1. Brake Disk and Pad Size - 1.6tdi & 2.0 TDI

    All, i need to replace the front and rear brake pads on my 2011 Ibiza 2.0 tdi & My mothers 2012 ibiza 1.6 TDI. I cant find what size disk they have, i checked the PR label and there is nothing relating to brake setup. At a guess it is 288mm for the front and 230 for the rear... any...
  2. tweeters size ibiza cupra 1.8 2016?

    hi ya all, my front tweeters (above the windows) has fried, does anyone knows what's size of tweeters do i need for me to replace it so it'll fit inside the panel? any recommendations on specific model?
  3. Dpf help. New leon owner. Possibly been gutted.

    So I've recently bought a 56plate Leon fr 170. Whilst poking around my engine bay I've noticed that the exhaust pressure sensor has no vac lines to it, and the metal pipes from the dpf look to have been welded up on the ends. Now I'm wondering if my dpf has been gutted? The dpf light comes on...
  4. Chris_a_73

    Maximum size alloys for a 1.2 Mk4?

    I was planning to purchase some new alloys, as frankly mine are a bit....boring? I was having a conversation with my brother about sizes, and when he bought his 16" Team Dynamic alloys, he was told generally to aim for 16", as any higher to could put unnecessary risk on the gearbox. Is...
  5. max size spacer with standard wheel bolts

    hi what is the max width spacer i can use on standard wheel bolts. was hoping 5mm would be ok.
  6. Mr OCD

    Which size Rear ARB?

    ... on a Leon Cupra with 25mm front (Standard) ??
  7. owen lcr

    Cupra strut top size???

    Are the MK2 cupra strut tops 50mm or 55mm cheers, owen
  8. SPRINGS - WHO and WHAT size?

    Recently got a LC and want to put some lower springs on, any recommendations on size and makes? i dont really want to have to change dampers etc so whats the lowest i can go without ruining the ride quality and other parts. I've had coilys on other cars but not too fussed about shlamming this...
  9. cupra-gaz

    tyre size on standard rim?

    hey all, the time has come for some new rubber but before i order i am just wondering if i could put a wider tyre on the standard cupra wheels, i currently have 195/45/16, would a 205 be ok? cheers
  10. CupraElliott

    What size tyre on 17x7 wheel?

    After a bit of advice, as I dont know much about tyre sizes. I have bought some 17 x 7 BBS CH's and want to run a bit of stretch and try keep the tyre size down to run a bit of stretch. What would you lot reccomend? Ideally want to run 40's, 45 at a push.
  11. sie77

    Wheel Size Pros and Cons

    I've had a search and found some information regarding wheel size and the pros and cons of having 17 or 18 inch wheels, 17’s seem to be more comfortable while 18’s look better but you lose the comfort and some say performance/acceleration. I’m not really fussed with the comfort issue but more...
  12. Number plates - size

    Hey guys, HAs anyone on here got 3/4 size plates? And if so do you have any pictures? Was wanting to get these but I've noticed that for soem reasons the plates are screwed on and hope holes will not be too noticeable if I put smaller ones on.... :( Also are these legal? Cheers
  13. Do glow plugs differ from PD engine size?

    I've just had a 105bhp head put on my 130 block, obviously had the 130 injectors put in the head but never changed the glow plugs because the head is quite new. Now it sounds like i'm starting the car on ancient glow when you turned the key on old diesels before the glow plug...
  14. original tyre size?

    HI all, hate starting a new thread when i havent made a post, im not using your knowledge honestly :) i have searched allover and nobody has asked this stupid question. i have a Seat leon diesel cupra, im currently on with changing the wheels, for some BBS CHBE's im plus sizing to 18" so...
  15. usb size limit

    Hi guys, i am getting a facelift leon fr in 2 weeks, my question is what is the max size usb stick i can insert into the usb slot that the stereo will accept?
  16. Yorkshire Bob

    Correct alloy wheel size and off-set i now have my HID's in and ECU re-mapped thanks to everyone for their input, i now want to get some sweet alloys, really into the idea of the NEW RS4 style, still umming and aaghing over GUNMETAL or not, bottom line, i don't want to buy the wrong off-set and have 18" alloys sticking out...
  17. Disc size?

    For Leon TDI 130 SE. Are they 280x22 5 stud? Cheers, Rob
  18. Ieuan-J

    Whats the biggest size wheels you can put on a mk2 ibiza?

    Whats the biggest sized alloys you can put an a mk2 ibiza with out them catching the arches? im lookin at a set of 17's on ebay and 1 of them has a cracked rim is this repairable and isit worth it? Cheers Ieuan
  19. Are all leon standard spoilers the same size?

    just wondering if that all the spoilers are the same, ie cupras have bigger ones?
  20. jonjay

    150PD MAF Size

    Hi, What is the MAF size for 150PD, I thought it was 76mm? If someone could confirm that would be great as I am getting cone filter so need to know what will fit. Thanks.
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