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Mk5 Ibiza 6j 2.0tdi FR


Away washing the car
So after an amazing weekend at Edition38, and getting back to reality, I returned home to 2 rather large packages. Opened them up and...


They have arrived:thumbup:
RH AG Cups: 17” x 8” ET32
Need to source some new centre caps and tyres and then the test fit can be done. They do need a refurb but gonna get them done over winter.
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Away washing the car
Recently acquired a few parts:

VW Mist type fan jets to replace the poor 3 stream type that come as factory

Another set of wheels!

Mk4 Ibiza Cupra Wheels. Came up for sale locally and cheap at £120. Need a bit of a refurb but decent wheels nevertheless.

New centre caps for the RH rims, all the way from the motherland of Germany.

Usual maintenance wash this afternoon, still loving the way it looks now...


Blue... Oh go on then
Staff member
Nov 24, 2012
The wheels look good! I think without the yellow calipers it would be too much black...

Now you have a 2nd set I assume you have one for winter etc so which ever ones they are I'd not have them black as I find black wheels so much easier to chip and keep clean...


Away washing the car
May have just agreed to purchasing another set of wheels today off a work colleague/friend of mine. Got a good deal on a set of 18” OZ Superleggera alloys. Gave them a test fit yesterday as I was a bit skeptical on going for a bigger sized alloy. Seen a few european boys running this style of wheel, and it is do-able on rubber band tyres. But here’s a photo of them:

Won’t be in my possession for a few weeks, as I’ll be on holiday shortly. In the space of a few months I’ve went from struggling to find any alloys to fit, to now about to purchase my 3rd set, meaning 4 in total, oops.

In the meantime, I’m busy continuing to mess around with my RH Alloys, I have removed all the old plastic crap hardware, cleared all the holes and began tapping them to allow stainless bolts to be put in place.

Just another side project over the winter now!


Away washing the car
After having a week on holiday in Crete, I’m back doing small jobs and tasks. Slowly ticking off stuff.

Spotted these mk2 leons while abroad:

Nice clean banana with some subtle mods


Little tatty but was sporting a very faded REVO sticker on the side.

Fun fact - Nearly bought a mk2 tdi before the ibiza but insurance was a little higher and I didn’t need the extra space, after just owning a VW Bora beforehand and never using the boot.

My insurance is up for renewal at the end of the month, always a nervous time especially for younger drivers but this year I’ve managed to get myself a good deal (in my opinion anyway).
Shopped around but nobody really matched a quote I got previously from a company at E38 few weeks ago. At 21 years old, I’ve ended up paying £650 with 4 year NCB, which included all mods declared, breakdown cover, legal cover, protected NCB, and protected excess.

Next task was to begin refurbing the ibiza cupra alloys that I picked up. I bought a cheap dremel and some flapper sanding wheels and have spent the weekend going over any of the kerbing/heavier marks and sanding down the overall surface:


Next will be to hit them with filler primer and see where needs more work done. The plan for these is to repaint them in black and put them on my girlfriend’s ibiza for a while since I’ve got my new OZ Superleggera’s to put on hopefully by the end of this week/next week. Managed to grab 4x Uniroyal Rainsports in 215/35/18 for a bargain price of £160 for the set! Hoping they go on with no rubbing/clearance issues, but I have a feeling I’ve maybe got a worn rear shock hence why one side sits lower than the other, and also thinking of purchasing some powerflex strut top mounts which reduce front height by 10mm without having to adjust the coilovers anymore.
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Away washing the car
Just thought I’d put up a quick update since it’s been a while. Not much has changed recently in terms of the car. On Monday of this week, a knocking/banging noise started to appear while going over speedbumps and driving over larger bumps on the road. Had a quick check around the car, looking for maybe a possible ball joint failure or broken spring but couldn’t find anything easily visible with just a jack. Dropped the car off at the garage for them to look over while at work, got a phonecall mid-afternoon to say an exhaust bracket/mounting had broken causing the noise. Replacement fitted at a price of £30 and much better than before, as this has also cured a ridiculously annoying rattle noise that I’ve had while accelerating for at least over a year, but I just put it down to the heavy diesel engine vibrating. So now the car sounds much better and I can finally feel relieved that it’s not an engine fault:thumbup:

Picked up a new goodie while on my travels today...

2.5” Catback Milltek exhaust, originally from a 6L/Mk4 Ibiza but if I’ve done my research right, this should still be a direct fit to a Mk5.

Also the proud winner of Seatcupradotnet’s instagram post of dirtiest Seat competition:1st:
Suppose it should get some well needed TLC next weekend with an oil change and a bath.

Anyway, here’s a photo from a few weekends ago. I post more regularly on my instagram with smaller updates so if you’d like to see more of the car give us a follow and I’ll follow you back (@jdms_x).


Will have some more updates very soon on here and a plan of where the build is heading in 2020. I’d love to hear more people’s thoughts and inputs on here as it gives me a bit of motivation towards it, cheers!
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Away washing the car
Officially on the run up to Christmas now, finished work for the year last week and taking a break from the daily 65+ mile commute. Thought I’d take a bit of time to kinda plan out what will hopefully take place next year...

Aesthetic Mods:
Most of the exterior mods have been done now, few more to do (will list everything below) but interior will be getting a bit more focused on in 2020.

Maxton Design Side Skirts (Currently under the xmas tree as a present to myself)
Maxton Design Spoiler Extension
Custom rear diffuser fin add-ons + rear spats
Tinted Lights (Front + Back)
Whole front end respray
Smaller details tidied up
4x wheel sets needing refurbed

Steering wheel retrim
All black cupra headlining + plastics
Android headunit
Rear speaker upgrade + soundproofing
Rear seat delete w/ false floor + sub/amp setup
New seats

Performance Mods:
So the car is currently running approx. 185hp/400nm. In 2020, I’m looking to take it a bit further if all goes well and there’s no major issues before then. Seeing as though it’s still a daily I’m not wanting to go ridiculous but the plans are:

Hybrid Turbo
RTMG Carbon Intake
EGR cooler delete
New clutch
Larger Downpipe
Install the 2.5” catback exhaust currently sitting in my boot.

Looking to make a reliable 220-240hp/420-450nm.

Probably a few more things I’ve missed from the list but you get the idea. Fingers crossed there’s no delays or real problems that arise in comparison to the electrical gremlin which stumped me for 4 months this year.

Once again, in 2020 I’ll be continuing to go to car shows across the UK. Hopefully attend some where the site has a stand present and put some names to faces and meet a few of you.

Will continue to update progress as time goes on:thumbup:


Away washing the car
Been a while since I’ve last updated on here. Not much had changed, apart from the mileage hitting 110k, but yesterday afternoon, I finally got a dry afternoon to put on a few extras I’ve been collecting...

Maxton Design Side-skirt extensions + spoiler extension and an Xtrons Android Headunit. Will hopefully have the Milltek catback exhaust on within the next week too!


Away washing the car
Exhaust is now on! 2.5” Milltek exhaust from an older Mk4 6L fits with minor modification to the rear hanger. Nice whistle on idle, little coo sound on 2nd -> 3rd change. Pulls better through the rev range too.

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Away washing the car
Still alive during this pandemic, always got time to clean the car!

Just waiting on some bolts to show up to mount the FMIC up, hopefully have some time before needing to go back to work to get it all sorted.
Listers, parts supplier