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Ibiza Cupra R Register


180 to 225

hello i'm harvey. at the moment i'm driven a ibiza cupra r, but i would like to get it up to 225bhp without chip in it. Does anyone know what the differences are between the ibiza cupra r 180Bhp engine and the leon cupra r 225 bhp. i'm quessing maybe a bigger turbo and different ECU.


cheers. so if was to wack a LCR turbo and ECU on it i should be in region of 200bhp.


i had a feeling you'd say that. My plan was to fit a LCR turbo to my car and then get it rolling road tuned, and bigger injectors if needed


Oct 26, 2006
Owner Details...
Name: WJ!
Age: 25
Location: Netherlands

Car Details...
Year Registered: 2001
Colour: Yellow
Current Mileage: 82000km

One of the few Dutch cupra R's (were only 10 of the 250(?) shipped to dutchyland. All yellow ones.)
Ive had this car for 3 years now. still enjoy it. (main reason i bought it was cause of the big red bremo brakes :p I saw that and knew it had to be good.)
Ill be posting a picture somewhere later, just registerd here. :)


can I be a member as an ex owner.......?

I have just bought a yellow Cupra R, X202 SKJ, It was originally owned by SEAT, can any one tell me about it? It was a pain to insure because it is registered 22/12/2000.


"I know it's old info - but that was the 1st Ibiza R imported - and was used as a display car. I remember the plate & have an old photo somewhere if you're *really* interested (or still on the forum after 3 years!)"
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Feb 1, 2007
Owner Details...
Name: nick barnes
Age: 23
Location: Gloucester

Car Details...
Year Registered: 2002 02
Colour: black
Current Mileage: 52000
k04 turbo
17" oz superleggeras
Forge MotorSport FMIC
Front and Rear Nuespeed ARB's
Bost Gauge in Moulded A-Pillar Pod
SeatSport Official Suspention Upgrade
Rear 15mm Spacers
ram air induction
s3 maf
mrc re map
and loads more to come , NOW SOLD
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dougie fresh

Name: Doug Graham
Age: 22
Location: Hampshire

Car: Ibiza Cupra R
Year: 2001 51
Colour: Red
Mileage: 62,500
Mods: green cotton twister, cat back exhaust not sure of make and Forge dump valve.

Dan Cupra R

The Yellow Sub
May 2, 2006
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