1. Help replacing gear linkage cables Mk4 Seat Ibiza

    Hi all, I’m currently in the process of replacing gear linkage cables as one snapped on me (although still attached to the gear box) I bought a complete new gear-lever, gate, and cables all attached so I can simply unbolt the old and put in the new. However I’m having trouble getting the old...
  2. Guyelle

    Cam chain replacement advice pls :)

    Hi all! Long time lurker but never posted before, but I’m really worried about what I’m doing to my engine lol and need advice please, any TFSI experts out there? sorry in advance if this is the wrong place to post this. I’m doing a chain replacement on my Leon FR TFSI (BWA) by following this...
  3. Single headlights to double upgrade question

    Hello everyone, This is my first post here, I think, so please let me know if I had to submit this thread somewhere else... I own Ibiza 6J 1.6TDI from 2015 with what I believe is basic kit (Reference), including single headlights that use H4 bulb. I had a small accident ~2 weeks ago in which...
  4. Driver's wing mirror replacement

    Just back from holiday and somebody has completely smashed the driver's side mirror (electric, non folding) off my 2003 V5 Toledo. Unhelpful!! Searched the forums and guides but still have a few questions: (1) Is there a specific guide for changing the mirror? I've found the door card...
  5. K&N direct replacement air filter

    Took my car to a Diesel specialists today whinging about MPG, like normal and they advised me to get a direct replacement K&N filter which would allow my car to breath better and thus increase the MPG. They advised that in winter the paper filters work less efficiently due to moisture in the...
  6. Windscreen replacement

    Just had my windscreen replaced by autoglass the guy advised me not to drive my car before 12.40 today an hour after he fitted the windscreen. I havent drove it yet or re-stuck the tax disc to the window. Does anyone know if its safe to stick my tax disc back on th window now nearly 3 hours...
  7. Invisible

    Replacement Plugs?

    Hi All, Seen in many peoples signature they have replaced the plugs in their MK2 Leons. Looks like the preferred choice is - NGK Iridium plugs. 1. What are the plugs fitted as standard on the Cupra? 2. Any noticeable performance gains, smoothness to be had replacing these / benefits? 3...
  8. Replacement Diesel Cupra Exhaust

    Hi everyone, the rear hanger on the back box of my 04 Diesel Cupra brooke off the other week, I tried a repair by welding it back on, however it has come away again around the weld so it looks like I'll have to replace it. I phoned round various garages and motor factors the other day and...
  9. Mk2 Rollcage & Replacement Seats

    Has anyone fitted a rollcage to a Mk2 Ibiza? Got any advice. Also need two replacement front seats. What 2nd hand seats can I look at - Golf / Polo / Mk 3 Ibiza? Or has anyone fitted motorsport seats? Again got any advice.
  10. VAG Diesels Rul

    front passenger window switch replacement

    I need to replace the front passengers side window switch.I have looked on a few websites and even fleabay but I can't find one anywhere.Anyone know any sites that sell one. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  11. ibiza_95

    Cable gear change replacement

    Has anyone had to replace the gear change cable from the gearstick to the gearbox? I snapped one yesterday when i was drag racing (At santa pod not on the street) and need to replace it. Couple of questions... If i get a new cable is it possible to feed the new cable down the old sleeve to...
  12. nick9one1

    door seal replacement

    I've been having the usual problems with my door skins leaking. Last week I tried some silicone sealant, it worked well on the passenger side but not so well on the drivers. Looking at alternatives, 1. OE skin seal from a dealer (unknown price) 2. Reseal with silicone 3. Using a...
  13. -=Rob=-

    Standard Replacement Pagid Pads

    Does anyone run the OE Pagid pads on the front of the Cupra? I know a popular combo is DS2500 front / Pagid rear, but I don't think I need 2500's as I don't track the car or do any major braking, are the Pagids up front ok? Cheers...
  14. Windscreen replacement

    Gutted had my 1.4 sc sport for 1 week and a stone has cracked my windscreen with a 12 inch crack. Autoglass are fitting a new windscreen on 23 rd march. does anyone know if autoglass use the original seat glass and will replacig the windscreen cause issues or is it a simple job for a pro ?
  15. Any tips for Brake and disc replacement

    Hello there I am new to the site and so far have found it very helpful. I got a quote from dealer to replace the front pads and discs on my 2001 leon cupra and they wanted £250!!. I have decided to take on the challenge myself and wanted to know if there is anything i should know or any...
  16. TDi_B5

    Distributor cap & rotor arm replacement

    I want to change my distributor cap and rotor arm as a matter of course, but after reading the haynes manual it says that I will have to make sure cylinder one is at TDC?! Has anyone changed theirs and done this?
  17. heatfan8

    Leon 110tdi fuel filter replacement

    Hi all. I have searched and searched and can't find info on changing the fuel filter on a 110 tdi mk1 leon. Anyone done it? If so....HOW!!
  18. Are these the correct aero replacement wipers and arms?

    Hi guys, sorry to start yet another thread about mk4 golf aero wipers! But can someone please confirm that these are the right ones to get (without having to trim anything) for my 2005 LCR? Cheers!
  19. RaggedLob

    Front Bushes- Cupra replacement?

    My 02 1.2 is squeaking horribly and needs new front Bushes (I think the roll bar bushes, but not certain).. I have heard many people replace them with Cupra ones rather than the useless rubber standards, so was wondering A) what the price is for a pair of these? And b) do they affect the...
  20. chrisbond69

    Brake line replacement help

    had a problem fitting my new braided brake lines in the form of corroded nuts and now rounded off nuts has anyone got new brake lines i think you have to build them yourself if so does anyone have tips, part numbers, and ideas for me please ill replace them when my engines out? many thanks
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