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  1. stage 2 map in the south

    hello all upgrading to a ko3s soon but cant seem to find any real info on a good place to get a stage 2 map in the south. Im in berkshire and cant find any reviews or feed back from anything local to me. Can anyone help?
  2. My LCR from Sunny South Wales

    Evening all. Not posted any shots before so here goes. Had the LCR for just over three year. I'm into Detailing tend to stick to subtle mods but will be stepping this up in the next few week. ORdering new wheels tomorrow. You'll notice some of the shots were taken when the car was badged...
  3. Cruise Control - Fitting - South Wales?

    Afternoon All, Yes - I'm afraid its another question about retro fitting cruise control to Mk 1 LCR 225. I have seen lots of posts on here where to buy it from (eBay being the favorite). However I am a little doubtful that i would be able to fit it myself. Does anyone know of anywhere that...
  4. I cant find Goodyear Eagle F1 Assym's in the South East!!!

    Hi Guys, I've been trying to get some 225/40/18 Goodyear F1 assymetricals for my car for the last few days. Tyres are looking pretty worn now. Can you belive I can only find one after phoning 10 garages near me!!! Apparantly they are on back order from Goodyear and nobody knows when/if...
  5. Vag com in south wales

    My engine management light has come on , woild anyone be able to clear it / see what fault it is please , I will supply alcohol of your choice . Thanks John
  6. Vag-com in south wales

    Would anyone in south wales be able to scan my car for me as my engine management light has come on , would supply alcohol of your choice . Thanks john
  7. South bend stage 3 clutch noise-rattle-vibration on tfsi

    Hi guy, I have install south bend stage 3 OFE on my leon cupra tfsi but i have some little noise/rattle/vibration... Now the clutch have 30 miles but i feel from the beginning a noise from gear and clutch i explain well. 1) When i push and hold the clutch and push throttle and...
  8. mapping on south coast

    hi all dose anyone know a good place for remaps on the south coast west/east sussex or hampshire. Its for a lcr with forge 007, drilled smoothed air box pipercross filter and silicone samco tip pipe. What would be a safe bhp to go up to and is there any thing else worth doing to the car first...
  9. where to get diagnostics checked in south wales

    any of you south waleians know of somewhere to take my fr to get diagnostic check, all famous engine light on, want to find out the prob, im living in the swansea area, any idea of rough cost to run diag test? any info would be helpful.
  10. The South African KZN Seat Crew

    here is a few pics of the local club we have in Durban (south africa).[B)] there are alot more members but they couldnt make it to join us that day ...
  11. FR Tdi mapped cars - South Yorkshire

    I just wondered if anyone around the Barnsley/South Yorkshire area has a Mk2 Leon FR Tdi, that has been remapped, that they wouldnt mind taking me out in so I can see the power increase before I decide whether im having it done to mine or not?
  12. Luke_buk

    South yorkshire re-map

    hi just wondering where the best for a re-map is in south yorkshire. i live in doncaster so if you have any suggestions let me know. cheers
  13. andieleon

    vag com south east

    Has anyone got the vag com software who lives in the south east ( bromley/orpington) who will be able to help me diagnose a problem?? i will sort you out for your time and effort thanks
  14. anyone got vag-com in south england

    i live in southampton, just wondered if anyone has got vag-com in south england, wanna make a few quid? i just wanna get my selective unlocking and auto lock turned off, they annoy the hell out of me!!!
  15. Kent - bromley - south east

    hey im from the the area above and really need some help!!! my cupra is very very sick, anyone near me come and help me out tommorow? (monday) doing allsorts of strange things!
  16. Hunnie79

    Brands Hatch - South Bank Parking

    ...Yup - it's another gratuitous bribe from your friends at YourRacingCar.com! My wonderful friends at Brands Hatch MSV have come up trumps and decided to support our little venture in the way they can - FREE PARKING ON THE SOUTH BANK!:lol: It's limited numbers and as you know we're...
  17. mr_D

    cat1 alarms in south wales or bristol

    i need a car alarm fitted in either of the areas above. it needs to be cat1 and certificate stamped. i want it to have auto closure and central locking. and needs to be able to work with my turbo timer. as an added bonus i would like prices with and without remote start. any one know...
  18. VAG com near Cwmbran (south wales)

    Could anyone possibly run VAG com over my LC, with reference to this problem: http://www.seatcupra.net/forums/showthread.php?t=203860 hope there is some local thanks Tim
  19. MichalR

    VAG-COM in South East London/Bromley?

    Hi all, I have a Mk4 Ibiza that i used to collect some things last summer...i had to take out the passenger seat which ment disconecting the airbag cable...my parents have been using the car recently and i now need to get an MOT but the airbag light is on. Would anyone in the area be kind...
  20. vag com south devon pretty please??? (beer tokens guarenteed!!!)

    my engine warnign light came on on sunday, the car is not preforming well, i had 3 coil packs replaced a few months ago (it was still under warranty) but as i recall it was quite costly, i could do with finding out the code to be able to figure out what i need to do!!!:confused::confused::cry...
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