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Enabling options.

Jul 20, 2020

with obd11

Folding mirrors when one short press lock on key
1. Control Unit 09 (Central Electrics)
2. Adaptation
3. Spiegelverstellung
- Funk_Spiegelanklappung_Modus
New value : by_look_command_via_remote_control_key
Old value : by_convenience_operation_via_remote_control_key


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Presume the original posters one is one without Kessy entry. You just touch the door and everything closes. The suppressed menu that original Atecas had which they dropped is on the Arona as well on the one with a Kessy anyhow.

Post 5 of the Ateca on brought out the menu which I had to do to stop the sillyness of holding my hand on the Kessy button in the door for a few seconds / remote or Kessy button the same:

So you just got to then check mark the "fold in when parked" under vehicle settings mirrors and wipers. The Arona came with this turned on with Kessy (2019), 2017 Ateca did need the coding to bring out the the menu option, newer ones have the coding present which give the menu. May be the Arona in question had the coding for the menu option (below) but someone unticked "fold in when parked" ? failing that the process described to activate the menu. If menu and checked marked, inspect the error codes and clear any, and a test. Then back to the dealer or just ask them what's going on :). To me feels like it just needs the "fold in when parked" menu option ticked rather than any coding done.

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