1. OJ9693

    Europarts oil and filter sale

    Yes i know they always have sales on but this one is for engine oil and filters if anybody was in need or will need soon! Thought i'd share :)
  2. Remus Catback System

    Hi All I have a Remus Catback Exhuast system for sale with chrome tips. How much do you reckon I could get for it? Only been used for just over a year. Had it on my MY18 5dr Cupra and the lease is ending so had to have it removed. Thanks
  3. PP BennyC

    Black Friday 2019 at Progressive Parts

    Hello all, Firstly thanks to all those who came down to the Rolling Road day, we had a blast and so did the cars on the dyno, lot's of impressive hardware on show and some solid figures about. We will post a full feature shortly and the VWR magazine editorial will be out before the year end...
  4. Wanting to swap cupra 290 DSG for a manual??

    Hi guys, Probably a long shot but I’ve just bought a 2017(66) cupra 290 DSG. Had it about a month now and the gearbox is brilliant but I just miss a manual. Would anyone be interested in doing a deal of some sort for another 290 but manual gearbox? Must have: Bucket seats Black pack (prefer...
  5. Mk2 Leon BTCC Chassis - For Sale on eBay

    Just for interest, there's a Mk2 Leon BTCC Chassis for sale on ebay. Apparently it's a brand-new unused chassis, prep'd by Seat Sport. But is minus an engine etc. Reserve is only @ £8k, although I reckon it will go for a lot more.
  6. *RARE* Mk2 16v For Sale

    Has anyone seen the Mk2 Ibiza 16v on PH that's for sale for £4950..... :lol: Apparently it's got 91k on the clock, but is worth the £5k, because it's *RARE* I would only pay £1500 for it to be honest !
  7. when can i post something for sale

    hi mods, ive had more than 10 posts now, any chance i can list something for sale?? cheers
  8. TubbyTwo

    Cant reply or post in the sale section :(

    Hi there are a few items in the sale section im interested in but it wont allow me to post due to not having permission :( if this could be sorted that would be grand :) Thanks Si
  9. SalSheikh

    Home Made Centre Vent Gauge Trim

    guys, started a new thread as i moved some pics in my photobucket account and lost the links :blink: started with this: then removed the rollers after some advice today a bit more work done... i removed my centre vents and firstly found this: so i cut it out with my...
  10. Re: For sale section

    Just been reading though the previously listed thread with regards to the for sale classified? can anyone shed some light on what the actual outcome was. theres plenty of chat about making people create more listing before they can have the "priviledge" or only allow people with over 1 years...
  11. itfben

    Where can you search for cars for sale online?

    I hope this is not against the rules of the forum, but it is in the best of interests. I am struggling to find a black (or red or white) Leon 1.6 SE for sale for a price in my budget of really only £2000 maximum. Im fairly flexible on mileage aslong as the cars in and has been kept in good...
  12. TINCAN

    Leon 52 plate sale prices?

    I have a Facelift Leon Cupra 52 plate. Comes with leather interior, folding mirrors and all the other normal stuff, climate control etc etc. Does have full service history just got to get Seat to stamp the last few It has 105k on the clock and i'm thinking about selling soon and wondered looking...
  13. For sale section

    Im just wondering how many threads I have to create to be able to use the for sale section. I have a something to sell soon and may as well give it a try on this site Cheers Clifford...
  14. For sale section?

    I still can't post or reply in the for sale section even though I've got full member status, is there something else I'm missing? Cheers.
  15. For Sale Thread!

    I am trying to post some ibiza items i have for sale and it aint letting me post in that part of the fourm, anyone have any ideas why? Cheers
  16. Putting an ad on the for sale bit?

    Hello, For some reason it is telling me I do not have permission to put an ad to sell my car on here? Does anyone know why? I have tried a few times now. Thank you:think:
  17. MJ

    My leon cupra tdi project

    Well i've owned the car for just under 2 months now so i thought i'd best put up some pics. More will follow and i'll keep updating the spec list.
  18. Posting in the for sale section?????

    I'm a new member but was after posting a advert in the non-seat part of the car for sale section. It wont let me. Is there a reason behind this?????. How can i do it???? Thanks
  19. Advice on this ibiza cupra for sale

    Hey guys, am new here, am looking at this ibiza cupra for sale on pistonheads, its 387bhp so I'm looking for any info on it. I've spoke to the guy, he seems genuine, I'm just trying to find out as much as possible! What do yous think, should I steer clear of it or is it ok. Heres the...
  20. Craigus

    I cant post in the For sale section

    For some reason i cant post anything on a advert that im intrested in, anyone shine any light on it? ive been a member for a while with a fair few posts, why cant i make any posts? Abit daft really.
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