Front Bushes- Cupra replacement?


The worst is yet to come
Mar 29, 2009
Thatcham, Berkshire
My 02 1.2 is squeaking horribly and needs new front Bushes (I think the roll bar bushes, but not certain)..

I have heard many people replace them with Cupra ones rather than the useless rubber standards, so was wondering A) what the price is for a pair of these?

And b) do they affect the ride/handling in some way?



Seen them on Awesome GTI for about £18. Although i think they are cheaper at the stealers. Also they are wishbone bushes only.
I plan to get some poly bushes for my ARB :)


Skoda Techie
Mar 22, 2003
Got to be the most asked question on SCN for Ibiza I think, already answered it once this evening for a chap with a Polo.

Well worth doing, bushes about £8 each for the console, arb probably need replacing also for a modified one.


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Jun 4, 2008
South Scotland
I agree with Techie on maybe the ARB also needs replacing - maybe you should do a "search" on that topic. The big deal with that is, if some work is being done on the TCAs - ie replacing the rear(console) bushes for proper Cupra ones, then it is a convenient time to replace the ARB with the later type - if the old type is still fitted - as sometime, the ARB plastic end stops will crack open due to the ARB rusting and then the ARB will "walk" fron side to side banging off the consoles (not the same consoles but a couple of other ones!).

Put search to use on both these topics and you will find quite a few facts out.

Oh, in answer to your question about will changing these TCA bushes, yes they will sharpen up the front end of your car quite nicely!


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Jan 1, 2009
I would replace with the cupra solid ones . I made a mistake and used the original ones on my tdi sport after 5k they already look well worn in!

In terms of handling original bushes will move for driver comfort but cupra ones are solid . Only downfall maybe more vibration though steering wheel . But yes handling should be better.
Solid bushes will last a lot longer too !
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