAT vehicles so I would appreciate some help here. Are the 2010 Leon parts like engine, DSG box with all the bits and pieces including dashboard clocks etc. Can be fitted to a Altea XL or...
  2. Ibiza Mk5 5 door replacement tail lights?

    Hi everyone! I’ve been doing up my 2008 Ibiza Mk5 and found lots of cool tail lights all over the internet, but they all stipulate that they’re for 3 door versions only. Are they that different, and if so is there an easy way to modify? There aren’t any 5 door versions that I’ve been able to...
  3. Nizar

    1.2TSI 90hp Tuning potential

    I have a 2016 Passat 2.0TDI as a daily driver with all the comfort and technology options I could want, but after trying my friend's 2016 Ibiza 1.0TSI (110hp, DSG) I really loved the Ibiza and how it drove. I am now researching the tuning potential of the 1.2TSI 90hp engine with the 5-speed...
  4. Hrkalo

    Cordoba stereo modification

    Hi peeps, im new to the forum, this is my first post :redface: :redface: I was wondering if anyone can help me about modifying my Cordoba 6k2 stereo like the guy in photo? I was searching everywhere, i dont know if its an easy job or no but i reaaaaly need help:crash: Maybe some wiring...
  5. Exhaust sound

    Hi, I am thinking of trying to get some noise on my Leon Supercopa 170, I'm finding it hard to know what i need to do to my exhaust in order to achieve a good sound. Do i need a dpf delete? Does the exhaust need to be straight through? At the moment the car is extremely quiet! I have seen the...
  6. Mk5 Ibiza turbo upgrade

    Hello, I was wondering what sort of turbo the mk5 ibiza had in it and also if putting one from a cupra leon in it would increase the performance. I will be getting it remapped after, but I just cant find what my current turbo is.
  7. Dyilbar

    Help on car mods and what to do

    Hi guys I have owned my mrk 3 seat Leon fr 140 2014 for nearly a year now and I’m looking to do some modifications to the car. I will have to wait for my insurance to run into to do some of the mods but I’m looking for advice before the insurance runs out so I can be prepared. One thing I...
  8. Kieff

    New guy

    Hello all, I’ve been looking for the first mod to do in my car and I think it will be the paddle shifters. Does anyone know any good ones? I don’t want the metal ones with the cut outs. Also been thinking about getting a TDI tuning kit on the car anyone had one before and is it worth it?? Lastly...
  9. The Daily Meme

    Black OEM Side Skirt photos?

    Hi, After initially ordering my Cupra 290 Lux in Magnetic Grey due to the absence of Desire Red as an option. I was planning on ordering the OEM Side Skirts in the matching colour. It would have looked very similar to @Kirky's car. Now, since the car is coming in Desire Red, I am debating...
  10. OJ9693

    Mk3 interior trim mods

    Hi everyone I'm new to the forums as i have recently purchased a 5dr Leon (1.4 TSI 150) and always join forums of the wheels i'm driving. I'll get to the point.. I was wondering why there are no black A and B interior pillars for sale for my model, or any model more to the point, or am i...
  11. Seat Leon 1.4 TSI FR - NEED MOD HELP

    Hi guys, I’m new to modifications, a noob some would say hah. But anyway, I need help! I basically want a sporty sound without having the remap the car just yet, also without having the car look or sound foolish. Any suggestions would be wonderful :)
  12. Ryan Pithers

    Hey Everyone!

    Hello, everyone buying my first Seat Leon Cupra R 225 09/06/2019 and can not wait. Dream car at 18 need to try and find cheap modified insurance - No black box :)
  13. binzyjr

    Car Mods - MK2 Seat Leon FR 2.0 TDI

    Hey, I am new to the forum so bare with me lol I have just brought a MK2 Seat Leon FR 2.0 TDI and I need some help on what car modifications to get, here is what I have planned so far: 1. Stage 1 Remap which boosts it up to about 210 BHP and 420 torque. 2. Air Intake (need some help to find...
  14. billy

    New Cupra owner mods?!

    Hi guys, new to the cupra scene from a 1.6 mini one I now own a white 2011 ibiza cupra. it was stated that it has a millet but must only be the muffler as it is fairly quiet but that is the only mod as of now. just wanted to see what are good mods for performance and aesthetic? thanks a lot...
  15. ChocoMilkShark

    Mods for Mk2 Leon FR

    So I'm not looking to do much to my Leon but so far iv decided to do the following. Air Intake - (Ordered (RamAir)) Lowering Springs - (Undecided) Alloy Wheels - (Struggling to find a set I like/suit the car) Remap - (Undecided) Strutbrace - (Undecided) That's all I thought about doing for now...
  16. 2014 Ibiza 1.4 Mods

    Really looking for some help regarding modifications for my 2014 Ibiza (Red). Any recommendations would be appreciated as I don’t have any idea what would be best to look at or consider. My budget is around £1200, thanks in advance
  17. Modification Ideas

    Hello guys I've had my Leon SE for around 3 weeks now, and I'm thinking about making some cosmetic changes. I have the Armrest on order. I have been shopping around and found that I want some BK Racing 299's on my car. The tyres I have been quoted for the 17" RIM are 225/45. Having these...
  18. Subaru rear wing on Cordoba - acceptable Modification?

    My 2.0 SX 1999 model has a Subaru rear wing ('93 to '00 spec I think?) and I saw similar on a mutli coloured rally replica on ebay recently (which I thought looked pretty cool) and was wondering is this an acceptable modification to a Cordoba? I was thinking it should be binned as it's a...
  19. T108

    16v Manifold that fits without modification

    Hi guys just thought id let you all know there is an exhaust manifold out there which fits the 16v without bashing the bulkhead up! Bad part is all i can tell you its mk2 golf fittment origonaly intended for the short block 1.8 however it fits perfectly, doesn't knock on anything even with...
  20. Modification advice need for 1.8TSI BZB Engine

    Dear all, Can someone please highlight to me which turbo kit is available for 1.8TSI engine(bzb)? Also how abt catback exhaust too? Wanted more power out of the 1.8 but couldnt find many parts for it. TIA........:redface:
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