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your fave mk2 moment


Feb 17, 2006
i have one every day!!! but its got to be the look on peoples faces when a green blurr over takes them and therer faces as they try and catch up...

also when you get a family man in his VW or Ford on a weekend and think he can piss on you! there face is clasic at 130 on the motorway!!!!!

mine is also a 2.0 16V!!! gotta worship the valvers!!!!

Revo Kev

Feb 24, 2003
Saul said:
lol :clap:

maybe m0rk running kevs 8v to the limiter on axel stands, kev trying to jack his car off axel stands, getting rust in my eye with a hang over and a light burning into my face whilst refitting m0rks rear beam ;)

or, spinning my car at alconbury hairpin on my first trackday
Lol, happy days!

Rob, there was nothing wrong with my car after Blyton... looked 'used'!

Got to be my 2nd trip to the Ring in my old 8v (was going to say trusty then :D ), Mitch giving me until I was just out of sight until he gave chase... I was waiting in the carpark for him. That's when he had his RS4.


the day later when it decided it'd had enough and caught fire, still amuses me now!
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