1. -40mm golf springs on an LC?

    hello just a quickie today will it lower the the LC if i fit 40mm golf/bora springs? think lc's are lower than non cupra so figured they may already be 40mm lower cheers
  2. DaNnY_LaD

    Picture Request ( LCR lowered on Coilovers)

    Im wondering can anyone Post some pictures of Low Leon Cupra Rs on coilovers only.... Im looking at getting a set for the LCR as i want it low so just wondering what the cupra R look like.. thanks
  3. 40mm Springs causing slopped wheels :\

    When i brought my seat arosa 1.0 s, the last owner cut the springs down to about 3 circles left in the spring and the tracking and toe angle ect was all perfect.. I recently brought and fitted some 40mm lowering springs to replace the junk ones he used.. the front wheels are on a slope, both...
  4. DaNnY_LaD

    -40mm Eibach LCR springs

    Hi Guys.. Could you U2u me a Price posted for a Set of Lowering springs on a Leon Cupra R? Id Be looking for a nice OEM Ride Feel but to close the gap abit more between the archs & Wheels So around -30mm to -40mm... My OEM Dampers are in Fine Condition so thats all good.. Thanks Lads..
  5. Finan

    40mm Lowering Springs?

    Hey, Was Planning On Coilys So After Xmas, But Have Decided Against With A Possible College Opening After Xmas, So Deciding For Lowering Springs, Just Wondering If You Got 40mm Lowering Springs For A 1.0 6K Ibiza ? Can Only Find Ones For Cupra's.
  6. KingAnt

    Lowered The Cupra 40mm & New Rims

    Hi Guys i am getting my car lowered at 10am today!! Cannot wait, i have gone for the cheaper option as im skint so i wet for springs. Next year ill go AP coilovers but like i said as i have no money i got a bargin on some springs. I went for 40mm all round on Jamex springs, i got them...
  7. JOM "-40mm" kit for Mk1 Leon

  8. jordyboy004

    4.0mm silicon hose???

    recently done the n249 bypass and have about 2.5m of hose left. what can i use this up on? other vac hoses i assume but how do i tell what are the vac hoses. if it can be used to replace anything else then feel free to let me know. thanks
  9. basemanuk

    30mm or 40mm

    hi i have got a 2003 leon cupra and would like to get some new springs, but diddnt know weather to go for a 30mm drop or a 40mm drop! also any ideas on places that will do a good job in fitting them in the essex area! (just like to add that i have a wife and baby girl so it is a family car!! if...
  10. Dave_R

    Anyone with a 40mm Drop Read This Please!

    I know we all hate the suspension question, myself more than anyone lol BUT! Ordered Koni Sport Adjustable shocks with a 40mm drop.... Right! I fitted them saturday and the car looks more standard height than lowered. Got onto Koni today and gave them the part numbers on the spring...
  11. LiCkWiD

    £125 40mm drop sus. kit......

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/SEAT-LEON-SPORT-SUSPENSION-KIT-lowering-suspension_W0QQitemZ310002332660QQihZ021QQcategoryZ40192QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem First off, would you guys entertain this product? I'm looking to swap my stock setup for a lowering kit. Trying to go as cheaply as...
  12. Lowered 40mm

    Springs arrived at 9:20 this morning (thank ****!) Jamex, 40mm lower So straight off to Johnny Protons Superhero's to get the car slammed. I couldn't be bothered reversing the car down to his garage today, so thought I'd let him have a crack...
  13. jaketalbot

    pic request- cupra lowered 40mm

    has anyone lowerd there car 40mm all round and can they post some pics for me to see, as need to check clearance and see what it looks like etc, cheers people....
  14. richybigman

    60mm or 40mm That is the question?

    Hi, My mate's got a mk2 gti with 17" alloys and can't decide between dropping 40mm or 60mm. Is there any reason to go either way? What would you do? Replies Appreciated Rich
  15. snakebite15

    40mm too low......!

    Was driving home last light and came across some road works, beofre i knew it a small sign saying RAMP was 2 cars lenghs away, i hit the ramp doing 40 and it went bang! (the bangs just because of the car being lowered, it does that when i hit pot holes etc)... so i carried on driving but noticed...
  16. drop it 40mm

    Any one got a leon 03 1.6 that is lowered 40mm that they have pic's of. thinking of doing it but not sure what it looks like. want to get rid of the family car look. thanks joe
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