1. Seat Ibiza Reference Sport 2007 Suspension arm rubber bushes

    Has anyone else been faced with the same problem? Every year I either need to replace one or both arm rubber bushes for MOT. I was just wondering is there an alternative that would fit and last a bit longer??
  2. ibiza mk5 front wishone rear bushes

    Hello, the rear wishbone bushes on my 1.6 cr are shagged after only 6500 miles. Is this a common fault, has anyone else had the same experience? does anyone know if the solid bushes from the mk1 leon cupra fit the mk5 ibiza wishbone.
  3. JamJay

    Powerflex Bushes

    Hi Damian, how do you rate the Powerflex front wishbone, rear bushes on the LCR? Mine are on their way out so need replacing but I wonder what benefits these will bring? Alternately, will they negatively affect the car in any way, I know Powerflex bushes are renound for being really hard...
  4. RaggedLob

    Front Bushes- Cupra replacement?

    My 02 1.2 is squeaking horribly and needs new front Bushes (I think the roll bar bushes, but not certain).. I have heard many people replace them with Cupra ones rather than the useless rubber standards, so was wondering A) what the price is for a pair of these? And b) do they affect the...
  5. KJS

    Seat Ibiza CupraR Bushes

    Hello All, Couldn't find a better website to ask this question but hopefully I'll be able to find the answer :rolleyes: Basically I own a 2004 VW POLO and recently the front lower rear wishbone bushes have gone....again :cry: Anyways I have decided to go with replacing them with cupra R...
  6. Dogbone mount or bushes?

    Hi, i have decided to uprate the dogbone mount on my lcr. Have been reading about it and some people have just replaced the bushes for polybushes saying that this gives the same gains. Is it necesary to uprate the whole mount, or can i just uprate the bushes for the gains i am after? Also where...
  7. davidmills2002

    Which Bushes?

    Hi, I've got an 2005 PD130 Fr and passed its MOT today. It's got some advisory things though. Both nearside and offside "front lower suspension arm rubber bush deteriorated". I'm going to replace the standard rubber bushes with uprated ones. If you look at the picture in this link then I...
  8. dippy4000

    powerflex arb bushes

    Would someone be able to tell me the difference between the two sets of bushes, Ive got the wishbone bushes now i just require the ones for the ARB but im not sure what is what. I think number 1 is the two bushes that go on the long straight section of the ARB but i dont know what number 2 is...
  9. JamJay

    Knocking Sound N/S/F - Worn Bushes? - LCR

    Hi all, this sounds like a worn bush to me but i'll pick your brains anyway. When driving over uneven road, I get this knocking sound from the N/S/F suspension as the car rumbles over it. The sound is as rapid as the car goes over the knobbles in the road. I am ruling out the shock absorber...
  10. The Bushes again!

    Hi, I have a 130 sport 53 reg. I've been looking into the bushes issue with the mk4 for some time and have a few specific questions. I am going to get the wishbone bushes replaced with the cupra ones and thought i'd get the others done at the same time. 1. I want to get the ARB bushes...
  11. Bushes gone tyres need replacing advice appreciated.

    Hi all, please go easy on me I know nothing about cars. A bit of background, 6 months ago I put 4 new tyres on my Seat 1.9 TDI FR 06 and put it through MOT using seat specialists in Cardiff just before the warranty was due to expire. All was well and good no issues. 5000 miles later Just...
  12. car feels different after oil change and bushes changed

    Got the Ibiza TDI FR, 2005 plate, got the bushes changed to the cupra ones on tuesday and they changed the oil and filter for me at the same time. Now, it feels different when driving, not in a good way. Before it went in, i could drive it at 30mph in 5th gear or 40 in 6th with no problems at...
  13. vroomtshh

    Cupra Bushes - not the usual question

    Do the Cupra wishbone bushes wear out? Everyone upgrades to them, but if us Cupra owners have a clunk, is it possible the bush has worn? Its too cold to check :lol:
  14. ecosse1986

    Cupra wishbone bushes

    Hi guys Got my ibiza booked in to get cupra wishbone bushes, At Star Performance dysart got told that 4 wheel alignment needs to be done aswell i assume this needs to be done does anyone notice a difference once cupra wishbone bushes are fitted? Ian
  15. Powerflex Race Wishbone Bushes

    Anyone running the rose-jointed Powerflex wishbone rear bushes. If so, can you comment on them?
  16. Installing Cupra Bushes

    Hi all, Well i am about to embark on fitting some cupra front wishbone (rear) bushes to my mk4 ibiza sport. Now i fitted some on a mates ibiza a few weeks ago without the correct tooling and to be honest..... never again Does anyone know the tool code for the insert tool for the...
  17. ARB + Bushes

    Hi Could you give me a price for the following, including VAT and P&P? Whiteline 22mm Front Anti Roll Bar Powerflex PFF85-601 Front Wishbone Front Bushes Whiteline Front Wishbone Rear Bushes Cheers
  18. Powerflex or Cupra Bushes

    Just recently after having my track rod replaced the garage mentioned that my bushes were pretty worn & recently i can hear the play in the suspension because of them whilst driving. But my question to you, do i go for powerflex bushed all round (£100, arb, frt/rr bushes on frt wishbones)...
  19. Dog Bone Bushes Fitted

    Hi all I fit my Powerflex dog bone bushes a few days ago and just thought I would let you know what I think. Positives: * Exhaust note is much deeper and noticeable * No wheel hop * The front end feels more planted (dog bone bushes combined with my new Eibach ARB's lol). * Seems to...
  20. £280 to replace wishbone / arb bushes?

    Just a quick question. Got a quote of £280 today to replace the front rear wishbone bushes and ARB bushes. Price includes parts and labour So can any1 plz tell me if this is a good or bad price? Cheers
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