1. Dyilbar

    Miltech Exhuast or Deutsch tech Exhaust

    Hi guys its come to that time now where I can afford to get the map done and I know that I will be getting the stage 1 revo map with Midland VW as suggested before if you guys have any other suggestions feel free to let me know or mapping in the west midlands or around i don't mind travelling...
  2. deepfr99

    Remap or Superchip? Seat Leon FR - 1.8 TSI

    Hi all, So, I've recently bought my 2014 Leon 1.8 and I'm really loving it (previously had a 1.2 Ibiza copa so pretty big change for me). I've been looking around online for opinions on remaps or engine chips but wanted to get an up-to-date take on them. I've looked at stage 1 maps with Celtic...
  3. Exterior Mods!

    Hi Guys, Hope your all well and enjoying your Leons!. So I would like to change the look of my car, I want it to look mean. But I dont want to make the car look tacky. Things I would like to change 'Front bumper, Side Skirts, Rear Bumper, Spoiler' I know theres is K1 body kit. However I...
  4. Cupra 300 Modifications on lease vehicle

    Hi Everyone, Can any one suggest any good modifications for a manual 5 door Cupra 300? Slightly limited on the amount of available modifications with it being a lease vehicle but thought here would be the best place to ask seen as though leasing is getting so popular and others may be in the...
  5. Boc Modifications???

    Right guys...some of you know that I am collecting my new car this Friday. Just curious...any ideas on what your first modifcation might be without spending silly money? Something that isn't going to invalidate a waranty. What ya think?
  6. rod the sod

    TDI internal Modifications

    Hey i am just wondering if anyone has done any internal modifications? I.E> polish ports, injectors (I kno i few people have!) ETC? cheers
  7. What modifications have you done??

    Just wondering today what aftermarket modifications people have been doing to their mk5's??? (if any)??? :D
  8. Willie

    2010 car modifications, what you got planned??

    Thought I'd start a thread to see what peoples plans were for 2010. This might help people get together and get Group Buys or discounts too. Perhaps get some ideas also. For me: Fit O2M Wavetrack ATB LSD into reconditioned gear box Keep other one as back up for bits etc Green...
  9. Top 10 non bhp increasing or appearance enhancing modifications for the MK2 Leon

    Aside from wheels, body kits, remaps, exhausts, intakes, intercoolers, fuel pumps, etc etc, what are peoples opinions on the other best modifications? Having spoken to a few of the lads on here with fettled MK2 Leons and knowing what some of the MK5 Golf and Audi A3 lads have done, the...
  10. my new modifications in my cupra!!!

    hi friends . see my new pictures of my car. that you think? i want buy revo stage 2 in muy cupra. i have k03s downpipe and 2.5 exaust forge 007p fmic opel frontera inlet pipe forge kn green im waiting for buy revo stage 2 ... mm how many ps in my...
  11. First Mods

    Hi, I am looking to start doing some more mods to my Leon Cupra. I have already lowered it, put 18's on and smoothed and drilled airbox. I am going to spend about £250 and already am getting fabia rear wiper and pipercross panel filter. What else should i be getting? The car has done 110k...
  12. d_cook88

    Modifications... Leon Cupra TDI

    Hey guys, Just wondering if theres any good mods for a leon TDI Cupra, i allready have a remap and uprated clutch, a new turbo seems a bit pricey for me at the moment but im wonderin if theres anything else that can be changed/modified that gives good gains for good price? Cheers all, Dave
  13. Advice on modifications?

    Hi I've just joined the web site. I drive a leon cupra 1.8 20v t. I have not done much to my car really but i am wanting to in the near future. So far i have had a boost gauge and volt meter fitted to the driver side coloum, i have just fitted a forge split r dumpvalve last week, i am also in...
  14. SeatR

    Next years modifications!

    getting a bit bored driving around the ibiza everyday looking the same, and Im out for some easy modifications to be even more satisfied with the car , instead of buying a new one, and wonders what opinions you others have? 1.Respray the car: Blue? Original black metalic? or Black gloss...
  15. modifications

    I'd like to know whether it would be possible to fit golf mk 4 wheel hubs or if i have to built custom ones 10x v much
  16. Sportrider

    Sportriders progress and picture updates 27/01/11 New Vehicle :)

    Heres some pics of my 1.9tdi sportrider current List of mods as at 04/05/3009 Performance Stage 1 Remap Green Cotton Panel Filter Magnex exhaust tip with a Removed backbox and Decat by infinity exhausts smoothed airbox PD160 Intake Supspension FK Konigsport Coilovers...
  17. Modifications

    Hi. I've had my 1.9 FR TDi for almost a year now and the temptation for modding it in some way has finally come around. My last car (an MG ZS180), I slapped an induction kit on her and a sports backbox which produced a nice sound, I dont expect the same from a Diesel, however, seen on an...
  18. Few modifications I'm going to do looking for opinion

    Hi all.. i have a beeza mk4 cupra candy white currently upsolute remapped,forge intake,forge 007&forge throttle sillicone body hose I want an opinion of what you think of VMAXX coilovers i'm going to install them this week with a FK 20mm spacers for the rear wheels and i want to know what...
  19. MatG

    Modifications for the FR - must haves and some info required

    The car will be with us for 1st of March. Black FR Tdi what are the must have mods?? Front Grill - I want to get rid of the chrome and badge - what grills are avaiable? Suspension - I will go with the eibach pro set up as I can get it cheap - I would imagine they are good on the...
  20. Captain Cupra


    Hey, I have few mods in mind but i cant make up my mind which to go for first and thought maybe you guys could help me decide:confused:, Firstly the Forge Cold Side Valve Relocation Kit, I have fitted already the 007 Forge valve! Is the kit worth it does it make much difference i can see the...
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