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  1. Are these the correct aero replacement wipers and arms?

    Hi guys, sorry to start yet another thread about mk4 golf aero wipers! But can someone please confirm that these are the right ones to get (without having to trim anything) for my 2005 LCR? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=220551031535 Cheers!
  2. Golf mk5 wiper arms

    does anyone know if the golf mk5 Aero wiper arms are the same as the mk4 version, i know the mk4 version will work on the leon but im unsure about the mk5's or are they the same?? anyone know?
  3. Polo aero wiper arms

    Are these the same as the mk4 golf aero wiper arms?
  4. adjustable lower arms?

    6L ibiza is as low as it will go, wich is great, but a pair or tyres every month is start to get a bit costly now, had polly bushes fitted this week, just under it today raising it up slighty so i dont keep killing sumps, the camber of the wheels is rediculous, never mind the toe, so its...
  5. I can't find where to get Wiper Arms

    I'm looking for Aero Wiper Arms for my car. The Leon Mk1 / Toledo Mk2 both use the Golf Mk4 Arms and Blades, but I cannot find the arms on any website for sale! I can only find the Golf Mk5 amrs......which I'm not sure if they are the same size. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  6. Leon Cupra Steering Arms

    Hi all, Does anyone know if the Steering arms sold on vwspares fit the cupra? I only ask as my local motor factor does not list them and reckons they may be main dealer. Not sure whether the ones in his book were CupraR only. My car is 04 Cupra TDi Cheers y'all Tim
  7. what wipers arms are these

    Hi all, I bought my seat last year and i needed some new wiper blades, so i bought some for the Seat, I later realised the car has got some other wiper arms fitted.. i was told they were golf mk4 ones, (so i now have to sets of bosch wipers which dont fit) the seat ones seem to need the hook...
  8. volvic

    Aero Wiper Arms Help!

    Hi, hope you can help! I've got all the parts from VW and was hoping to get this installed yesterday. Unfortunately the furthest i got was taking the nuts off. I've sprayed the thread with WD40 and left for some time. The old wiper arms just wont budge. Im worried about putting too much...
  9. What rear wiper arms fit, not fabia etc..

    I have upgraded the front wiper blades with bosch aerotwin wiper blades and very happy look so much better and wiping has been improved. I bought a aero style rear wiper blade and when it arrived found out that it wouldn't fit due to the style of the rear arm. I just wanted to keep the arm...
  10. Wiper arms for Ibiza - where can i get them?

    Hi all, I'm new here so hello! I have a 53 plate Ibiza TDI 130, all standard, that someone has decided to relieve of its wipers... The whole wiper arms have been snapped off so I need 3 replacements. I've searched the forum to find part numbers but have to admit i'm getting confused as to...
  11. Aero Wiper arms

    Looking at upgrading my standard wiper arms to aero ones. have read on here that you can just keep the same arms and just change the wipers to aero ones, but i want to be alittle different and get the wiper arms that fit the aero wipers just to be different Any helps appreciated...........
  12. When I start my car it locks me in and arms the alarm??

    Very strange one this and its gettin to me I went to drive off in my car, started the engine and it armed the alarm and locked the doors :cry: ANYONE GOT ANY IDEAS???? PLEASE
  13. edmong

    What aero wiper arms fit the Leon?

    As it say's above. I wandered if the Golf mark IV arms would fit or Fabia or even the A3. Also has anyone fitted them yet? Ive got the aero blades but want the proper arms and blades to fit. Thanks ahead.
  14. Rear wiper arms for Mk3 and Mk4 - the same?

    Hello guys, do you know if rear wipers for Mk4 and Mk3 has the same part number? Is it the same arm or different? Mk3 rear wiper part number is 1J6 955 707A (it can be found on inner side of the arm). Thanks a lot in advance!
  15. Teasy

    Wiper Arms inc. Blades

    I noticed that newish Vectra's have smart ones, any chance anyone knows if these will fit a Mk 1 Leon ? I've replaced the rear arm with a Skoda one which looks great, just need to sort the ugly Seat front ones now ;)
  16. truCido

    Steering arms and Ball joints

    Well I've been told I need my steering arms, ball joints and top mounts replaced and they might as well change the wishbone at the same time...:cry: bye bye £350 :(
  17. nick-barnes07

    octavia aero wipers and arms

    just wondering if these will fit a cupra r , and anyone know part numbers if they do , cheers ,
  18. Dave_R

    Uprated Lower Arms?

    A mate noticed the other night when I slammed on to come to a stop that my wheels would move back towards the arch. I have Brembo calipers fitted with 305mm discs, so what I think is happen when I'm braking hard the wheels are stopping but the momentum of the car is still going forward and...
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