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Oil Leak


Hi there ive recently sold a 1998 Seat Ibiza GTI 2.0 16v to a friend he has brought the car back today and is leaking oil from what i think is the Oil pressure switch ,

It only starts to leak when the car is started and pops the black rubber cover off when leaking

Wasn't leaking when i sold it to him a few days ago :(

Anyone had any experiences with these or could help me out please ...

Many Thanks in advance
Gareth :help::help::help:


Active Member
Aug 7, 2008
Has your friend heard of sold as seen
What if the motor blows up is he going to blame you some time its more agro selling to friends even if its done with the best intentions.
Its a bit like never work with your family:p


as above, just buy a new switch or pop to the scrappers. dirt cheap and easy to replace. its a common problem on MK3 Golfs too. Just make sure you get one that is the same colour as the broken one.
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