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  1. nightflight

    DPF Info - All CR-TDI Owners Should Read This

    rather than the wishy washy paragraph in the manual, this is what all cr-tdi owners should be told with their new car. VAG DISESEL PARTICULATE FILTERS Courtesy of David Bodily Volkswagen Technical Support Specialist Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Detailed below is important information...
  2. temp and radio and wipers!

    hi i have a ibiza 2000 s and the coolant temp wont move from the 60 mark when im moving and then after i pull up and go to nutrel tjhe temp gets to 90 then when the heater is put on the temp on the dash goes down to 60 again??? also the radio goes on when it likes and i go to push the...
  3. Where to read error codes

    Sounding like a complete numpty now!! My engine management light has been coming on and off intermitidley for a few weeks now, have got the equipment to read the fault codes but no idea where to plug it in. Can anyone help me please ??? :confused:
  4. code read

    how do you code read a fault.
  5. dpf problems read this

  6. JB!

    Recent code read, Mk3 Cupra

    scanned my codes, got: 17987 - Throttle Actuator (J338): Adaptation Not Started P1579 - 35 - 10 Intermittent 16486 - Mass Air Flow Sensor (G70): Signal too low P0102 - 35 - 10 Intermittent Readiness: 0000 1001 and: 01463 - Alarm Triggered By sensor for anti-theft alarm system...
  7. My Leon FR is finally gone - read my 'end of term' review

    Thought I’d give an ‘end of term’ write up now that my ‘57’ plate Candy White Leon FR TDI is going back to the leasing company after two years of ownership. Alows me to give my thoughts as well as consideration to anybody who is thinking of getting one. Firstly, reason for getting the car...
  8. Good Read S3 vs Cupra vs Golf ED 30

  9. can i read alternator voltage

    anyone know how i can measure the alternator output voltage? haven't got a multimeter but have got vagcom anyone know how i can do this with vagcom?
  10. Jimski

    Read Threads Not Changing to Normal

    Hey hey, Just a quick one; i understand the "thread hover - green", "unread - bold" and "read - normal". However when i read a thread, it doesnt change from bold to normal, my owns posts also make a thread stay bold. Im ok on other forums, using Firefox 3.5.3, it just seems since the...
  11. Read Lights - (Keep getting flashed) + Coolant!

    Hey chaps, Good to see the forum back up. 2 things really.. 1) I got flashed by 2 people the other night... 1 pulled up and said my lights where out - I stopped.. checked them, they worked... got my partner to do the brakes + drive while I could look at them... they worked :-/...
  12. Still like to read the forum

    Hi all you Freetrack owners and kind regards to Rocky Freetrack,thx for helpin me out:) I ended up selling mine due to financial issues due to the recession and i just could'nt get my head round the depreciation thing with these...all the dpf problems and whatnot just tipped me to sell it.Went...
  13. predo

    removing read diffuser

    Can someone give me a quick instruction how to remove it? by the looks of it there are screws holding it from the bottom. Is there anything else or once those are removed it just pops out?
  14. PH1L NI

    Hottuning / Ta Technix Coilovers - Fitting problems?

    Can I please, please, please make a plea to anyone on here considering purshasing this crap to please don't! I know it seems good that you can get coilovers + droplinks sent right to your door for under £300 but in reality it will end up costing you alot more. I've have mine in for 2...
  15. Seat Gooner

    How to read MAF Sensors

    hello I see on here quite allot that you read your maf readings off of vag-com but ive never seen how to or what range of figures you should be having. ive just tried vag-com ive got a shot below to show you is this how you do a reading and if so are my readings ok ?? Many thanks Mark
  16. read countless, how to's none of them work, remote central locking

    hi guys, have probably the most common problem from reading these forums that happens with remote, cant program new ones. i have read through countless how to's and cant get any to work. its a 01 toledo, only bought recently. central locking is buggered. when i bought car, only 1 key, a...
  17. volvic


    Hi Guys/Gals, If anyone has done this mod, this might be worth checking! I did this mod some time ago and all was well... After awhile whenever the rear wiper was in use I could hear a weird noise. The best way to describe it would be scratching a black board with sharp nails. Sometimes it...
  18. n0ble

    If your thinking about DFP-OFF then read this!

    Seat Leon 170 FR 2.0TDI DPF-OFF This is what you have all been waiting for and its god damn unbelievable!!! If you want cream your pants performance from a diesel then this is the mod for you! :drool: Let me just add that JBS have not completely finished the perfection of the map on my...
  19. Dave_R

    Anyone with a 40mm Drop Read This Please!

    I know we all hate the suspension question, myself more than anyone lol BUT! Ordered Koni Sport Adjustable shocks with a 40mm drop.... Right! I fitted them saturday and the car looks more standard height than lowered. Got onto Koni today and gave them the part numbers on the spring...
  20. Please read - Im going to probably buy this - 270bhp ??

    http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/851467.htm bhp add up for mods it gots guys my red one goin thursday so on look out for a nice one with mods already dun
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