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  1. seat bbs alloy

    Had a littlle mishap on the ice with my pride and kerbed one of the 18" bbs seat alloys wondering if anybody got a mint one for sale or let me know how much new one will cost. Alternatively is there anywhere in Scotland know to do the diamond polish finish repairs. Hope youy can help Thanks
  2. arron2004

    Pro alloy fmic

    Hi guys did a search and only found 1 thread with some picys but just wondered if any one has done a fitting guide to the pro alloy fmic or if any one wants to do one :p
  3. Choosing new alloy's

    After seeing my brother fit his new RS6 alloys onto his MK4 Golf it has made me want some new wheels a lot more. I'd been after some for a while, but wasn't desperate. My bro got his for a good price, new tyres fitted aswell, and told me that there having a sale, also they do next day...
  4. Alloy Wheel Refurbishing - Want to turn my wheels a new colour

    Hello all, Does anyone know a decent place for getting alloy wheels refurbished? Ideally located in the north east. Looking for good quality at a good price!! I want to get the colour of my FR+ alloys switched to charcoal/anthracite, has anyone done this, if so do they look any good? Any...
  5. dannyFR+tdi

    Alloy change help

    As the title says really seen some rather nice alloys for my leon at a decent price,I know ill need some adapters but just unsure on the other dimensions if they'll fit so any advice would be appriciated. The dimensions are; Metal Type: Aluminium Stud Diameter: 5 x 112 Rim Width: 9J...
  6. Alloy advice

    I am going to buy some alloys for my 1.9TDI stylance Leon but I am not sure which ones to go for, any recomendations? I currently have 18s on my Audi A3, I have scuffed them quite badly on a kerb, ops! What size would you go for?:)
  7. Cupra alloy wheel will not come off

    Attempted a front, rear swap of the wheels on my Derv Cupra so I can replace all 4 PZero tyres in a few months (hopefully with some Toyos). Front OS wheel came off fine. Took all 5 studs out the back OS and the wheel just stayed in place. Rubber mallet to the back of the wheel, plank of wood...
  8. 989marc989

    Alloy choice? Yay or Nay?

    Hi guys, Im considering alloys similar style to Dotz Roadsters (Black face, chrome lip ((Sorry, dont know how to post a pic)). I have a prefacelift silver MK4 but im unsure if they would look OTT or not. I like the style but dont know whether to stick with just the black minus the chrome...
  9. jonisginger

    Will 18" RS6 wheels fit on my Leon ok?

    Haha joke Will 18" RS6 wheels fit on my Leon ok without rubbing or anything?? Thanks
  10. thePHILosipher

    Ibiza Sport 100 ECU remapping and FR alloy Part #

    Hi guys, I was wondering if there was anybody out there that can help. I was looking to get the ECU remapped on my car, but the few people around northampton that do the remapping, have told me that they cant as "Seat have already done it as thats the reason to why there's an 85ps and 100ps 1.4...
  11. Wastegate86

    Choice on alloy wheels

    hey strugling to find ideas of different alloy wheels for an ibiza mk3 cupra, not overly keen on the standard ones. anyone got any suggestions-16/17s pics and rough price would be good? ps. if theres already a thread that could help could someone point it out as havent found it yet...
  12. Tdi FR 18'' Alloy Kerbed

    Did it last Friday, totally my own fault. Had parked the car and a delivery van had boxed me in, so instead of waithing for the driver to return and move off, I tried an exotic reversing manoevre and scraped the edge of the wheel along the kerb :( Not major damage but annoying all the same. Has...
  13. michaelg1001

    alloy wheels to suit an 03 black toledo

    im thinking about getting a new set of wheels for my toledo (not any time soon cos im skint lol) and im undecided on what id go for although i have narrowed it down to 5 sets lol just wondering if i could get some opinions new RS4 style mk5 golf gti style tt competition wheels...
  14. RickyD1975

    Kerbed Cupra Alloy

    Everyone's worst nightmare!! I managed to Kerb my N/S/F wheel this morning on the way into work. There's was slow moving traffic and I just wasn't concentrating, next thing I knew the dredded scrapping noise!!!:cry: I'm gutted as I've only had the car for just under three months. The...
  15. Gooner_Mike

    Gooner_Mike's Ibiza FR 20vt

    Welcome to my readers ride thread of my Ibiza FR 20VT (55reg). As my thread is getting quite long I thought I would edit it so that this first post is an index page of the mods I have done and the main photos I have posted. Mods so far Honda stubby aerial, Debadge rear, Desticker...
  16. Danzibar9

    alloy wheel suggestions

    Hi all. What alloys do you reckon i should fit to my Platinum FR150TDi? I want 18" VAG group...any suggestions?
  17. Cupra R Alloy Wheels For My 20VT

    Hi All, I'm After some of them standard Alloy Wheels, that one gets with the Cupra Type R. The 17" ones. I have the standard 20VT alloys, with the multiple spokes.... I have a Seat Leon 20VT, will these Type R allows, fit my 20VT with no mods or anything like that? Im pretty sure...
  18. Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

    They are just the best
  19. Gib83

    Alloy Wheel Advice

    When I was cleaning my car this weekend and cleaning the alloys I noticed that the inside surface of the wheel, after being cleaned, felt grainy and wasn't as smooth as I thought it should have been. Now i'm assuming this is down to the grit and brake dust that collects on them, but they are...
  20. Pro Alloy and Standard Inlet pipe?

    HI all the guy I bought my car from has a PA FMIC fitted I realised the other day that it has black samcos for the FMIC running all round except for one pipe it is the pipe which feeds from the FMIC onto the inlet manifold - still the horrible standard Seat flexible one and it also...
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