1. JackB

    Mk3 Facelift Leon Cupra 19x8 OEM Wheels - 5F0601025AC

    EDIT: These are no longer for sale as a set of 4, selling as singles - reach out if you need one.
  2. Shocks to replace OEM shocks 2003 Cupra R

    Hello Do you supply a set of front and rear shocks to replace all 4 shocks on a 2003 cupra R (AMK engine)? I am looking for something to work with OEM springs. Thanks in advance
  3. zach225

    Cheapest place for oem clutch

    As title suggests for my Ibiza tdi 130, anyone know how much seat charge etc? Thanks
  4. MrBen2k7

    Open cone flter in OEM airbox??

    Hi all, As per title, can the OEM air-box be modded to house an open cone filter? Also, what size would I need to fit onto my MAF? I have a Leon TDi SE 110. Cheers, Ben
  5. wesbar

    OEM Bluetooth Retrofit

    Can anybody tell me if this VW bluetooth kit is compatiable with the Facelift Leon? I have the standard stereo and not NAV unit. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320493737877&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT The guy says it comes pre-coded to your car. Does that mean that i...
  6. Oem Head Unit/Multi Changer?

    Hi Guys Could anyone tell me what make/model headunit my Ibiza Gti 8v would have as standard?? And also make/model of optional cd changer I know there are loads of better aftermarket units but i`d like to have it original Many thanks Adrian P.s Shoot me a pm if anyone has the...
  7. OEM LCR suspension

    hi does anyone know who manufacters the OEM shocks on the LCR is it billstein or sachs
  8. Adamricko

    OEM Colour and advice

    Hi folks, My brother has been looking at getting a car, really likes my Ibiza and found this. I have NEVER seen this colour on a MK3, is this a standard OEM colour? is it a LTD edition? Its listed as a 1.6 sport, as you can see on the second picture there is another badge above the "Ibiza"...
  9. olliep

    clarion + oem steering wheel controls??

    as per the title, can anyone suggest a way of using my OEM steering wheel controls with a clarion CZ109ER head unit? It has a 'headphone' size jack on the back for this purpose but i'm not sure how to make it compatible??
  10. Nautilus

    OEM sport springs and Koni FSDs

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm seeking to improve further the ride quality on my 2005 LFR (Continental European version of a LC). As standard for the model, it has the factory sports suspension and some chassis mods unrelated to the spring/damper combo. What I dislike in the current...
  11. JamJay

    Thinner Tyres Than OEM

    As most of you may know, the OEM tyres on an LCR are 225/40/18 which to my knowledge fits 7.5" - 8.5" wheels comfortably but I was wondering, what would be the difference, in any aspect, of fitting a size smaller, width wise, 215/40/18? As far as I know, this tyres size will accomodate a 7" - 8"...
  12. JamJay

    3" DP & Sports Cat - OEM System

    Hi all, just a quicky that I can't get the answer from using search, although I remember a post about it...deleted in last purge? Anywho, I am likely to be buying a 3" DP and Sports Cat for a mk1 LCR, however money only permits this and new brakes this month so I was wondering, can I fit it to...
  13. OEM projector retrofiting question

    Which type of OEM projector do you think is easiest to retrofit into an MK1 OEM headlight ?
  14. 306Chris

    ICE Fitting Question + Advice on OEM + Styling!

    Howdy Guys! I'm nearly at enough post to show you a pic of the missus' new Ibiza (which has been named Bella for some reason!) Now Being male I havent done the old X-mas shopping yet and one of her niggles with the new motor is no Ipod connection for her I phone! So I was looking at...
  15. OEM sat nav

    hi everyone, i was wondering if anyone could tell me wether the factory fitted SEAT sat nav could be easily fitted from 1 mk2 leon to another, i.e do they all have the same loom behind the dash? how big of a job is it? ect any advice at all would be welcomed thanks
  16. zephead

    Wanted - OEM Manual/Download for Blaupunkt RNS310

    Hi Folks, My K1 came fitted with what I believe to be the RNS310 Media/Nav System; looking at some photos, it could be the RNS510 but the car was registered in March 2009 and I don't believe that the 510 was available then (?). Unfortunately, the user guide is absent and it’s looking like...
  17. UK price for OEM k04 manifold

    Hi guys! Can anyone tell me what the price is for a OEM k04 manifold for the LCR in the UK? Best regards,
  18. LCR OEM headunit fault

    Hi there, picked up a 54 plate LCR today and having a few probs with the standard headunit. CD's tend to skip quite a bit at 30mph+ and even the radio seems to skip and 70+. Just wanted to know if this was a common fault and whats the best cure, TBH I was going to change the headunit in the...
  19. DanGB

    OEM Parking sensors

    Has anyone installed the Seat Rear parking sensors before? I have some questions if so..
  20. OEM look Head Unit Hunt

    Well, as the title says. I currently have the Aura tape/6cd combo and am looking to get my ipod into the car. I prefer things understated, and hence dont really want anything that looks too out of place. After have a look round, the only unit I can really find that fits in is the Becker Grand...
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