Water Leak :(


Water leak in my cupra- passenger rear floor.

HI All...

Right just got my car back, nice new throttle body and now out of limp mode and boosting 20psi.. lovely!!!!

Slight problem though- when I got the car it was steamed up and had a bit of mold- it had sat for a while which is fine as I expect this.

However after just picking the car up I noticed there is a big puddle of water in the rear passenger foot well.


Anyone else experienced anything similar??



oh man.....please SEARCH.

VERY common problem.


It may be a common thing for you guys- but I am new to SEATs for a start and have never had experience of a car leaking like this- so while its common place for seat leons.. its not normally so I would not expect to find a result on search.

The other problems I have searched for- Wheels, Brakes, Throttle, Limp mode are things I expected to be covered.

So- because I havent searched- can anyone offer some advice and explanation??



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Jan 10, 2009
MK1 LCR Water leak

I keep noticing lately after its been heavily raining water sitting on the front door sills when opening the doors, its not getting into the car itself but sitting on the outer sill... I have wind deflectors fitted so weather its running through the door itself and out the bottom of the door im not sure?

Has anyone else had this issue? I haven't yet had time to water test or properly check all the door seals so thought id post this here incase its happened to one of you.


Hi mate i know this post was ages ago but i have the same problem at the moment i've had the door seal re done and the boot seals and lights, its been in and out of Seat for the last few months.

Did you ever get its sorted if so what was the problem?

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Sep 9, 2006
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Trust me it's that . The water flows down the window into the door which is behind the door card the seals for the silver pannel behind the door card are fooked if you take the bottom of the pannel off and prise it up re seal it with silicone and it will fix ur problem ,mine done the same



Just gone out to my car after a weekend of rain and loads of water has built up on sill but the drivers matt is soaked so water is getting in!

Anyone else had this? is it the classic door seal or something else as there was alot of water sitting on the sill when i opened the door!


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Mar 24, 2005
sounds like classic door seal.

next time it rains (or get a hose on the door) check just under the door trim and there should be water coming in somewhere.

get some external sealant and replace the seal using the guide on this site.


Hi all I haven't logged on in a very long time and I did finally get my water leak sorted after getting every door and boot seal replaced and plugs etc as suggested by everyone on here but the one thing no one mentioned was the front windscreen!! Well I got it replaced and job done no more water leak.

Sorry everyone I should have posted this ages ago, hope this helps someone out there.
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