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Coil Spring Identification for 2001 Cupra


Active Member
Sep 5, 2007
Right so i've done a little search and come up with:





Which gives some really helpful info on how to determine your spring type using the complicated colour ratings.

So how do you go about identifying them when they have an all over rust tan!?

My driver side one snapped in half today (terrible terrible timing, just back from hols and the central heating oil ran out this morning) and i've been trying to get some quotes. The garages i've tried want to know the colour rating to give a proper quote. Otherwise i'll have to take it in.

I've been given a provisional quote of £90 each side.. which sounds a lot to me :confused: looking at Camskill (only site i've looked at) a complete set of Apexi lowering springs is only £93.

So anyway is £90/corner reasonable?

Surely 2001 Cupras all have the same springs? Seems silly the number of springs available though!

Why did this have to break today :censored:


LCR Track car
Aug 6, 2004
Sunny Scotland
there must be second hand ones for sale. the LC front end is the same as the MK4 golf.
I'd get two front springs off the same car to ensure these as closely matched as possible.


Active Member
Sep 5, 2007
Ok after some further investigation, a trolley jack and a pressue washer I found the paint marks :-D

Springs weren't as bad as they first appeared they just had some pretty caked on mud.

Turns out I need:

(1) 1J0411105BL
coil spring / for sports-type running gear / 3 paint marks / 3 paint marks
green white / LEON: PR-G62/L31; PR-G99/L31

Getting the lot done Thursday now..

Both garages I spoke to said having the VIN number was of no use to find the correct springs and the system they usually use, going form the numberplate, brought up all of the possible springs..

Anyone know what the difference is between the sports spring variants?

Miss not having my car already :-(
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