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Your SEAT journey, show us your pics!


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Dec 22, 2006
Great forum, great idea and some great car pics there, I have had so many Seats over the years but I can't believe I didn't take pics of them (what a dumb a**e I am).

Heres the list
Mk 1 900cc Ibiza in Black
Mk 1 1.5 Ibiza SXI in Red
Mk 1 1.5 Ibiza, lightweight version in Black
Mk 3 Ibiza 1.4 sport in Purple
Mk 3 Ibiza 1.4 Cool in Black
Mk 4 Ibiza 2.0 GTI in Black
Mk 1 Leon 1.9 td 110 in Silver
Mk 2 Toledo V5 in Blue
Mk 5 Ibiza 1.8 20vt in Yellow
Mk 2 Toledo 1.9 tdi 150 in Dark grey

and finally! currently driving Toledo 1.8 20vt sport.

I will add that I have listed those owned by myself and my partners at the time and have loved using each and everyone of the cars !
Jul 17, 2004
West Lothian
I'm on my 3rd SEAT so far. After owning a Corsa B and a MK2 Clio, I got an Ibiza 2.0 Sport in 2004.

Kept that for 2 years, then traded it in for an FR TDi in the summer of 2006. I came across the Sport again last year when I found it had been bought by somebody on this forum. They have since got rid for the same reasons as me. Too expensive to run, poor performance and not much you can do about it. So the FR followed on...

Had that for 4 years, until I traded it in for my Leon FR TDi in June there.

It's the 5th SEAT we've had in the family now, as my dad has owned a MK3 and a MK4 Ibiza in that time.


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Sep 25, 2005
Houston, Renfrewshire
I started my SEAT journey on the 11th of January 2002 when I got my first brand new car - SEAT Ibiza 1.4 chill in Black magic. Unfortunately I don't have any pics of this one.

I kept it for 3 years then chopped it in for a Mk4 1.8 20vt FR in Grey.

Roll on 2 years and my mileage increased so I changed it for a Facelift Ibiza FR TDi in Luna Grey with comfort pack which added headlamp washers, foldy mirrors and auto dim rear view mirror.

While I had this I got a project Toledo off a mate which had been leaking for years then stored in a garage for a good while so was mouldy inside.

In 2008 I got rid of the FR TDi and got a 1 series which I had for 4 years till My wife and I decided to downsize to 1 car so it was sold.

Last year I decided to buy a cheap car for running about in so I picked up an 04 Arosa S for £800. It was pretty reliable but just wasn't me.

Pic to be uploaded

At the start of this month I picked up my New Ibiza Fr 1.2 TSi in Red. I ordered it in August Speccing rear electric windows, 17" Tagus wheels, winter pack, storage pack and spare wheel. I'm very happy with it so far.

I've had a few issues with my SEAT's over the years but nothing serious - hence why I continue to buy them!
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bete noir

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Dec 11, 2008
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I have already posted on this thread at #12, but since then I have continued my SEAT journey, so here is the next instalment:

I have been making slow progress on my kiwi Ibiza track project, so obviously I needed something to do a few track days in the meantime. I bought this 1999 mk2 Ibiza GTi which just happens to have a 1.8T conversion.

The next project is already lined-up, as I bought a 1997 mk2 Ibiza GTi Super 6 shell. This car was rallied by SEAT wearing the registration P981 OVV.

The next acquisition was an eBay bargain that I bought to (eventually) act as donor car for the miscellaneous parts I will need for the Super 6 build, but has been being used by my son whilst he is at university. It is a very standard 1999 mk2 Ibiza GTi 8v.

So currently I own four mk2 Ibizas in various states of repair!

I replaced my mk1 Leon Cupra R with an Audi RS4 B7 saloon, but I only kept that for around 18 months before I traded down to a mk2 Leon Cupra R.

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oisin mc r

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Jul 20, 2010
Bury manchester
On my second Leon now but have no good pictures as its only lowered at the minute but here's my first Leon

Tdi 130

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