1. Toledo - Where the hell else can water be getting in?

    OK, so far I've cured 5, yes 5, leaks in my Toledo. 3 of the doors were leaking (will do last one when it's dry again). Leak in top corner of windscreen (Thanks B&Q Sealant). Leak through junction box above fuse box causing the car to break down. It's now p**sing down again and I've...
  2. Sharky_82

    Water Temp Needle

    Driving home yesterday - was on the motorway doing about 70 - had to slow down to 50(bloody m1 road works[:@]) and noticed my temp need drop considerably - just above the first quarter mark - then went up to 70MPH again and went back to 90 degrees stood in some traffic, it dropped again...
  3. ravey davey

    Water Release

    Now problem number 6 coming up:(..well it may not be a problem !! When it rains and then I go to the car in the morning I get alot of water comin out of the bottom of the door in two places, this may be a drain hole but can not be sure. Anyone else get the same situation and what is the...
  4. water leak

    Anyone had one in their ibiza? I realise by typing this, no1 will now want to ever buy my ibiza lol, but it needs sorted literally ASAP. I have a window seal burst but would this cause an excess of water to literally 'pool' up in the car, i woke up today to a properly soggy interior and...
  5. Water Leak :(

    Water leak in my cupra- passenger rear floor. HI All... Right just got my car back, nice new throttle body and now out of limp mode and boosting 20psi.. lovely!!!! Slight problem though- when I got the car it was steamed up and had a bit of mold- it had sat for a while which is fine...
  6. Water leaks in tailgate light clusters

    I have an '02 Alhambra and have been bothered for a while by water getting inside the tailgate. It was not the rear washer. Last service the garage had a go at fixing - I think they re-seated the light cluster in some new silicone gunk, but the problem persisted - worse if anything. Having...
  7. Water in Door

    Until now, I've had water on the sil but not in the footwell. Seat modified seals so not as much water stays on the sil and can drain out. With all this recent wet weather, I have noticed water in the rear driver side footwell but more worrying is the fact if theres been a lot of rain I get...
  8. Water in airbox £170 to repair :(

    Sometime around late October/early November last year I noticed that the my wife's 2.0 TFSI was making some rather odd noises. Over time I decided it was probably 'blowing' a little and the exhaust needed a change. I thought it didn't sound too bad and so put it off 'til after Xmas. A few...
  9. Advice Pls - Driven thru flood water - now worried!

    Hi All, I have just driven thru some standing water under a bridge - loads of other car were going thru but not sure how deep it was. I went thru slow an guess it was prob upto half way up the wheels. My car is a Cupra 160 - does anyone know how high or low the airintake is on this model as...
  10. bozwellox

    HID ballast - water bottle removal?

    Hi chaps, I've seen a few people that have mounted their driver's side HID ballast somewhere behind the water bottle which means it is tucked neatly out of sight. I've currently got mine stuck to the bottle but want to move it. I had a quick look at the bottle but can't figure out how you...
  11. p34ch3y

    changeing the water pump in the grill

    what do i need to do do i have to take the bumper off or can i get that grill out somehow
  12. Water leak from engine bay - Not aircon

    Hey guys, I just moved my car to let someone out at work, so the car was literally on for all of 30 seconds, and noticed when I got out, a trail of liquid I'm assuming to be water (no smell or texture) left by my car. I haven't been using the aircon at all, and the car has been sitting...
  13. dainott2105

    water inside the shelf support??

    Hi all, decided to change the the boot light in my leon last night and after removing the three holding screws a dribble of water came out from behind the panel (only about 20ml) but ive noticed that there is always a little condensation in the rear lights. Im presuming that the water must be...
  14. ttothec

    Secondary Water Pump AGAIN!!!

    sorry to start another Secondary Water Pump thread up again, but ive searched and searched and couldnt find a part number or price ive noticed that my pump has developed a leak, has anyone else had this problem?
  15. LCR Water Problem

    Hi, I have a LCR with a bit of a problem. It has been back 3times now and the garage cant fix it! Sorry about the essay. 1) Firstly i noticed the water level was a little low and thought nothing of it as i was not sure where it was when i bought it. I topped it up and carried on, then noticed...
  16. Robbie C

    Secondary water pump

    Hoping someone can quickly put my mind at rest here but noticed tonight that after driving the car very gently in -1 temperatures when turning the ignition off after parking up the water pump that normally cools the turbo hasn't come on. Is this because the car hasn't reached a set...
  17. benjiwales

    ? Water temp sender

    Hi Got an 04' LC 32K miles, AUQ engine, yesterday the orange engine warning light come on, did a bit of searching on here and thought it might be the water temp sender. Especially as the car seemed reluctant to start, almost as if the battery was low on charge (it's not I've checked)...
  18. water in footwell AGAIN

    I had the drivers side rear doorseal resealed on my wifes `02 Toledo TDI at the beginning of the year as there was a puddle in the rear footwell . I`ve got the same problem again and the garage are going to reseal it free of charge , but is there anywhere else the leak could be coming from .
  19. chris060685

    no water from rear wiper!!

    theres no water comming from my rear wiper but its working fine at the front of car. water level is fine, any ideas whats wrong or how i can sort it? thanks
  20. electric water pump

    does anyone know what controls the electric water pump when you turn the car off is it temperature controled by the outside temp or a switch somewhere cause mine isn't comin on when you turn it off but the pump does work any clues
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