1. Hrkalo

    Cordoba stereo modification

    Hi peeps, im new to the forum, this is my first post :redface: :redface: I was wondering if anyone can help me about modifying my Cordoba 6k2 stereo like the guy in photo? I was searching everywhere, i dont know if its an easy job or no but i reaaaaly need help:crash: Maybe some wiring...
  2. Cordoba 1.4TDI BNM losing coolant

    Hey Guys, Ive noticed over the last couple of days that my Cordoba is loosing coolant. I've been searching and cant seem to find a leak anywhere around the engine. Topped it up last night and when I check it this morning the coolant level was the same, drove to work and checked it again and the...
  3. probably not cordoba specific but help plz

    Ok so i currently drive an old 1.6 cordoba (AEE engine) as a runabout while my other car gets repaired now the cordoba only cost a few hundred so not expecting greatness but have had a couple of probalems and hopefully someone can offer some advice. I do not really have much experiance with...
  4. abhardwaj1990

    Cordoba or Ibiza Mk3 rear door on Mk2 Ibiza? And polo bonnet.....

    Gave it a search, nothing popped up... Does anyone know if a Cordoba rear door will fit an Ibiza? Or even a Mk3 rear door? Cheers peeps :)
  5. My Cordoba GT

    Got her a few weeks ago with standard "14 wheels, lowerd sus , and K&N panel filter , i put "17 antera wheels on they need refurbed but i"ll get them done later + backbox heres some pics what youz think work in progress:funk:
  6. Stanislav

    Seat Cordoba 6L 1.4

    Here is my cordoba 1.4. This coming summer will try to do something about it. Will try to put something to make this kinky beautiful. Here is a stupid winter look! I hate winter!
  7. Boosh

    Where to advertise my Cordoba?

    Hi all, I'm looking at buying a new seat but the part-ex figure that the dealer came up with was less than impressive. He however told me about this forum and how helpful it can be. I have never joined or posted anything in a forum before, let alone a car-themed one. I have duely read the rules...
  8. Cordoba skirts onto ibiza

    Just a quick one Will Seat cordoba sideskirts fit my ibiza cupra, basicallly are they the same thing?
  9. my 1996 cordoba gt problems help

    Today my 1996 N reg cordoba gt desided to not let me turn the key in the ignition :wtf:?? any ideas what to do, my car is stuck at my mates house , i tryed my spare key to but it just won"t turn and the steering lock is stuck turning full lock right next to the kirb, Just got the car last week...
  10. Subaru rear wing on Cordoba - acceptable Modification?

    My 2.0 SX 1999 model has a Subaru rear wing ('93 to '00 spec I think?) and I saw similar on a mutli coloured rally replica on ebay recently (which I thought looked pretty cool) and was wondering is this an acceptable modification to a Cordoba? I was thinking it should be binned as it's a...
  11. New to Cordoba. Half Leather interior with#1 logo - what's that about?

    I'm new to the Cordoba. Mines a 1999 2.0 SX model. The interior in the car is a mint black half leather and I've just noticed a #1 logo stitched into the cloth centre section of the seats - and I've just noticed the #1 logo in the browser bar above. Is this #1 a SEAT theme??? What's that...
  12. Motor in 95 1.8 cordoba

    Hey guys Im having a few troubles with the aternator in my 95 cordoba What i need to know is what motor is in the 1.8 and also what other cars does the 1.8 come in over here in australia eg VW golf, polo etc as the seats arn't common over here
  13. julioracing

    Juilios 20vt Cordoba

    my car was a TDI, I am now transforming 20VT. I often go to the circuit, and my car was too small. Here I leave some photos that you may see the process.
  14. Cordoba mk1 user manual

    Hi all, Can any1 help me find a pdf user manual for seat cordoba in english, since I have bought this car 5 years ago and it came from France, and the user manual was in French and I have no clue what it says. Now I am in need to know leyout of fuses. Thnx in advance by the way
  15. cordoba front splitter

    Hii Just wondering, does anyone know the part number for a cordoba front splitter? I'm not sure if there is more than one, but the ones i've seen and am on about are about 3inches high and have rectangular cut-outs :) Thankyou for any help Chris
  16. Cordoba Cupra - The Netherlands - RubenD

    Hello All! Since this summer I'm in the possession of my Cordoba Cupra '00 20VT. It has some minor issues, most I knew off before I bought the car. Got a reduction of the price because of it. Had to replace the front disks and pads (used the disks from my other car, which doesn't have MOT and...
  17. av smashed my cordoba! - finding it hard to write in english too

    bit ov help please not shore wat goes on my car it a ac 1.6 5door 1998 seat cordoba, had a front end smash still drive but need spares, does anyone no wat models fit, i hear polos fit! but wonderd if any of the audi front ends fit on easyly
  18. cordoba is what im getting

    well 1st of all i must say hi and an apology 1st of all i do not have a seat at the mo but i am looking at getting one if the sale of my car goes through ok at the weekend well at present i have a rover coupe but have seen a SEAT CORDOBA ESTILLO 1390cc to which i like...
  19. philc

    Philc's Cordoba S TDi Sleeper Project

    Hi guys, you might remember my Ibiza project (see sig) Well I got a new job, which requires a lot of driving. I didn't wanna drive up the miles on my FR, and it was a little small for all the kit I have to carry around. So... I bought this... To start with, things that need changing! (Most...
  20. Cordoba Pasenger Airbag (Dash) Removal

    Hi, Does anybody know of a guideor info for replacing the Pasenger Airbag (Whole Dash) on a 2003-2008 Cordoba/Ibiza?
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