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  1. signs that i need to change the spring in my 007p?

    right now after taking the Baileys BOV off, and running a standard forge077p on my Mapped LCR, i realised i still had a green spring it. The difference in turbo pull was quite alot, as the Baileys when i opened it up really seemed to hold boost well and itd pull you back in the seat more. Since...
  2. Craigus

    Tell tail signs of wheel bearings...

    On there way out, Im finding it abit difficult at minute as i have grooved brake discs, so i get the whirring noise under braking, with the pads hitting the grooves on the disc. My gearbox makes noises too. I know what a knackerd one sounds like as a friend with his Lupo gti, was that bad...
  3. seatstu

    Is this signs of a head gasket failure?

    Topped the oil up today on my Cupra to find this inside the oil filler cap.:( The car doesn't use water at all so I'm a bit confused as to why it is there. It does smell a bit of exhaust fumes though. The car currently runs and drives OK so is this the sign of a blown head gasket. Water temp is...
  4. DV & signs of Oil LCR???

    ive just had a look at my dv i have the forge 007 fast loop, ive notice that the bottom pipe going from it have oil on the edge. is this bad! its not a lot ive cleaned it up opened the dv and it seems a tiny bit has got in there, also noticed it had a green spring in there. is this bad, or...
  5. Rik N.I.

    What are the signs of a coilpack going?

    Car seems to be flooding itself and then going but letting out smoke, and generally running rough. Only started on the way to work. Could it be the coilpack? Only new to this car so not sure what the signs are of a dieing coilpack Rik
  6. andyb

    F1's Tiago Monteiro signs for SEAT (WTCC)

    http://www.autosport.com/news/report.php/id/57077 Former F1 diver (Jordan, Midland, Spyker), Tiago Monteiro has been signed by SEAT Sport for the WTCC season. Full story on link above. Expect SEAT press release soon
  7. Chris 16v

    Tell tale signs of worn bushes &/or trackrod ends etc??

    He Guys, Happy New Year n all that! I have seen a series of posts referring to worn trackrod ends and suspension bushes on relatively low milage cars. Mine has done 26k but under hard acceleration or braking if i go over pot holes, large bumps, drains or manholes etc i get a very...
  8. Smoki333

    Signs of FK Highsport coilovers failing !??

    Noticed the other day my Fk highsport coilovers started making a small rattle sound from the front passenger side coilover but didn't think much of it because of the harsher ride. But as my MOT is due i got a pre MOT done on it and it looks like there is play in the shiny piston part of the...
  9. kieran_cupra

    Signs of a failing N75 OR Coilpack?

    just wondered what the signs are for these as im having trouble with boost. the car just feels like a 1.8 not boosting above 5psi at times? Other times it feel like its hesitating then hits you with full boost , not a smooth delivery??? Had a look at the N75 at the number on the side which...
  10. bigjode

    Is this the signs of a dead clutch?

    When I hold the car at the bite on steep hills etc, it makes a jarring noise (which i know is clutch related - because it only does it when biting at a certain point) and smoke starts coming from behind/below the engine. It stinks of burning clutch too which is a big giveaway. My car is...
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